Are Handheld Fans Worth It?

When going through a hot, hot summer, if you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering if using a handheld fan is worth it. After all, it seems like every time the news is on, there’s another report of a crazy heatwave sweeping the country. So, what’s the verdict? Are handheld fans worth it? Here’s what you need to know.

Yes, handheld fans are a good option to cool you down when the heat begins getting to you. Fans can actually lower your body temperature by up to 2 degrees.

As a bonus, handheld fan accessories often come in an array of styles and patterns, so you can pick one that fits your personality.

In order for a handheld fan to be worth it and actually cool you off, fans must deliver air that is 2 degrees cooler than the current room temperature. This means that in order for a handheld fan to be worth it in very hot weather, it must successfully lower your body temperature by at least 2°C.

Handheld fans do this by creating a wind-chill effect and evaporating water from the skin which cools you down.

Do hand fans actually cool you down?

Contrary to popular belief, holding a fan close to your body does help you cool down, as long as the fan is blowing air on you.

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Hand fans cool you down by cooling the sweat on our bodies during a hot weather spell, which wicks away some of the heat.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the windier it is and the closer you get to the fan, the cooler you’ll be.

Are Handheld Fans Worth It

So many hand fans are now designed to be close to the face, and they do cool you down.

For example, many fans also work well by blowing on your neck and arms as well as cooling your scalp and back of the neck.

Some handheld fans (like this one that fits around your wrist) even come with a little carrying case that fits around your wrist so you can keep it close to you while still having both hands free for things like grocery bags or infants.

Do hand fans actually lower body temperature?

Yes, if the fan is blowing directly over you and onto your skin, then yes!

It’s not just fresh air flowing through it you’re feeling – it’s actual wind. The breeze from a hand fan helps evaporate sweat off of your body quicker which results in a lower body temperature.

Because a hand fan helps to diminish the effects of the sun beating down on you, it can also help lower skin temperatures.

Whether at a picnic or sporting event or even while standing in line at an amusement park or summer concert, using portable fans will provide some relief from the heat and humidity.

One study from Japan (1) notes that when subjects used battery-operated fans for 30 minutes before working out on stationary bikes in a lab environment, there were statistically significant decreases in their body temperature and heart rate compared to no breeze at all. And another study (2) done by Penn State University found that when participants sat in front of a fan for 10 minutes, they experienced “significant” reductions in their heart rate and body temperature.

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Do hand fans actually lower my body temperature

Hand fans are often sold in retail stores during summer months in cold climates where home air conditioning units may not be affordable or available upon very short notice.

There are many advantages of using these handheld fans, which include

  • Reducing human discomfort by increasing airflow around the body’s surface area during hot weather spell
  • Reducing water evaporation from the skin surface through reducing perspiration.
  • Helping remove body odour.

Handheld fans are useful in hot weather conditions as it helps us feel cooler while allowing us to stay at least somewhat comfortable even in the heatwave.

How long does portable / mini rechargeable fan last?

When it comes to portable fans, there are a few things you need to consider before purchasing one. How long the fan lasts is definitely one of those factors.

How long your portable fan will last often depends on the type of fan and how you use it. In general – when fully charged – most fans will last for between 6 and 12 hours.

However, if you only use it sporadically or at lower speeds, they can last even longer. Do hand fans actually cool you down?

How long does portable / mini rechargeable fan last

Different types of fans have different run time values. Just like with any other fans, handheld fans will cool you down as long as they are operated within their intended power range.

So, when shopping for a portable fan, be sure to keep this in mind.

Can you use a personal fan on an airplane?

If you’re traveling somewhere with a hot climate, your personal fan can be a lifesaver.

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So can you use it on the plane? The answer is yes – as long as it doesn’t have an adapter that needs to be plugged into the wall.

A handheld fan is a great way to keep yourself cool, no matter where you are

So if your favorite on-the-go personal cooling device happens to be a handheld mini fan, there’s nothing to stop from taking it on the next family vacation or business trip!

Just make sure that the fan is a rechargeable battery powered type or runs on AA or AAA batteries. And don’t forget to pack extra batteries!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, handheld fans are definitely worth the investment and especially useful on the go.

Whether you’re headed to the beach or just want to get some relief from your next outdoor summer event, a handheld fan will come in really handy.

And with so many on the market today – both rechargeable and battery-powered – there’s no reason not to own one.

It’ll give you a quick and easy way to cool yourself down whenever you need it.