How To Stay Warm While Cycling In The Winter

Cycling in the winter can be daunting because of the cold. The thought of the snow, ice, rain, or freezing weather may discourage you from doing what you love, but there is no excuse to stop cycling during the winter even when the weather is not friendly – the trick is knowing what to do to keep warm.

It would be best if you did not hang up your bike at the first sign of winter. If you do, you will be missing out on some essential benefit, which includes burning more calories and learning how to use oxygen effectively.



It is a lot easier and fun to cycle in winter due to the improvements in clothing technology, ensuring a warm and safe ride regardless of the weather conditions.

Here Are Tips To Stay Warm Cycling In The Winter.

Dress Right

The right clothing selection is the key to keep warm while cycling. Layer clothing is essential for staying warm. The primary goal of a good layer is to keep you dry even as you sweat. Thin layers regulate your temperature and allow you to keep warm as you ride more than thick layers

A good base layer should be able to dry moisture, possess the properties to retain heat, and have wind-stopper fabrics to protect the body from cold wind and air. Investing in a good base layer is the best way to keep warm in the coldest days.

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Dress Mildly

When cycling in cold weather, you will wear a lot of thick clothes to correctly protect your body. While that is needful, you should keep it very mild and pure. The body produces a lot of heat and sweat when riding, so if you overdress, you will soon start sweating and then catch a cold, which can cause hypothermia.

Therefore, if your dressing makes you feel a little cold at the beginning, you will soon get warm as you ride.
Bring a spare Jacket.

A spare jacket can save you from an unexpected situation. A good layer can be adorable as you take a ride in the winter, but to be on a safer side, you need to add an extra jacket or windbreaker in case situations goes north. It will be of great help if you meet a sudden rainstorm or weather that turns out very cold.


Protect Your Extremities

Hands and feet are more susceptible to cold than other parts of the body due to VASOCONSTRICTION’s natural process. In this process, the body diverts the capillaries to the hands and feet, which will result in numbness. Use socks and overshoe to layer your feet while using a warm glove with silk liners to cover your hands.

If the cold is extreme, you should use two pairs each. Also, put tin foil on your toes before you wear your shoes. It helps to resist the wind and reflects heat to your feet.

Drink Warm Water.

You have to remain hydrated while cycling in winter. Sometimes you will never feel thirsty because of the cold weather, but you have to remember that your body is losing a lot of water through your head and skin as you ride.

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Make sure you drink as much as you can to make sure that you will never be dehydrated. During cold weather, you will likely pee always due to the constant removal of water by the Kidney. Never forget to ride with a bottle of water.

Make sure you consume a warm liquid that is in a well-insulated bottle or mug to remain warm. If you don’t have an insulated container as you ride, keep the bottle at the back jersey bag to avoid freezing.

Plan To Take A Mild Break.

Some ride may take up to one or more hours. Therefore, it is ideal you take a mid-break in a coffee shop and have a hot drink and warm up a bit. It will also be an opportunity to change some clothing and put on a new one.

Stopping by to take a break does not make you a weak rider; instead, it is more enjoyable to take a little break before you complete your journey. Do not take a break on the roadside to avoid the harsh weather catching up with you.

Do Not Ride On An Empty Stomach.

It would be best if you ate before cycling in the winter. It not only ensures you remain energetic, but the food will also help you keep warm when the weather is freezing. You also have to top up as you ride, so you need to pack extra with you.

Diet rich fruits, healthy vegetables, and fats will arm your immune system with strength as you cycle, so you should pack up a few nuts on your journey.

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Protect Your Eyes.

For a safe ride during the winter, you need sunglasses to protect your eyes from the wind and rain, except if you want your eyes to be red and inflamed. During winter, the wind and rain can make sight blur without eye protection, so you must protect your eyes with winter sunglasses. Some of the sunglasses offer the opportunity to switch lens when the sun is not out.

Protect Your Head

If your body must keep warm, your head also needs to be heated. At least thirty percent of the body’s heat goes out through the head due to the constant circulation of blood in that area. Depending on how severe the cold is different headgear can serve as protection to the head.

An aero helmet can serve as a heat retainer and also keeps the head dry. Ear warmers, neck warmers, and a synthetic skull cap fabric will do an excellent job keeping the entire head region dry and safe for a long winter ride.

Keeping warm as you ride through the harsh, cold winter is the key to ensure that you never stop exercising and always stay fit, enjoying what you do.