Can You Leave A Dyson Heater On All Night?

Dyson is a name directly synonymous with household appliances, which includes a host of heaters that provide cold and hot air to its users. Dyson was initially known for their vacuum cleaners. However, they’ve now gained popularity for some of their other home appliances, most especially their air purifiers which have become a mainstay in homes and offices.

Dyson came onto the air multiplier/purifier scene sometime in 2009 when they launched an electric fan that came with concealed blades. It became a hit not only because of its futuristic and attractive design, it was also effective at air circulation by bringing in air from the product’s base and subsequently supplying it via the upper ring.

This will then result in a smooth production of air unlike the traditional fan models.

Since that time, Dyson fans have evolved to become more advanced and efficient models with the addition of heaters, humidifiers and air purifiers. Although Dyson products are usually more expensive than the traditional ones, they actually produce a large number of premium products that are currently available on the market.

Dyson has different models of its fans. Some only produce cold air, others produce hot air while a selected few incredibly provide both.

Amazing, right?

They also have a host of purifier products capable enough of removing pollutants out of the air and supplying users with clean air.

Now, to answer the burning question. Can you leave a Dyson heater on throughout the night? The answer is yes. A lot of people are sceptical about leaving their heaters on for the whole night and this scepticism is valid. We’ve heard time and time again about stories of fire outbreaks caused by heaters. Nobody wants that. With the Dyson heater, you can set a target temperature for the room. Once it reaches this temperature, the heater will go to standby mode and will immediately stop producing heat.

Now that we’ve established all these, let’s take a look at some of the best Dyson heaters on the market.


Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater

It’s not that simple to make something as basic as a fan seem so exciting, but this Dyson heater seamlessly pulls it off. This unit comes in black and white. One particularly striking thing of this design is that it is bladeless. This loop makes up almost two-thirds of this device and it is what is used to propel cool or warm air. Dyson’s innovative air multiplier technology is utilized here to draw in air and supply it as cooled air or hot one through the heater.

Even while aesthetically pleasing, this unit is considerably safer than the orthodox fan and its spinning blades. Also, when it is being used as a heater, it doesn’t become so hot that will then make it uncomfortable to touch. In addition, it will turn itself off automatically in the event that it falls over. This makes it children and pet friendly.

With its height at about 60cm, it is compact enough for it to be used as a desk fan, although it is preferable that you put it on the floor where it will sit comfortably. Moving between these two modes is very simple as you will only have to push a button on the remote. Dyson have made this process very easy as you’ll see two buttons coloured red and blue.

This remote is also in charge of the strength of the air that is pumped, the precise temperature you want, a sleep timer (9 hours maximum) and oscillation options. However, it is important that you note that since the fan itself only comes with a power button, you’ll not be able to actively control the unit in the event that the remote goes missing. The remote is just three inches in length. While being a very handy tool for implanting quick tweaks from any part of the room, it could also get lost in the house.

So, you should be wary of this.

This unit will be able to pump out air at temperatures from 0 to 37°C. One thing that’s particularly smart about this unit is its ability to adjust the output based on the current temperature of the room. Your set temperature is what the the heater will aim to reach and maintain. What this means is that you’ll not have to worry about any room becoming too cold or hot whenever it is left for a long time. Dyson designed the heating components of this unit to always remain below 200°C, which is dust’s burning point.

This will prevent that unpleasant smell that arises when dust begins to collect.


Dyson Hot + Cool AM05

This particular model shares similarities with the AM06. However, the AM06 is only a fan. It comes in white-silver, iron-blue and black-nickel versions. Irrespective of the colour, this unit has a striking and modern design that will complement any home or office.

Dyson AM05 Hot and Cool Fan - Iron and Blue
  • New Fan heater from Dyson with new cool fan technology
  • Air Multiplier technology with 2 year guarantee

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The front part of the base has a LED display that is invisible when you turn it off. This LED display is flanked by two different controls. To the display’s left is a power button as well as buttons that will adjust the speed of airflow. To the right are buttons that will control the thermostat.

Using the blue button will cool the temperature. Pressing the red button increases the temperature. Lastly, a button at the far right will toggle the oscillation control and allow the fan to rotate. Except you prefer the fan to blow directly at you, you’ll actually see the best results with oscillation.

You’ll also get the same controls on a remote. This remote has a little curve that will allow you to magnetically dock the remote on the heater. This is pretty convenient as you’ll know exactly where the remote is. It has a decent range, but you’ll have to point it directly to the control base for it to work.

Due to the fact that the unit doesn’t have any visible mobile parts, witnessing the AM05 in its glory is actually amazing. Its motor drags in air at the bottom of the machine. This air is then accelerated through an opening that passes over a ramp that guides its direction.

This airflow drags in air from the surroundings and passes via the loop which will effectively multiply the air that will move through the fan. This is referred to by Dyson as Air Multiplier technology. While being used as a heater, two PTC plates are utilized to heat air as it goes through the machine.

The unit comes with an internal thermostat that will maintain the temperature at 33 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning you can set the temperature between these figures. The machine will automatically turn off when it reaches the desired temperature. However, when it notices that the temperature has dropped, it will turn back on. This is a feature that will save energy.

One important thing to note is that even though the AM05 will raise the room’s temperature, it will not cool off things while being used as a fan. This isn’t an air conditioner as it only circulates the air that’s already in the house. It does a decent job especially when an air conditioner is being used nearby, but when the AM05 is used alone, it will not cool a room anymore than a normal fan would.

One thing you will initially notice as you turn on the unit is that it is actually quite loud. When the fan setting is on and it’s at its lowest speed, this machine is as noisy as the AM06 at full speed. When the speed is increased, the unit will get even louder. You can equate this noise with the medium setting of a window air conditioner. To put things plainly, it is loud enough to make you increase the volume of your television set when the machine is on.

Fortunately, the heater isn’t as noisy as the fan. Admittedly, there’s a loud rush of air when the heater comes on. However, it is still less noisy than the fan. Users will not forget that this heater is turned on, but once it has been on for a while, it transitions to a kind of white noise.


using a dyson fan safely

Benefits of Dyson heaters

As it concerns the best space heaters on the market, Dyson is well known. Majority of Dyson heaters come with a lot of features and benefits that are one of a kind. They will also provide the user with optimal comfort as well as moderating the temperature at home or in the office and also purifying the air in those places.

The following are some of the benefits of Dyson heaters:

  1. Effective cooling and heating all through the year

This is one of the major benefits of using a Dyson heater. You will only need to get one unit for the entire year which will provide users with air purification and temperature regulation. This is more suitable than owning two devices meant for cooling and heating respectively. It will save you space, money and energy to own one device that can do both.


  1. Air regulation and purification

One thing that the Dyson Hot + Cool model has over its counterparts is that it isn’t solely a fan and heater. Instead, it also comes with an air purification function. This feature is quite important as it will give you the opportunity to monitor any dust, particles, gases or debris from your office or home. It is particularly suitable for people who suffer from allergies. It can also be used to check if any unsafe or unwanted gas is within an area.


  1. Jet focus control

Dyson’s Hot + Cool unit comes with jet focus control – a feature that provides long-range heating and large room heating. This means the heater comes with an extensive range of uses. It doesn’t have only small range or personal space heating, but much more.


Safety features

Majority, if not all, of Dyson’s products are ideal for users who have pets or children as they have been designed with their safety in mind.



The Dyson fan heater in particular has no fan blades which ensures that it has very little risk of causing injury. It also doesn’t have any obvious heating element, while its cool to touch exterior ensures that anyone who comes in contact with it doesn’t get burned.

Additionally, it has a built-in heater that will automatically turn off when the unit falls over. This is another safety feature that will prevent accidental fires or burns happening in the home or office. The following are some of the enhanced features of Dyson’s heaters:


  1. Accurate room heating

The Dyson Hot + Cool unit was designed with a smart thermostat that regulates the temperature and tries to maintain the selected temperature. It distributes warm airflow so that the heater can attain the set temperature target. It is also energy efficient as it will maintain the temperature once it reaches the target. It will also be able to lower its output when this happens.


  1. Near silent operation

Dyson fan heaters’ air channels have been specifically streamlined and tuned to drastically reduce air turbulence. Majority of their modern models are 75% quieter than the models of before, which will provide for an almost silent execution. A feature like this is suitable for people who want to place the heater in their rooms, in the office or any other place where you will want some level of silence.


  1. Smartphone app

The Dyson app will allow you control the machine anywhere – whether at home or when you’re away. This is as a result of the smartphone application that the heaters have. With it, you will be able to control the settings and get valuable information about the quality of air in your environment. This will provide ease and convenience when making use of a Dyson heater.


We’ve now seen what Dyson heaters are capable of. And yes, you can leave them unattended for a long period of time. I hope this article will prove helpful in making that difficult task of getting a heater that works for you.