Choosing the Best Heater For High Ceilings in Homes and Building

High ceilings make the room feel large and open which can be a lovely atmosphere. They are elegant, luxurious and spacious – adding a sense of glamour and marvel to your home. However, they can also be hard to heat because of the hot air rising, it can be hard to keep the air where you want it and prevent it from being wasted.

One option that works a treat is to choose one of the specific heaters that can be installed to effectively heat up your rooms with high ceilings.

Heating a room with high ceilings

A key thing when considering your options for heating a room with high ceilings is to look at how heat loss occurs. That will help determine if space heaters, electric heaters or panel heaters will be required. The key is to identify energy efficient options as heat rises in a large room.

There’s no point generating a lot of warm air in your living room and then losing it to gaps underneath your doors or single pane windows. So tackling areas of heat loss will go a long way to helping you reduce how much you rely on your central heating system.

So while considering the appropriate heater for your room you should also take the following steps to retain the heat generated;

  1. Invest in double glazing or better yet triple glazing
  2. Use thermal curtains over large windows
  3. Replace any hollow doors in your home.
  4. Insulate your walls and ceilings
  5. Block the draughts

Try the Veito AERO S2500 Wall/Ceiling mounted heater

Veito is one of the leading manufacturers of carbon infrared and patio heaters, built by a team of experts that are continuously aiming to improve the quality of the products.

Measuring 82cm x 5.5xm x 18cm this ceiling heater is small but effective at heating your room, even in narrow spaces.

Veito AERO S2500 Wall/Ceiling Mounted Heater
This ceiling heater uses a radiant heating method to heat up room. It weighs 3kg and can be used indoors and outdoors

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The narrow and thin design also makes it easy to ‘fit in’ with any interior designs. This heater can be used inside or outside, making it perfect for sitting outside on a cool summer’s evening, or for in your rooms with a slightly higher ceiling.

The infrared heaters are not only stylish design but also made using carbon fibre technology. They are robust and hard-wearing, with long-lasting heat elements – making them more than capable to survive the outside conditions, as well as inside your cooler rooms with high ceilings.

The Veito AERO S2500 is also waterproof, making it also possible to install in bathrooms.

This heater is energy efficient with its infrared heating ability. This will help you to save on your energy bill, as well as speed up the rate in which the heater can warm your rooms after being turned on – feel the heat in seconds!

This heater comes with wall brackets and screws making it easy to put up on a wall or even your ceiling, without the need for expert help. Weighing just 3.5kg, this will not hinder you from installing the heater where you so wish.

Included is also a remote control with a battery to help you change the power of the heater with ease. The heater has four power settings (10000 Watts, 1500 Watts, 2000 Watts and 2500 Watts), allowing you to change the level of heat that is produced easily, depending on the weather outside. Feel the heat change instantly!

Why is this heater great for rooms with high ceilings?

Since you are able to install this heater on the wall or the ceiling, the heat produced by it will help effectively reduce wasted heat from getting stuck in those high places, and instead warm you below.

For something over your doors, check out this PTC Over Door Heater

This heater is ideal for installing above your front door, room doorways, hallways and in conservatories. This is due to its effective ability at limiting heat loss or reducing temperature fluctuations when a door between 2 rooms / the outside and inside of your house is opened. Weighing just 4.08kg it is slightly heavier than the Veito AERO S2500 wall / ceiling mounted heater, however still easy to install without expert help.

PTC Over Door Heater
As the name describes, the PTC Over Door heater fits right over your doorway which is an area of heat loss in most homes. Using a convection heating method, this heater works great in offices and shops

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The PTC Over Door Heater has 2 heat settings; 1 kW or 2 kW, as well as a fan only setting (for cooling on hot summer days, if your high-ceilinged room is not cool enough for you!)

The 2 buttons on the right-hand side of the blower vent make this product very easy to operate, as well as coming with the remote control.

A great feature of this Over Door Heater is the wide oscillating angle at which it can distribute heat. This means that heat can blow out, warming the exact areas you think necessary. The wide oscillating angle will mean that you can point the heat distribution up and heat the higher areas of your high-ceilinged rooms. The heater also has a timer, adding to the total control that you have over this product’s heating ability.

The ceramic PTC element is an extremely efficient heating method, as said before, that is ideal for areas that fluctuate in heat. The heater is self-regulating which means that the Wattage can vary to maintain a preset temperature, much like a thermostat. This also means that it only draws on the required current to maintain the temperature and does not use any extra – saving you energy as well as money.

This PTC Over Door Heater is also quiet, meaning you can get on with your day, or leave on overnight, whilst staying peaceful and warm.

The heater is remote controlled, with a 7 and a half-hour timer installed in it. This is perfect for setting your temperature timers for your day, including for when you wake up when you come home from work, when the weather is due to be cooler, or for all your planned weekend activities.

The measurements of the PTC Over Door Heater are 61.9 cm x 20.8 cm x 13.2 cm, making it easy to install above most household doors.

The PTC Over Door Heater is safe to use, out of children’s and pet’s reach, as well as staying cool even with the heating on the highest setting; this is a sign of the heater’s efficiency of not wasting energy, heat or your money.

Please note that this heater is not suitable to be used in bathrooms because it is not waterproof. Additionally, note to keep any curtains 90 cm away from the top, and 20 cm away from the side of the heater to help prevent heat damage.

Why is this heater great for rooms with high ceilings?

This PTC Over Door Heater will make you feel warm as soon as you walk into rooms with the high-ceilings. The heater prevents any heat loss or fluctuating temperatures that this potentially cool room could cause because of its high walls and ceilings. The wide oscillating angle is an enormous factor of this product given that it can send heat energy up to warm the higher areas of your room.

For an all-round great heater, pick the Stiebel Eltron 229339 Quartz Heater

This heater produces a large 1.2 kW output of heating, making it a strong heater to warm up those large spaces in your high-ceilinged room. Due to its strong heating ability, this product is great for both indoor and protected outdoor areas. The Stiebel Eltron 229339 IW 120 Quartz Heater can also be used in bathrooms because it is IP rated X4 and consequently splashproof from all directions.

Stiebel Eltron 229339 High Ceiling Quartz Heater
These are ideally suited to heating smaller rooms and create a pleasantly warm space on cooler evenings on your patio.

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The heating output can be changed, with a choice of 3 stages; 0.4 kW, 0.8 kW and 12. kW. It is incredibly easy to change between the heating stages described, operate and adjust. The pull switch controls the ON and OFF functions.

The high-quality metal casing made in Germany that encloses the Stiebel Eltron Quartz Heater, helps to prevent the product from getting too hot and therefore keeps it safe for users.

The Stiebel Eltron 229339 Quartz Heater measures 53.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 14.5 cm and weighs just 1.55 kg. This is the lightest of our recommended heaters for your rooms with high ceilings. It is also the smallest which means it would be great for the smaller wall spaces in your room. Saying this, if your high-ceilinged rooms are quite large, you may be better off with the more suited and more powerful options explored previously in this article.

The heater comes with Rawl plugs, screws, an operating and installation manual, 2 caps and a cable entry. This means that you can install this heater into your home on your own, with no extra cost or stress of employing a fitter to do so! The Stiebel Eltron Quartz Heater just requires a direct electrical connection.

The pivoting highly polished reflector is an effective bit of technology that helps to target the heat produced, to the areas that need it most. The highly polished reflector can pivot up to 30 degrees.

The Stiebel Eltron Quartz Heater is so effective that when you turn it on, you can instantly feel the heat being generated. The speed at which heat is generated and distributed by this product is down to the 3 quartz heater rods within.

Final Thoughts

Above are 3 great heaters that you can use to heat those rooms in your home that have high ceilings. Whilst having the correct heater is important to generate the heat, the maintenance and use of that heat are just as important.