Best Under Sink Water Heater

My hunt for the best under sink water heater began when taking my kids to Saturday league football games. We’ve all had it. All wrapped up for sub-zero degree temperature and you pop into a cubicle to wash your hands. That’s precisely when you’ll wish for some warm water when you open the taps.

Or when you are at a camping site with the kids and they need to pop to the loo – as they do – for the millionth time. You’ll want to know for sure that they at least have the option of using warm water or cold water to wash their hands when required to.

So my hunt for a sturdy, heavy-duty, compact water heating solution began. I eventually bought the Redring under sink water heater for the boys at Saturday football.

I did research on a few other under sink water heating solutions and the ones below proved to be the pick of the bunch.

So, as long as the key features you’re after include installation costs, heat loss, and capacity – then these instant water heater options will work great.

Redring Under Sink Water Storage Heater

Redring Under Sink Water Storage Heater
This undersink water heater from Redring works well with existing taps. It is supplied with a higher level of insulation to help it in minimising heat loss and increase energy savings. The thermostat can be adjusted up to 70°C and in instances when the water heat levels get too hot, it has an over temperature safety cut-out switch. This Redring undersink water heater is the ideal solution where space is an issue, as its compact size can fit in most enclaves.

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I found the Redring EW15 15 Litre Under Sink Water Storage Heater to be the perfect solution for those with a natural water supply where hot water demand exceeds their available infrastructure.

The versatile and flexible design make this under sink heater suitable for installation under any kitchen sink or in any other location, thanks to its compact size.

With 3kW of power and up to 4 outlets, this efficient space-saving heater will be your go-to appliance all year round.

ATC Under Sink Water Heater

ATC Under Sink Water Heater
If you are after an under sink water heater that can be floor or wall mounted, then this ATC Water Heater is the one for you. It comes cladded in high-density polyurethane foam insulation - this helps to minimise heat loss. One outstanding feature is that it also comes with an external thermostat control used to make adjustments to whatever your preferred water temperature is.

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The best thing about the ATC Water heater is its water efficiency. Using less heat energy to heat your sink, you’ll notice a substantial decrease in electric bills on top of already low running costs.

Little wonder then that it’s one of the most popular on the market.

The great thing about this system is its heating capacity, as there’s no heat loss through the extensive copper cold diameter over 50mm thick.

Easy to maintain and install under a sink top, this water heater heats up at a rate of 50 degrees per hour, so you’ll never have to wait on hot tap water again.

Ariston Undersink Water Heater

Ariston Undersink Water Heater
If you are after an Undersink Electric Water Heater that will be suitable to use in sheds, workshops and garages - then this heater from Ariston will work perfectly. It fits neatly underneath sinks and can deliver instant hot water as soon as required. Supplied in a stylish white, it has a capacity of 10 litres and works efficently. This undersink water heater can also be a perfect solution for domestic kitchens and bathrooms as well as washrooms in cafes, bars, and restaurants.

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Designed with the UK in mind, this economically priced water heater is great for introductory customers looking to upgrade.

The economy setting on the dial helps to optimise comfort and fluctuate energy consumption by only heating the potable hot water when needed.

With a dial that allows 11 different heat settings, it’s easy for you to adjust your desired temperature before reaching for a refreshing drink or preparing a meal using this 24-hour on-demand system.

Speedflow Unvented Undersink Water Heater

Speedflow Unvented Undersink Water Heater
The Speedflow undersink water heater is an unvented heating system that is ideal for use in cloakrooms and kitchens in offices, shops, student accommodation and domestic home extensions and there is no central hot water system near by. In these situations one unit located under the kitchen sink is often used to supply hot water for light dishwashing in the kitchen sink and handwashing in the cloakroom basin.

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The Speedflow is the perfect 15 litre capacity under sink water heater if you are in need of one. It has a maximum working temperature limit set at 75 degrees Centigrade which is suitable for most uses.

This unit includes external temperature control and a neon element, which makes it easy to monitor according to your needs without compromising on space or cooling down the room.

The Speedflow also comes with a prewired cable (1.5m) making installation quick and convenient, but must be installed right side up – this will make sure that it works correctly all the time.

Crown Compact Undersink Water Heater

Crown Compact Undersink Water Heater
This undersink water heater from the British firm Crown, works with most conventional taps and most mixers. Unlike heaters with a single neon light indicator, this heater has two neon indicators. One showing ‘Power on’ and the other ‘Heating Up’. It has robust, heavy duty steel tank casing for sustained outdoor use. It also comes pre-wired to help making the installation process a lot easier. In the event of severe drops in temperature, the undersink heater also has in-built frost protection down to 5°C.

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This stylish yet powerful piece of engineering combines British design and manufacture with innovative drip-less fittings.

The Crown Compact Undersink Water Heater has a robust and heavy-duty casing.

This water heater not only offers you quality assurance but also ensures that it occupies minimal space in your kitchen or utility-room areas.

This efficient unit uses up to 30% less electricity than older models, making it great value for money.

It has been perfectly designed so it suits the crowded under sink environment allowing more room in your kitchen space where space is precious.

How do undersink water heaters work

An under sink water heater is a type of tankless water heating system that works by using electricity to heat the water in an insulated cylinder.

These systems are typically used in outdoor cubicles in parks or festival arenas, as well as homes where space is limited, such as apartments or small houses.

They can also be installed indoors or outdoors and are usually electrically powered.

Undersink water heaters are typically installed under the sink in your kitchen, laundry room or bathroom.

It usually has two connections: one that goes into the cold water pipe and one that goes out of the hot water pipe from the house mainline.

The “burners” are lit by an electric switch on a timer which heats up as much as 10 gallons of water at a time – enough for 3 showers.

The top 5 benefits of having an under sink water heater:

  1. They save you money because they don’t use any gas.
  2. You can take more than one shower without running out of hot water.
  3. They’re safe.
  4. It’s easy to install one under your sink in minutes with no major construction or plumbing changes required.
  5. They’re environmentally friendly.

Final Thoughts

Instantaneous water with decent water pressure can be difficult to achieve when outdoors. This is usually the case when in outdoor cafes or restaurants or mechanic garages.

Most under-sink heating solutions are unvented water heaters. The benefit of it being unvented is that they often work from a mains pressurized water supply.

The storage water heater units heat up cold water and store it within the electric unit ready for use. In most cases, the under sink water heaters are capable of supplying water to up to 4 outlets.