Dressing for Cold Weather Football Game

Playing football in the winter can be a lot of fun, but at the same time, it can get challenging for the players. Football is a game that requires all of your body muscles to be loose. This, in turn, helps reduce the possibility of injuries. In order to do that properly, a player’s body needs to be warm enough to play comfortably in the cold weather.

So how do you dress for a cold-weather football game? To ensure you are appropriately dressed for a cold-weather football game, it is important you plan ahead to help avoid getting cold. Chances are you will soon start sweating from all the physical exertion and take off any layers you have on.

In order to get the best out of yourself while playing the game, you have to be careful with a lot of things. There are a number of ways you could prevent yourself from cold on the field, let’s have a look at what the options are.

Choosing the right gear for a football game to be played in the cold, is without a doubt the most important thing to take care of while playing football in the winter season. You have to choose the proper gear and layer up according to the temperature in order to keep yourself going.

While playing football, your body is in continuous movement and your muscles have to be loose and not stiff. So, in order to stay warm at the football game, you need to choose the right gear for your head, body, hands and feet.

  • For the head, you got to have a beanie that will help you keep your head warm at the sidelines or while at practice and warm-up sessions. The beanie is going to help you keep your ears and head cosy.
  • For the body, there are many options to choose from like you can wear a compression shirt under your regular team jersey. What compression shirt does is that it keeps your body temperature intact and prevents the cold from getting in. in result, it helps majorly to keep your body warm at the game.
  • One thing to keep in mind here is that if you are playing an official game, your compression shirt has to be the same colour as your football jersey according to the laws of the game.
  • Also, under the regular shorts, you can wear compression pants that pretty much do the same job that the compression shirt does. The pants really help to keep your legs warm, maintaining your body temperature and prevent them from being less productive due to the cold weather. However, you have to check with the referee before going on to play with your gear.
  • As for the hands, the exposed hands can be irritating for you while playing a football game. It really is a no-brainer that you have to wear gloves in order to keep your hands warm. You don’t want your hands to go numb while playing a football game so the hands need to be covered up nicely and there is no better way to do that than choosing a warm and nice pair of gloves for yourself. By doing this, your hands should get warm enough to play in cold weather safely.

When on the Sidelines

Another way to keep your hands warm is by using hand warmers. Hand warmers also become very handy at times and they really help you a lot in keeping your hand warm in fact they can be used at many other body parts.

In order to keep your feet warm, you can simply double up your socks and it will surely be effective. Choosing the right fabric socks is the key here. You should choose thick socks as they provide more warmth to your feet than the regular ones and they will surely help in keeping your toes warm.

If you keep a lightweight blanket with you, then it is going to help you stay warm while on the sidelines. You can cosy up in your blanket when you are sitting on the bench, waiting to go in or have just come off the field.

There are a lot of options when choosing what blanket to have with you for your outdoor games. You can go with the one that is waterproof and are made up of fleece as they are also very effective at keeping you warm.

Additional clothing items are also a must-have when watching a football game on the sidelines like tracksuits, training trousers and training tights that are designed for winters only. These items are really going to help you keep your body stay warm when at football practice or warm-up sessions. There are obviously loads of options and brands to choose from.

Getting properly warmed up before stepping out to attend the game is also a smart thing to do. It helps you keep the cold away because keeping your blood keeps flowing and it lets your muscles move faster in result.

Some simple muscle exercises can also help you warm your body up and get you going for the cold game you are about to start. Warming up nicely before the game is extremely important even in the Summer as it prepares your body muscles for the game to come and it helps you to loosen up your muscles before the game.

Another thing you can do to keep yourself warm at a football game is choosing what to eat and drink while being on the sidelines or while practising. An example of a warm drink could be something as simple as a cup of hot chocolate.

Winter sports are a great way to teach yourself a lot of lessons like dedication, motivation, team play and resistance to name a few.

Playing football in winter can be a bit of a hectic task but once you prepare your mind and you are equipped with the correct gear to wear, there is nothing better for a football-loving person than playing football in cold.

The key to do this safely and securely is taking into notice the requirements to keep yourself warm and cosy in order to enjoy the game.