Best Floor Heaters – 3 Best Floor Standing Options For Your Home?

Sometimes it is just not practical to have a heater mounted on the wall or the ceiling, and you need a heater for your house which is floor standing.

The key thing when trying to pick through the minefield of portable heater options is to focus on what safety features are available. Many come with three heat settings, remote control and tip over protection. A number of heat settings are usually available, allowing you to use them as space heaters when required.

The following heaters are great for either placing in the centre of the room, in the corner of the room, or along the wall but floor standing.

Rowenta SO9080 Beige Heater

This is a modern heater with carry handle to help you move the product easily and safely. The Rowenta SO9080 Beige Heater’s beige colour is elegant which will help blend in with your current room designs and décor.

The ceramic heating element uses electricity to help warm a ceramic plate in the heater. This plate then radiates the heat when warm enough. This is an energy efficient method of heating your room.

Rowenta SO9280 Excel Aqua Safe...
  • Modern heater with carry handle and ceramic heating element, compact and safe
  • Two power levels 1000 W and 2000 W, very quiet on power level 1 (50 dBA)

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The design of the Rowenta SO9080 Beige Heater is compact and safe. This means that you can place it in the corner of your room and let it work it’s warming magic without noticing the ceramic heater again.

This product is safe. The ceramic heating element means that the heater can provide you with constant heat, whilst also not posing as a fire hazard or a burn risk to small children or to pets.

The Rowenta SO9080 Beige Heater operates at two power levels; one at 1000 Watts and the other at 2000 Watts. Despite the high wattage, this heater is, in fact, very quiet on power level 1 – producing just 50 dBA at this setting. This means that your not warm and peaceful yoga sessions, sleeping or work environment will maintain that peace and you will not be interrupted by a noisy heater.

The heater also has a thermostat with frost protection meaning that the heater will kick into action should the device recognise the room temperature being close to frosting temperatures of 1 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius. This means that along with this heater’s use being inside, it can also work very well in your greenhouse or conservatory, where the surrounding air temperature is likely to be slightly lower.

Should the Rowenta SO9080 Beige Heater detect itself overheating, or the surrounding temperature being too high, its automatic shutdown ability will be triggered to prevent the causation of any damage, or, equally, any unnecessary heat production and energy consumption.

The cooling level feature also helps detect when the room has reached below the desired thermostat temperature and will then help to warm up the room again.

The fact that this heater has a washable filter means that you can keep the air that the heater warms, smelling fresh rather than just recycled air from your environment.

The Rowenta SO9080 Beige Heater is also suitable for your bathrooms due to its splash-proof nature. Gone are the days when you have to get out the nice warm shower into the freezing bathroom air! As explained earlier, this heater’s ability to detect frost temperatures and also be splash-proof shows it is also suitable for your greenhouse or conservatory where the watering of plants may cause some spray onto the product.

The dimensions for the Rowenta SO9080 Beige Heater are 20.8 cm in length, 14.8 cm in width and 32.8 cm height. This shows how compact this product is and therefore how ideal it is to be placed standing in the corner of any room that needs heating.

The heater weighs 2.14 Kilograms making it easy to transport between rooms along with its carry handle to aid you in doing so. It is worth noting that the heater is an electrical device and therefore will need access to a plug to work.


Fakir Trend HL 140 Fan Space Heater

This heater is slightly different to the Rowenta SO9080 Beige Heater in the way it works. This heater is a convection heater. A convection heater works just as effectively as a ceramic radiator heater however it also includes the feature of a fan. The electricity from the mains (once plugged into the socket) causes the ceramic plates to heat up.

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The fan then blows the warm air from the baffles into the room. A huge advantage to this type of heater is the fact that it can provide a constant source of heat to reduce the impact of temperature fluctuations. This is the method of convection heating.

The dimensions of the Fakir Trend HL 140 Fan Space Heater are 16 cm in length, 15 cm in width and 25 cm in height. This is, therefore, a smaller heater than the Rowenta SO9080 Beige Heater as well as being lighter at only 1 kilogram. This means that it is easier to carry around and switch from room to room.

The smaller dimensions of this heater do mean that the Fakir Trend HL 140 Fan Space Heater is potentially less powerful, although it does have the capabilities to heat the deliver surprisingly high heating energy. This means that’s the heater is great for warming up small rooms or hallways quickly.

This heater does not feature a ‘quiet setting’. You should bear this in mind if you are planning on using the heater in environments such as working offices or bedrooms.

Despite not having a quieter setting, the Fakir Trend HL 140 Fan Space Heater is successfully able to produce heat without the production of the unpleasant smell of recycled air.

This product is safe and will not damage any surrounding room features, young children or pets, despite the metal grid becoming hot during operation.

This heater is unsuitable for bathroom use as it does not come with a splash-proof feature.

Despite the Fakir Trend HL 140 Fan Space Heater being made of plastic, the silver and white design is chic and professional looking.

The Fakir Trend HL 140 Fan Space Heater is easy to operate with 2 buttons in the front of the product for changing the current activity of the heater.


MP Essentials 2kW Convector Radiator Heater

This heater has a clean and modern design, which makes it ideal for offices and reception areas as well as homes. The white coloured metal used means the heater does not stand out against any room’s décor, but, in fact, blends in.

The MP Essentials 2kW Convector Radiator Heater has the powerful capacity to work at 2 kilowatts, meaning it can heat your room quickly and efficiently up to the required temperature.

MP Essentials 2kW Home & Office Convector Radiator...
  • Clean, modern design ideal for homes and offices
  • Powerful 2kW Convector Heater with thermostat dial plus 3 heat settings

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The heater works at 3 heat settings. Due to its powerful and ranging heat settings, the MP Essentials 2kW Convector Radiator Heater is perfect for heating cooler rooms such as a conservatory where you may want it to warm up quicker.

The heater also comes with a thermostat dial helping to keep your room at a consistent temperature as well as the temperature you would like it. This means that the MP Essentials 2kW Convector Radiator Heater requires little adjustment and will produce heat or turn off when required depending on the room’s fluctuating temperatures. This also means that you won’t be wasting energy (in this case electricity) and therefore also helping you to save money on your bills.

While we recommend this heater as a free-standing heater, it also does have the ability to become a wall-mounted heater should you change your preference on the positioning of the heater after you have purchased the product.

You will not need to worry about the MP Essentials 2kW Convector Radiator Heater overheating due to the included feature of a safety overheat cut-out which will stop the electricity reaching the components and therefore prevent overheating and any damage that could come from this.

An amazing feature of the MP Essentials 2kW Convector Radiator Heater that comes with this product (that the other two free-standing heaters recommended do not include) is the free 24-hour timer switch. This is adjustable for every quarter of an hour for each hour of the day and night, meaning the production of heat from this heater can be entirely customised to your day and your plans.

This is perfect for setting up for the room to be warm when you get up, and when you come home from work or your day’s activities. Alternatively, it can provide a perfect schedule for heating your office when you are at work and saving electricity when you are not.

The MP Essentials 2kW Convector Radiator Heater is easy to use with a minimum to maximum heat production dial on the side of the heater, as well as lights to indicate whether or not the device is on and working.


Final Thoughts on Choosing a Floor Heater

Where you place your freestanding heater is also important. You’ll be getting quite a bit of warm air from the portable heaters you place in your home. So insulating your room or at least placing it away from any draughts or cold air leaks will be the sensible thing to do.

To conclude, a free-standing heater can be just as effective and powerful as a wall or ceiling mounted heaters and, in some cases, more ideal for the room you place it in. Either of these heaters would solve your heating problems.