How to Stay Warm in a Golf Cart, 4 Key Ways

The beautiful game of golf is played all year round. People travel from different places at different times to enjoy the game. In winter, however, the temperature can be extremely low. And if one doesn’t take precautionary measure the cold might take the fun out of the game.

How to stay warm in a golf cart is a dilemma faced by many golfers, pro and amateurs alike. Keeping warm while out playing golf in the cold is important. The cold can make the body stiff, reduce flexibility and affect your general performance.

You may have heard of some golfers choose to heat their golf balls, all in a bid to stay warm.  and enjoy a bit of heat of the radiation. This method is wrong and the heat won’t last. Furthermore, it would end up destroying your golf ball.

Before drilling down into 4 key ways that golfers can stay warm in a golf cart, let’s look at some of the benefits that can be gotten from playing golf.

Some of the benefits of golfing include the following

  • Mental Clarity
  • An Opportunity to Socialise
  • Depression and Anxiety Relieving
  • Easy to Option for Keeping Fit
  • Helps Maintain Good Life Balance
  • Physical Fitness

As there are lots of great online resources further explaining the benefits of golf (1, 2, 3), the following tips will focus on how to help you stay warm in a golf cart.

Golf Cart Enclosure

This is definitely the best way to keep warm in a golf cart. Golf cart enclosures are designed to keep you from the worst of natures element – sun rays, rain, wind and freezing temperatures.

I found this 4 sided golf cart enclosure (link to Amazon) an intuitive option to have with you when out on the golf course

Standard golf cart enclosures come in different sizes and are available for two (2) passenger and four (4) passenger cart. A golf cart enclosure will keep you warm as long as you stay in the vehicle.

How to Stay Warm in a Golf Cart

If you get a decent golf cart enclosure then it should come with weather protected fabric that fits right on and should not shrink or stretch. A golf cart kitted with four-sided fabric walls will usually also have super-clear window material on all sides. This allows you to navigate the golf course safely without your vision obscured.

Most importantly, for easy access to your golf bag or golf clubs, there is a separate panel to the rear of the golf cart.

Golf Cart Heater

You can also purchase a golf cart heater. There are some highly-rated golf cart heaters (like these) but they sometimes prove so popular that they are rarely in stock.

They are small and are really easy to fit in your golf cart. It also runs on propane and would last you for a long time. A golf cart might not be a car but a golf cart heater is an important accessory especially if you use your cart frequently in winter.

Right Clothing

The easiest and least expensive way to keep warm in a golf cart in frigid temperatures is wearing the right clothes and dressing up in layers.

While it can definitely get quite cold out on the golf course, it will get worse when the cart begins to move. Wearing the right clothing would include using gloves, socks, a good jacket and other accessories that will keep you warm and not affect your game.

Extra Blankets

Another great idea for you to stay warm in a golf cart is to place extra blankest on the seat. This will help you keep the warmth in from the chair and any external heat source you might have in your cart. As an added advantage, it would give you a more comfortable ride.


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Final Thoughts on How to Stay Warm in a Golf Cart

In conclusion, you don’t want anything to hinder you from enjoying the game you love so much. It is advisable to park your golf cart in a warm and dry place when not in use. Also, make sure your golf cart is equipped with the latest accessories to make it convenient for adverse weather conditions.

Remember no investment is too much to enjoy your favourite game.


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