Haverland Heaters Review

Haverland heaters are a range of wall mounted designer electric radiators that are easy to install and suitable for most homes. They are fully programmable electric heaters which are great for helping homeowners to keep heating bills as low as possible.

The heaters are all supplied with an impressive built-in energy monitor. The energy monitor in the Haverland Designer RCTT heater range delivers optimal energy efficiency by using the latest thermal fluid technology and a high precision electronic thermostat.

Below is a list of the most popular in the Haverland RCTT heater range. The heaters all have a similarly stylish and contemporary look.

White and nondescript.

So when wall-hung, they do not protrude away from the wall like unsightly old-school rads. In many homes, these heaters can be used in areas where fitting a towel rail is difficult.

The wattage range of the more popular Haverland heaters is from 500 watts to 1500 watts as shown below.

Haverland Designer RC12TT Electric Radiator - 1500 watt
Weighing in at 15kg and measuring 108.3 x 10 x 58 cm, this 1500w Haverland heater are extremely quiet and suitable for most bedrooms

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Haverland Designer RC8TTi Electric Radiator - 1000 watt
This 1000w Haverland heater is lighter than the 1500w counterpart as it only weighs 10kg. It's dimensions - 76.5 x 10 x 58 cm make it ideal for rental properties and offices

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Haverland Designer RC6TT Electric Radiator - 750 watt
This 750w Haverland heater will heat up a room with a maximum size of 9 square metre. Perfect for a small sized bedroom of downstairs cloakroom

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Haverland Designer RC4TT Electric Radiator - 500 watt
  • Energy Efficient Thermal Fluid Technology
  • 24/7 Digital Programming

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The Haverland TT range uses a thermodynamic gel which heats the radiator surface rapidly and uniformly, ensuring even heat distribution throughout your home without hot or cold spots. The excellent heat retention properties of thermodynamic gel prevent the Haverland heaters from working hard to maintain temperatures, saving energy and reducing your heating bills.

Haverland Heaters Running Costs

One of the unique things with these heaters from Haverland is that their precision thermostat is accurate to within half a degree, so the radiator will switch on or off automatically to maintain a comfortable temperature.

This helps you save on your heating bills as the fully programmable controls can be used to set a 7-day heating schedule to suit your lifestyle. Unlike the central heating system in many homes, Haverland heaters rely on precise control systems to keep those bills in check.

The average electric heating cost of electric radiators is shown below.

  • A 500W heater costs 9.27p per hour
  • A 1000W heater costs 18.5p per hour

I have found these Haverland heaters to help reduce your overall heating cost by approximately 15% if you utilise any one of the seven pre-set heating programmes and one customisable heating programme. You can even control different rooms or areas of your house separately.

The in-built energy monitor allows you to review and fine-tune your heating programmes, helping you minimise wasted energy and keep your heating bills as low as possible.

If there’s one downside to these electric radiators, it’s that you can hear a clicking sound as the heaters cool down. This is something often seen in oil-filled radiators. I believe the thermodynamic gel used in ensuring thermal efficiency in the Haverland rads is also the reason for this.

One of the other unique features of these radiators is that they come with built-in memory to store your heating programme for up to 24 hours without a power connection.

All heating elements are fully enclosed so there’s no danger of wall blackening. Installation is simple and fast, a straight-forward DIY task. Simply screw to the wall and plugin at the nearest socket.

Full installation and programming instructions are included but if you own a Haverland radiator and misplaced your manual – A fresh copy of the Haverland Heaters manual can be found here.