Ice in Front of Fan. Can You Cool a Room with Ice?

We know how it gets hot during the summer. That’s why we’re constantly looking for ways to cool ourselves and our environment. One of the easiest and most creative ways to do so is by using ice.

The hottest days of summer are the most challenging for homeowners. They may be tempted to crank up the air conditioner but that can lead to high energy bills and a reliance on fossil fuels. Luckily, there are some easy ways to stay cool without using any electricity or gas!

Luckily for us, this process is very easy and only needs a few readily available ingredients such as your fan, a bowl, and some ice. It’s also important to open windows when it’s not too hot out so you can get some fresh air circulating through your home – this will bring down indoor temperatures as well

Using Ice to Cool your Room

Do you live in a hot climate but do not have access to an air conditioning unit? Try using ice. Place the ice in front of a fan and enjoy some relief from the heat. The wind generated by the fan will help create cooler air, while evaporating any water on the ice and cooling down anything else near it!

To cool your room with ice, you’ll need to:

  1. Get a large bowl.
  2. Get some ice.
  3. Fill up the bowl with the ice.
  4. Place a fan (preferably non-oscillating) on the floor or any other wide flat surface e.g. table or counter.
  5. Position the fan so it blows towards the location you want to cool.
  6. Place the bowl of ice directly in front of the fan and put it on.
  7. Consider other supplementary methods of cooling a room with ice.

Ice is by its very nature cold and the only challenge is spreading its chill to combat the heat. Normally, a fan can only do so much because it circulates the air that is already present in your room. If it’s hot air you’ve got, it’ll be circulated. If it’s cool air you’ve got, it’ll also be circulated.

Therefore, using a fan will help circulate the cold air surrounding the ice. However, there are still more varying methods of keeping your room cool with ice that you may want to explore. To explore these methods and gain a more thorough understanding of the steps above, read on.

Get some ice

First and foremost, ice is the most important prerequisite for using this method. You may need as little as a few dozen cubes from an ice tray from your refrigerator at home or as much as a couple of ice bags from your local grocery store or supermarket.


Ice in Front of Fan. Can You Cool a Room with Ice?


The exact amount of ice you need depends on several factors such as:

  • Your room size: A larger room means you’ll need more ice to cool it down due to its larger volume.
  • Your room temperature: The hotter the room you’re trying to cool is, the greater the amount of ice you’ll need to reduce its temperature.
  • The type of ventilation in the room: If there is a lot of air escaping from the room, you’ll need more ice because it’ll melt faster while cooling the room. Otherwise, you’ll need less ice.
  • The temperature of air inflow: The temperature of the air flowing in, directly affects the room temperature. It is a major determinant of how much ice is needed. The higher the temperature of the air inflow the more ice is needed to cool the room for a sustained period.

Tips for Storing Your Ice

Also, it is important to note that when stocking up on ice you’ll need a way to store it. The best way to store your ice would be to use a freezer and this may not be an option if you own one that is filled with food.

In this situation, the most suitable alternative would be to get a cooler.

Also, never buy more ice than you can store. If you buy more bags of ice than you can store in your cooler or freezer, you’ll only end up wasting money as the ice will melt before you get the opportunity to make use of it.

Fill the Bowl with Ice

After you’ve figured out how much ice you’ll need for your room, you’ll now need to pour it into a large bowl. I recommend getting a large bowl that is wide and shallow. A great example of this is a large mixing bowl the type commonly used for making pastries. A large pot can also be an excellent alternative if you do not have any large bowls available to use.

Pro Tip: Lay a few towels down to prevent water from spilling onto the floor.

While the water will most likely not be more than the bowl can contain due to water expanding when solid (except you stack the ice very high in the bowl), placing a bowl of water on the floor still means it’s very likely it’ll get spilled. This becomes more of a concern if you have any household pets or energetic kids running around.

Place a Fan

Place a fan on the floor, preferably one that does not rotate. To maximize the distribution of cold air around the room, you need a stationary fan positioned exactly at the back of your ice-filled bowl. The best fan for this purpose is a fan that is low and not too high off the ground so that the blown air can contact with the ice and spread some of its coolness.

If your fan is too high and the air current does not come in direct contact with the ice, it will be harder to spread the coolness of the ice throughout the room.

If you are a science student you probably remember from your science classes that hot air rises and cold air remains at the bottom. This is known as convection. The cold air surrounding the ice is not going to rise to the level of a standing fan due to its higher density. This means the cold air will stay at the floor level around the bowl. This makes it important to have a fan that can pivot vertically so you can face it upwards.

If you buy a plain fan that cannot pivot and direct the air current upwards you’ll just end up spreading the cool air at a lower level only. This may be alright if you’re laying or sitting on the floor but won’t be comfortable if you’re on a bed or standing or sitting at a desk.

Direct the fan to the exact area you want to cool

Using ice to cool down a room might be a very economical way to survive a hot summer but it still isn’t a very effective workaround. If the room is spacious your ice will most likely not be enough to cool the entire room effectively so you have to prioritize the exact area in the room that you need to cool the most.


Ice in Front of Fan. Can You Cool a Room with Ice?


This should be a straightforward process and you should be able to easily determine the most important places to cool. You can aim the fan at the table if you’re in the dining. Alternatively, if you are in the living room watching TV, you could aim it at the couch, or if you’re trying to help your pet cool down or prevent overheating you could aim it at their dog bed or basket.

This is an intuitive step so I think you get the general idea by now. Pointing the fan towards the part of the room you need to cool the most is the most efficient way to use this method. Make sure to place the bowl of ice directly in front of the fan if you reposition it.

Put the bowl directly in front of the fan and turn it on

This step is really simple and should be common knowledge at this point but it’s still a very important step and has to be included. Once you have followed all the previous steps, positioned everything correctly, and filled the bowl with the correct amount of ice, you need to turn the fan on.

The major decision here is how fast you want the fan to be. Depending on your room size, you can use medium speed or the highest speed. If your room is small, you can probably run the fan on the lowest setting as long as you have enough ice, the cool air will spread around the room because it’s not very large and you might prefer a low speed because it makes less noise and consumes less electricity.

However, if your room is a larger one, you might want to use the fan at a higher speed. Your room might be comfortable enough with the fan at the medium setting but you might need to crank it up if it’s not cold enough.

Experiment with different speeds to determine the optimal speed Apart from the size of your room other factors like how cold you might want it to get determined which speed is best for you and you won’t know unless you give them all a try.

Refill your bowl of ice whenever it melts.

The most irksome part of this process might be the cycle of repeatedly filling up the bowl of ice each time the ice melts to maintain the room’s cool temperature. To simplify this process it will be best to fill a cooler with ice and put it directly beside your bowl and fan. This will make it easier for you as you won’t have to trek all the way to your freezer to refill the bowl.

You probably still have to head to the nearest sink to empty the water before refilling it with ice so it doesn’t overflow. That’s all you need to do to cool your room with only an ice bowl and a fan now we’ll discuss other varying ice-related cooling methods.

Extra Ice-related cooling methods

The method outlined above, using ice in a bowl and a fan might be the simplest way to cool your room but it is by no means the only way. Here are a few additional tips to cool your room with ice or to improve the cooling capability of the previous method.

1. Make sure your ceiling fan is rotating in a clockwise motion

If there’s a ceiling fan in your room you can take greater advantage of it by making sure it rotates in a clockwise motion. Ceiling fans are usually rotating in a counter-clockwise direction by default. This setting directs hot air downwards thereby creating a cooling sensation when the air hits your skin which many of us find to be very pleasant, but reversing the motion of your fan to the clockwise direction means the blades will draw air upwards.

The lower part of your room should presumably be cooler if you followed the precious instructions using the ice and the box fan. Using your ceiling fan will draw this cool air upwards and it will result in better distribution of the cool air which results in you having a cooler room. Some ceiling fans have a cord or switch that allows you to change the direction in which they rotate.


Ice in Front of Fan. Can You Cool a Room with Ice?


If you don’t know how exactly to change the direction of your fan, check the manual and if you do not have the manual try to identify your fan’s model and the maker then go online and search for a manual or how to switch that particular brand or models rotation direction.

2. Create a cross draft

A cross draft is a very effective way of cleaning your house and you can use it to improve the efficacy of your bowl of ice and fan combination.

this is also known as cross ventilation and works by replacing the hotter air with cooler air.

Air goes through a process known as convection and this means heat flows to a cooler area. Cross ventilation is only a viable option if the following requirements are met:

  • The room you are trying to cool should have two openings either two doors, two windows, or a door and a window.
  • The air outside your house or in the adjacent room is colder than the air inside your room or house.

Once these two conditions are satisfied you can then create a cross draft.

You need more than one fan for this method with one fan primarily being used to direct the air and the other being used to cool the air in conjunction with the bowl of ice.

If you’re using air from outside, determine the direction in which the breeze is blowing and place the fan to directly augment that flow. Next, place the bowl of ice cubes in front of that strong breeze then place the other fan in such a way that it blows air out of the other room you can use a door as an alternative to a window but if the door opens to another hot room, likely, you are just blowing hot air around.

This is especially effective if you can remove anything blocking the airflow between the two fans and remember that there will be a strong draft so make sure to secure any items or papers that will be blown around before turning on the fan.

3. Use ice packs

If you don’t have any ice readily available to you an ice pack is a really good alternative. Using an ice pack is especially comfortable if you may be out of the room and leave the ice on attended as it is contained within a park and can’t spill over and create a mess.

Hopefully, these tips have been useful and will provide you some relief on a hot summer day with justice, a fan, and a bowl. To summarize the key points of the article below once more, you need to get a wide bowl, some ice, and a fan. You need to sort out your preferred ice storage method. Then you place the fan on your table or counter. Position it so it blows towards the location you want to cool.

Place the bowl of ice directly in front of the fan and switch it on.

Final Thoughts

A cool room is the perfect way to stay refreshed and comfortable during a hot summer day.

So if you’re looking for a way to cool your home without turning on the air conditioning, try this easy trick. Fill up an ice tray with water and place it in front of a fan (at least two feet away). The evaporating water will create some natural cooling that is just as effective as AC!

This cheap alternative can be used at any time during the day or night. It also doesn’t produce any fumes or noise like conventional A/C units do when they run. If you’re not sure how well this works, give it a shot – we guarantee you’ll love it!