Best Ceiling Heaters for Shops – 3 Key Choices

When the weather around you dictates that the temperature drops low that you need ceiling heaters for your shop, then you need to identify the right one for you and your customers. If you need of an effective way of heating your shop, a good ceiling heater will keep you super warm during winter and the colder months of the year.

So if it is showers of icy rain or if it is snowing or some chilly northern wind blowing through, it is no reason to close your shop as there are decent options available to keep your shop heated.

When looking to buy a ceiling heater for your shop, you should look out for features that include the price, the durability, the power consumption and other essential features that are necessary to keeping your shop warm effectively.

Based on research, heating ability and performance, the list below contains three ceiling heaters for shops that work well in different circumstances. Ensuring your shops remain a safe haven for your customers at all times.

Heat Outdoors Shadow Ultra Low Glare Dual Infrared Patio Heater

  • A stylish, durable infrared heater
  • Provides 5,000 to 7,000 hours of heat
  • 100% Waterproof

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The Heat Outdoors Shadow Ultra Low Glare Dual Infrared Patio Heater currently comes with a 2kw stylish fixed outdoor unit, a remote and an IPx5 waterproof ceiling wall-mountable parabolic reflector guard.

This heater is best known for style, durability and its ability to be mounted and to work anywhere.

The significant features of this heater are:

1. High – Intensity heat: The shadow ultra-low glare infrared heater has a very effective heating system. This is because it is equipped with high-end heaters that provide short – wave infrared heat. Whatever is under the heater will be warm and as an added advantage, the high-end heaters, add a warm ambience to the area without glaringly bright light.

2. Wall Mounted Heater: The Shadow Ultra-low Glare Patio Heater is durable, built with a unique style and can be mounted anywhere. This wall mountable heater is powered with a super powerful 2.0kW heater and guarantees optimum heat output.

3. Remote Control: To add to its style and elegance, this heater comes with a remote control that allows you to operate it effortlessly. The remote comes with a stylish led light with a red, purple and blue indicator for the heat setting.

4. Waterproof Design: Another distinctive feature of the Ultra-low glare infrared heater is its solid anodised aluminium build. This makes the machine durable and completely waterproof. The device can be used anywhere and in any weather condition.

5. Warranty: The makers of this ultra-low glare Infrared Heater are highly reviewed on the market. Apart from the excellent customer service, they also provide you with an amazing 2 year warranty on the heater. If it develops a fault or you have any issues at all feel free to contact them and be assured they will make things right

Heat Outdoors Shadow Ultra Low Glare Dual Infrared...
  • WALL MOUNTED HEATER: The Shadow Ultra Low Glare Infrared Heater is a stylish, durable infrared patio heater that can be...
  • HIGH INTENSITY HEAT: This Shadow Ultra Low Glare Patio Heater provides short-wave infrared heat that provides effective...

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Heat Outdoors Shadow Nirvana Carbon Infrared Patio Heater

  • State-of-the-art medium wave infrared heat
  • Provides 7,000 to 10,000 hours of heat
  • 100% Waterproof

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This Outdoors Shadow Nirvana Carbon infrared heater offers you elegance, style and durability. The heater comes with a 2.0kW mounted fixed outdoor unit, waterproof ceiling, wall-mountable and a four settings remote control safety guard.

The distinctive features of the Nirvana Carbon Infrared heater are:

1. Wall-mounted Heater: This heater comes with a unique style and a durable heater, mountable anywhere. It is designed with a large carbon element lamp and comes with a high power 2kW heater. This ensures efficiency and stronger heat. The device can be controlled manually or using the remote control.

2. Waterproof Design: This heater is built with a strong anodised aluminium giving it a robust feel, stronger durability and completely waterproof. Its waterproof rating is IPx5 and can be used anywhere and in any adverse weather condition

3. High-Intensity Heat: The Shadow Nirvana carbon heater has an efficient heating system as it makes use of state-of-the-art medium wave infrared heat. It also has an adjustable four variable heat settings.

4. Warranty: The makers of the Stylish carbon heater have a strong reputation on the market. In addition to fantastic customer care, they offer a two-year consumer warranty. So if you don’t feel satisfied with the product or have any issues using it, be sure to contact the makers to resolve the issue.

Heat Outdoors Shadow Nirvana Carbon Infrared Patio...
  • WALL MOUNTED HEATER: The Shadow Nirvana Carbon Heater is a stylish, durable infrared patio heater that can be mounted...
  • HIGH INTENSITY HEAT: This Shadow Nirvana Carbon Patio Heater uses state-of-the-art medium wave infrared heat that allows...

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Outsunny Adjustable Power 1000/2500W Infrared Halogen Electric Light Heater

  • Provides both lighting and heating
  • Product Dimension: 47.7 x 37.5H (cm)
  • Safe for Environment with no carbon monoxide emissions

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The Outsunny Adjustable Power infrared Halogen Electric Light Heater comes with a ceiling mount and is available for free shipping to selected countries.

The Outsunny Adjustable Infrared Halogen Electric Light heater is power efficient and has a durable aluminium build.

Its main features are as follows:

1. Aluminium Frame: the Outsunny Adjustable power light heater is built with state of the art Aluminium frame and comes with a mesh for extra protection.

2. Halogen Heater: The Outsunny Adjustable Power Light Heater is built with halogen heater technology. The heater also comes in two power heating modes. 1000W and 2500w

3. The heater can be mounted anywhere: The electric heater can be installed anywhere and anyplace. It can be attached to the gazebo or to the ceiling in the middle of your shop with a chain and hook provided in the package

4. Environmentally friendly: The Outsunny adjustable power infrared Halogen heater comes with a beautiful design and has low energy consumption.

Outsunny Adjustable Power 1000/2500W Infrared...
  • TWO HEAT SETTINGS: 1000W and 2500W - it's easy to set to a temperature which is most comfortable and warming for you....
  • DURABLE CASING: Made from selected metal for reliability. Mesh barrier in front of heat output to prevent dangerous...

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Final Thoughts

While there is a long list of ceiling heaters for shops available to buy, the three heaters listed above are great options to choose.

The heaters listed above are all items I have used and learnt which works best based on cost, efficiency, user ratings and company reviews.

A great tip for buying a ceiling heater for your shop is to make sure the one you buy comes with a warranty or money-back guarantee.

That way, if you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can always seek redress without having to spend any extra money.