How To Heat Inflatable Hot Tub Faster

Have you ever had that urge to just hop into the tub so you can have a refreshing bath but the tub is not just ready on time, and it seems you can’t wait? You’ll wish your tub could heat fast so you can enjoy its feeling.

Well, it’s not difficult to get your hot tub heating faster. All you just have to do is to follow these tips carefully as you’re never really going to wait impatiently for your tub to get heated to your desired temperature again.

It can take up to 48 hours for your inflatable hot tub to get heated to the highest temperature. This depends on the outer temperature and the quality of insulation.  It consumes a lot of energy for a large amount of water to get heated, electrical energy used is also limited. Therefore, there is a need to device other options for quickening the heating process.

It usually takes a hot tub between 3 and 6 degrees per hour to heat water. However, the process can be quickened by checking for the covers (ensuring a quality cover), ensuring full insulation of your hot tub, making sure the hot tub filters are very clean. you also need to constantly service the tub to maintain a very good working condition of the tub, consider the landscape as well as the possible addition of hot water (although this is not a good idea).


How To Heat Inflatable Hot Tub Faster


Predicting accurately how long it’s going to take your hot tub to heat up can be a herculean task as there just a lot of variables and factors involved. This includes: how old your hot tub is, rating of the heating element, how frequently efficiently it is serviced, the insulation quality and so on.

Well, let’s not waste too much time, let’s just delve straight into the tips to making your hot tub heat faster.

1. Proper Maintenance Of Your Hot Tub

This is very important, as you can have blocked filters or a worn-out heating element which will slow down the rate of heating. Servicing needs to be done regularly to make sure the various components are all in good working conditions otherwise, you may have to continually wait for your hot tub to get warm enough.

2. Making Use Of High-Quality Tub Covers

Just little can be done concerning the insulation of your inflatable hot tub walls, moreover, the top is open, but you can use a quality hot tub cover. A high-quality tub cover will not only make the tub get heated faster, but also help to maintain the heat.

This makes your hot tub more energy-efficient and also helps to save the cost of energy bills. A cracked hot tub cover makes it easy for the heat to escape, thereby it must be kept clean at all times and changed when it begins to age. This helps to preserve the heat in the hot tub.

3. Addition Of Insulation

If your hot tub is not entirely new, there are chances that an insulation upgrade is needed. The sides of the hot tub could be taken off to add further insulation in case of any possible gaps. Sprays can be used or plastic bin bags with household insulation can be filled and used to block the gaps.

This has to be done with extreme caution so as not to damage any fittings of the hot tub or hinder the inner fittings of the tub. Ventilation holes should not be blocked and insulation shouldn’t be put on any part which gets hot.  Another thing worthy of note is making modifications to a hot tub still under warranty as this will damage the warranty. 

4. Filling The Tub With Hot Water

Be careful when doing this!

You should cross-check to see what the maximum hot tub temperature is, as this must not be exceeded because it will damage the tub. Filling your hot tub with hot water is a very quick and very obvious method to speed up the heating process.


How To Heat Inflatable Hot Tub Faster


Filling the tub with hot water can reduce the heating time drastically. Your hot tub must never be filled with boiling water unless there is sufficient cold water to evaporate the heat. In this scenario, hot water must not be poured close to the walls of the inflatable hot tub.

5. Careful Positioning Of The Tub

The way your hot tub is positioned can determine how fast it heats also its water retention capacity. A hot tub placed in the wind will need more energy to heat up than a hot tub positioned in a lonely and secluded area.

The positioning has to a great effect determine how fast the tub heats up.  Encamping the hot tub even in an open area will certainly make a big difference.

6. Planning Your Hot Tub Activities

This is easily the simplest plan. Heating your hot tub is a process that takes time. All the above-mentioned tips to a greater or lesser extent improve the heating efficiency of the hot tub, but the easiest and simplest is just having to heat the water overnight as this includes less stress. So, why not just take your time and plan a little. It doesn’t hurt.

Final Thoughts

As it stands, there is no perfect method to make your hot tub heat incredibly fast, but there are ways in which you can improve its efficiency to enable the inflatable tub heat up a lot quicker. Even the start of the art hot tub will still take time before it gets heated.

So, planning is very important as it helps you to get ready so you don’t have to worry about waiting before you get that nice soak that you deserve.