How to Keep a Dog Warm in a Crate

A dog is often described as a man's best friend. If you have a pet dog, then there's a whole list of things you should be doing to keep your pet well and safe. You will need to take care of your dog in every aspect, so your dog would not feel that it is being punished.

Protection from cold weather is an aspect of caring for your dog.

Your dog also needs defence against cold and chilly winter like you do. Here is this article, let's take a look at all the information you need on how to keep your dog warm in a crate. If you want to succeed in crate training your dog, then you should protect your dog against every bad weather conditions like your children.

There are cute sweaters and jackets available in the market which can give your dog an adorable look. But some dogs hate to have clothes on them and start gnawing at it.

What is the solution to this problem? The solution is to provide them with their own personal space in the form of a crate. If you have the crate already, then you need to make it warm, comfortable, and cosy for your beloved dog.


This is a guide to help to keep your dog crate warm. A crate is the best way to provide your dog in his own home. You need to take care of the comfort level of your dog in its crate on winter days and nights.

Dog Crate

A dog crate can be described as a second home of your dog. It is like a cage with a removable tray. Normally, the dog crate is made of metal, wire, plastic or fabric. In some places, it is also referred to as an indoor kennel. Dogs often use it to take a rest for a few hours each day. Dog crates come in different materials, sizes, and designs.

Types of Dog Crates

There are several types based on the material and size of dog crates as follows:

  • Wire Crates
  • Plastic Crates
  • Fabric or Soft-Sided Crates
  • Heavy Duty Crates
  • Fashion Crates

Objectives to Use a Dog Crate;

The following are the main reasons and objectives to purchase a dog crate. You may find the most relevant to you.

  • Dog Bedroom
  • Hospital Bed
  • Safe Place
  • Helps with Anxiety or Destructive Behavior
  • Confinement
  • Transportation
  • Camping Care
  • Toilet Training

Tips to Keep a Dog Warm in a Crate:

Here are the simple ways and tips to keep your dog warmer in the crate. Many of the tips are as same as you use personally. A thick coat cannot provide full protection against cold winter, you will have to take some extra measures.

  • Insulation of the Bottom:

Like you, the body of your dog generates heat. It is called body heat. The first thing that can cause your puppy to freeze is the colder ground. You need to insulate the bottom of the tray of the crate completely. Heat can escape from the crate bottom to the colder ground. Insulation at the bottom will prevent the heat escape and this method will help in the preservation of the warmth. Additionally, it will help to cover droppings and messes.

For the insulation purpose, you can use a thick bundle of old newspapers. Just lay the sheets at the bottom and it will help to preserve the heat generated by his body. Regular changing of the newspapers would provide your dog with a healthy and clean environment.

  • Heat Source:

Put a heat source in the room or area where your dog is relaxing in his crate. There are several mini indoor heaters available in the market to use for your pet. If you don't want to use a heater, a heating lamp is the best option for indoor use. It can give you the desired temperature and you don't need to raise the temperature of the whole area.

  • Maintain Safe Temperature:

Make sure that the temperature is safe. Buy an accurate thermometer and check the temperature. It will help you to set the temperature at a safer level in the room or area where the dog crate is kept. The standard temperature limit for your pets is 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Using the Blankets & Towels:

Blankets and towels are another way to insulate your puppy's home. After the newspaper sheets, lie some thick towels and blankets to keep your dog warm in winter days. This layer of towels and blankets can give your dog enough warmth. But always use fresh and clean towels and blankets at the bottom of the crate. To get a safe, healthy and clean environment for your dog, change the towels and blankets regularly.

  • Cover on Top of the Crate:

If the crate of your dog is made of open metal wire and it has a lot of openings, then you should place a cover on the top of the crate. The crates made of metal wires are not much covered as compare to plastic crates. On the other hand, the metal wire is naturally colder than the plastic. Placing a cover on the top will not only keep your dog warm but it will provide some privacy to your beloved pet.

  • Heated Mats/Pads:

If you belong to the extreme cold climate, heating mats or heating pads can be very useful to keep your dog warm in the crate. The heating mat will keep the dog comfortable and warm in the crate while the winter is doing its thing. Moreover, if you have a dog too young or old, it will need some extra care because your dog may feel colder as you think they do.

  • Elevate the Crate from the Ground:

The floor is usually colder in chilly winter. If the crate of your dog is touched directly to the ground, the heat can escape from the crate to the colder ground due to temperature difference. And the dog can feel cold even there are blankets and towels. So, just elevate the kennel from ground level to some height. It will create a distance between the colder ground and bottom tray of the crate and it will act as a buffer zone.

  • Ensure Clean & Dry Crate:

A clean and dry crate will provide more warmth than a wet and messy one. So always take care of the cleaning and dryness in the crate of the pet in chilly winter days. To keep the crate dry and clean, designate the different areas for eating, sleeping and eliminating. This will help your pet neat and clean at its own.

  • Keep the Dressing Right(If does not hate clothing):

If your dog does not hate clothing, the right dressing may keep the dog warm and cozy in the crate. Cute jackets and coats are available in the market to keep your dog and it will a good addition to make them look adorable.

  • Keep the Crate Inside of the House:

Try to keep the crate of your dog inside the house like in your bedroom if the laundry or garage is drafty in winter.

Precautions to take when keeping The Dog in the Crate (During winter):

There are some special precautions to take when you are keeping your dog in the crate during chilly winter as following:

  • You should elevate the crate from the ground level to reduce the heat loss. It will make them more comfortable than a blanket or mat.
  • Buy a crate that can prevent the wind from entering inside.
  • Check on the bedding to ensure it is not wet. Wet bedding can be the worst cold condition during winter.
  • Check the temperature of the heating pad or heating mats. Too much heating may harmful and cause a burn.
  • Set the temperature of the area according to requirement, too much heat can cause your dog uncomfortable.
  • Always look for signs indicating that your dog is feeling cold like weak, still, lethargic, anxiety or destructive behavior.


As we mentioned above that keeping your dog warm in the crate is tough as compared to the summer season. But practice makes a man perfect, so over time it will become your routine and you will feel easy to do this task.

Usually, cold and chilly weather conditions may cause respiration problems and other medical conditions to not only dogs but other animals too. Hypothermia is one of the most dangerous medical conditions. Moreover, there may be the possibility of viral infection when it is cold.

We tried to provide the complete information about simple tricks and tips about how to keep a dog warm in the crate. There would be quite a few challenges to face in winters but you can overcome those challenges by taking the above-mentioned measures to keep your beloved pet warm in the crate during chilly and cold winter.

At last, apart from the above measures, try to provide enough food and water to your pets in cold and dark weather. Keeping your dog full and well hydrated during winter is the best way to keep them warm, cozy and comfortable.