Electric Heater vs Central Heating: Things to know

There are several options today for new homeowners when it comes to efficient heating systems.

The most popular is the central heating system, where pumped hot water moves through pipes to warm the home. One significant thing is how noisy some central heating systems can get.

For something contemporary and futuristic, an alternative choice is to get an electric heater, which works via an electrical resistor that converts electricity to heat.

While some may argue that the electric heater is expensive to use, it is better to look at both sides of the argument. It is worth noting that the size of your home, thermal insulation, and frequency of use will determine the actual costs of running your heating systems.

Electric Heater vs Central Heating: Things to know.

As a general estimate, it can cost you just under £800 to run your central heating for an average-sized home and approximately double the amount annually for the electric heaters.

On the flip side, electric heaters work a lot quicker than central heating systems do. Higher room temperatures can be achieved a lot quicker using an electric heater, but central heating systems are more efficient at heating the whole home.

Benefits of an Electric Heater

  • Efficient control: With the electric heater, one can choose to regulate the heat in specific locations instead of the whole house. Well-insulated rooms in your home will use energy efficiently.
  • Tranquillity: The huge advantage of an electrical heating system is the silence that comes with it. There is no background noise, clicking, clunking, or thumping through pipes under the floor, which is preferred.

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  • Slower heating: In some cases, an electric heater can take its time to start the heating element and warm the air for your home, making you wait longer than usual before you can feel the warmth. However, not many modern electric heaters have this problem.
  • Power interruption: Pretty obvious but an electric heater cannot operate without power. As the heating element would not function during power shortages and extremely bad weather.

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Benefits of a Central Heating System

  • Fast and effective heating: If you decide to opt for a central heating system, then the chances are that you will notice it tends to heat the entire home in a much shorter time than an electric heater would.
  • Dependability: One of the significant benefits of a gas central heating system is that during a power outage, your gas central heating system will retain the heat in your home for a long period. 


  • Life expectancy: Home electric heating systems can continue for about 30 to 40 years depending on use and maintenance, while central heating systems can last nearly half that, only about 10 to 20 years – before needing a power flush and general maintenance regime.
  • High installation cost: Central heating systems are initially more expensive to purchase, and the installation is more complicated; technicians will take longer and charge more to complete the installation.

Setup and Maintenance Costs – Electric Heater vs Central Heating

Installing a central heating system is a task that needs to be executed by an accredited professional. This installation can take long periods ranging from a few days to a few weeks. It could also result in the damage of some parts of your property during setup.

Where installed incorrectly, central heating systems can be liable to leaks, which will reduce efficiency, and are expensive to rectify. It also needs servicing yearly as well as an annual certificate.

The electric heater significantly costs less at purchase. A notable plus is that it eliminates the need for periodic servicing, which makes them maintenance-free, with no plumber callouts, no annual servicing, and no flushing through of systems either.

Final Thoughts

The central heating system is typically the way to go if you live in a region where you have to rely on your heating for several months out of the year. For your comfort, smart heating, and respect for the environment, an electric heating system will work a lot better.