How To Stay Warm In Snow

As amazing a sight as snow is, when it hits the earth, most people seek ways to keep themselves and their household warm while indoors and outdoors.

So let’s have a look at a number of different ways that you can keep yourself and your family warm and comfortable when it is snowing.

Stay Indoors

This might seem pretty obvious but if you are outside your house, you are more exposed to snow than when you are inside. For this reason, if you can, you should stay indoors more than to keep warm.

If more of your daily activities are to be done outdoors, then you should make sure that you are well covered. In some cases, the num would be out after a night of snow. So while you benefit from the sun, you should also be aware that melting snow comes with its own risks as well.

If you are doing something as basic as taking a walk to a friend or neighbour’s house, make sure you increase your pace by walking quickly.

This will help to minimise the amount of time you spend in the snow. Your body is also able to generate some heat while you walk rapidly.


How To Stay Warm In Snow


Staying active through exercise is an awesome way of keeping warm as it helps your body to generate heat.

Exercise helps you to raise your body temperature, break a sweat, and burn fat. There are various workout activities you can involve yourself in that helps achieve this.

You can also get into the gym to do some helpful workouts.

Running up and down your staircase can also help. Jumping rope and jogging around your home are good options as well. They are good forms of exercise.

Even doing chores is something you can decide to do as it also comes with its own benefits.

Invest in a Good Rug

Buy good and quality rugs to cover the floors in your rooms as naked floors can make you get cold. It will serve as insulation and helps you to keep the heat indoors. I don’t know what it is with good rugs though, they just help to make you feel warm and comfortable.

Get Something Going in Your Kitchen

Cooking in the kitchen also has a way of contributing its part in keeping you warm in your house.

While cooking your food, the heat that is being released by your stove, oven, or electric cooker will find a way around most of the available space in your home.

Cooking your breakfast, lunch, and dinner indoor is better than visiting restaurants for your daily bread.

Eat Spicy Meals

The kind of food you eat also has a way of affecting your body temperature.

To feel warm, you should consider cooking and eating spicy food, as well as food cooked with chilli pepper. They have their ways of boosting your body temperature and keeping you warm. Hot drinks can also keep you warm from inside.


How To keep Warm In Snow

Keep Your Body Dry

It is important knowing that a wet body is not the best way to stay warm. So you should consider keeping yourself dry always to keep the cold away.

To stay warm in the snow, make sure you layer up with clothes that wick the perspiration off your body, as sweat can also make your body temperature drop.

Safe And Clean Water

Water still remains an important element that no one can live without. You should stay hydrated in the cold season when we have snow.

Drinking water helps your body system to sustain body heat.

Having sufficient water in your system helps you to keep warm at all times. Don’t underestimate the wonders that water can perform for you.

Look Out for Gaps that Cause Cold Air Draughts

One key thing to keep an eye out for is to make sure that no cold air draughts have access to your personal space. You should check all possible gaps underneath doors or by window sills. If you do notice that your windows are single panned, then you should maybe consider getting new ones to keep the cold out of your home.

You should check the rooms in your home like the doors, windows and the walls for any cracks or space that allow cold air filter through.

You can also get some thermal curtains to help you keep the heat indoors.

Buy Some Quality Boots

If you are outdoors, then at a basic level, your feet need to be kept warm. To do this, you need to purchase good and quality boots that have insulating features to help you fight cold.

They will prevent your feet from getting wet from snow.


how to keep hands warm in the snow

Invest in a Good Hat and hand gloves

Your head needs to be covered just like the rest of the body. If you don’t want to lose the heat from your head to the snow, you need to cover it with a good hat or a beanie.

You can also get a hat with a fur lining to keep you extra warm.

You should consider getting some waterproof hand gloves to cover your hands. These kinds of hand gloves will prevent your hands from getting wet and in turn, keep you warm in the snow.

Run a Warm Shower

Bathing with cold water will only increase how cold you are. To prevent that from happening, when you walk in from a day out in the snow, at the very least – run a warm shower. Better yet, take a warm bath to help you to keep warm.

Set Up a Fireplace

Not many homes have fireplaces any more but in some homes, they are making a comeback. Having a particular location in your home dedicated to a fireplace can help your home warm.

Ignite your fireplace, if you have one, and keep an eye on it if you have young kids in your household. Alternatively, if you don’t have a fireplace, you can get a portable electric fireplace. It’s a good substitute for a fireplace if you can’t set up one.