Dress for Winter – How To Dress Warm But Not Bulky

The clothes you dress for winter in will play a very important role in keeping you warm and cosy during winter. Clothes are known for helping us to regulate our body temperature and also to protect us from external factors.

In this article, you will learn how to dress for winter in suitable clothes. You’ll also have a better idea of what to wear to stay warm during cold weather.

Best Clothes To Wear To Stay Warm


Dress for Winter


Buy Flannel Long-Sleeve Shirts

Flannel long-sleeve shirts are long-lasting and can be worn in different seasons. The thickness of this kind of clothing is not as thick as that of a sweater.

Long sleeve flannel shirts are great for shielding you from cold current air and keep you warm.

Buy Carhartt Jacket

It is durable, thick, and warm. It has a light windbreaker shell on it to help you resist wind chill and light rain. It will help you to keep warm and comfortable.

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Get Some Merino Wool Knee-High Socks

It is a good material that is very soft. It provides your feet with warmth and makes you comfortable in it.

Use Pullover Fleeces

Pullover fleeces are just like sweatshirts that are suitable for your skin. It will give you warmth, and cosiness. It is a perfect shirt to help you trap heat and also put you in a good warm condition.

Winter Footwear

Bogs are just the right winter footwear to go for during the cold season. Shoes like this are waterproof, comfortable, and awesome as muck boots. Your feet will have no option than to smile wholeheartedly in them as they keep them warm.

Buy A Pair of Quality and Durable Stretch Jeans

If you are to go for any stretch jeans, make sure you go for quality ones that are durable as you won’t want to buy a product that won’t see more than a week with you. They help to shield you against the cold by giving your body warmth.

Purchase A Pair of Down Booties

It has a thick sole that provides you with insulation against any cold floors that want to baptize your feet with cold. It will make you feel comfortable, happy, and in the same vein, keep you warm.

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Buy Waffle Knit T-shirt

Knit t-shirts are also good options to wear during the winter season. You can wear it alone without accompanying it with other shirts. You can also wear it under a sweatshirt. It helps you to keep warm and you will feel comfortable in it.

Buy Long Underwear

The suitable long underwear you should look out for prior to your trip outdoors should be Smartwool Thermal Long Underwear. You will feel comfortable and free in it as it is not too tight to your skin; you can walk freely in it.

It provides you with sufficient insulation so as for your body to stay warm.


Dress for Winter

Parts Of Your Body That Needs To Stay Warm

The following parts of your body need to be clothed so as for you to experience that warmth and cosiness. To scare away cold from you, you need to keep your head, feet, and hands warm. For you to achieve this, you need to wear the right and suitable clothes.

Use hats to cover your head

You can get yourself a full-on winter hat as it has insulation in its material. This will help you to trap that will keep you warm. Wool and synthetic beanies are also perfect for keeping your head warm. Mind you, your headcover should also have features that will protect your ears. A good balaclava is also great to keep your face warm.

Use Boots to Warm Your Feet

To keep warm and comfortable, use boots that are thick and have no cotton socks in them. Winter boots also have the features that will keep you warm. Not only that will provide you with the warmth you need but also waterproof boots.

Use Hand Gloves to Warm Your Hands

Mittens will help your fingers to exchange warmth and thereby keeping your hands warm. Fleece gloves also have their way of providing warmth to the hands. You can’t underestimate what insulated gloves with waterproof can do for you. They help you to trap heat and sustain your body heat.

Dress in Layers to Stay Warm

Dressing in layers is the best thing to do to stay warm and cosy during the winter season. Doing it rightly will help you to scale through cold weather easily and help you retain more heats.

There are three major phases in dressing in layers that you must know to keep you warm

  • Foundation or Base: The right material to use as your base layer should be silk, polyester, or other material that has the feature to draw off sweat from your body. Shy away from cotton materials as they are very poor in evaporating moisture.
  • Middle Layer: The middle layer is known as the insulating layer which helps you to retain heats. For the middle layer to perform efficiently, you need fleece, sweaters, down coats, and sweatshirts to give the magic. Make sure they are not too tight to your skin so as for them to give you maximum warmth.
  • External Layer: This is the last phase of the layer. A rain jacket can fit right into the outer layer to keep you warm. Wool pea coat, and down puffer can also do the work.

When you dress in layers, it’s advisable you make sure that the clothes are not too tight to your skin as having a tight dressing will only cause you discomfort. So make sure there is space as this will keep you warm and cosy.


Dress for Winter

List Of Materials That Can Keep You Warm And Their Functions

Silk: It draws off sweat away from the skin. It’s a natural material that’s very expensive. It helps to keep your body warm.
Nylon: It is good for a rain jacket as It’s a poor absorber of moisture.
Wool: It absorbs moisture and still gets warm even when wet. It is good for socks and hats. It works perfectly well as a midpoint layer.
Polypropylene: It draws off sweat from the body. It keeps your body warm. It still serves as a good insulator even when wet.

Your body needs the right and suitable set of clothes to help you scale through cold season or weather and the above lists are just the perfect tips to follow diligently.