9 Cheap Ways to Keep Basement Warm in Winter

If you are wondering how to keep your basement warm in winter, what you don’t want to do is to spend thousands on a new heating system. And the idea of being cold all day doesn’t sound appealing either. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to solve the problem without breaking the bank.

Here are nine ways you can keep the basement warm in winter for little money. And they will help ensure that your home is comfortable when it’s cold outside, so you won’t have to spend every day wrapped up in a blanket.

9 Ways To Keep Your Basement Warm This Winter: 

1) Install insulation – Insulation can help trap heat in the room which will make it more comfortable.

Insulation is one of the most important things when it comes to keeping your home warm during winter. If you have a finished basement then make sure that you are using all of your windows properly by closing them at night when it’s cold outside.

In order for an unfinished basement to stay warm in winter make sure that there is enough insulation around the exterior perimeter or foundation wall where no windows are present.

2) Run a space heater – Space heaters are great for small spaces because they use less energy than an entire house would need. This means that you can keep the space heater on for a few hours and still be warm.

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It’s not recommended to run it all day though because it will use up too much energy, so just turn it on when you are ready to be warm.

A space heater with a thermostat is also a good idea because it will automatically turn off when the room reaches a certain temperature. That way if you forget to turn it off your basement won’t get too hot and waste energy.

3) Add extra blankets – If you already have insulation but your room is still chilly then adding extra blankets is a good idea. You can also put them on your bed as well to keep yourself nice and warm (and cosy) all winter long.

Inspect your doorway as well to see if there are gaps beneath your door. These can let the heat escape your room. If you see that there’s a gap then try to block it with an old blanket or towel. Door excluders are also good and a neater option for blocking gaps.

4) Install an electric fireplace – An electric fireplace is great for those who want the ambience that having a fireplace brings, but without needing to actually think too hard about installing pipework.

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An electric fireplace can be a good choice for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of installing a regular fireplace.

If you’re not keen on giving up your warmth then an electric fireplace could be perfect for you because you won’t have to give up any extra space or energy just to keep warm.

5) Make sure you’re eating right – A lot of times people who are cold are not actually dealing with a room that’s too cold, they’re just not eating enough calories. This is because the body will try to conserve extra heat when it is underfed.

The best thing to do if you’re not eating enough is to up your calorie intake which will keep you warm this winter. There are lots of ways that you can easily bump up your calories for the day without having to eat much more food.

6) Replace single glazed windows – If you have single glazed windows then it might be a good idea to replace them with double or triple glazed windows. This will create an insulating barrier between the cold air outside and your warm room inside.

Keeping the existing heat indoors is also a lot easier if you have better-glazed windows. The insulation method will trap the heat inside your house, which is helpful for anyone wanting to keep their home warm in winter.

7) Install thermal window coverings – If you don’t want to change up all of your windows, but still want to keep your room warmer during wintertime, you can install thermal window coverings.

There are lots of different coverings that you can get depending on what type of room you want to be warmer (bathroom for instance).

This will save money in the long run because single glazed windows cost less than double or triple glazed ones. It’s also better for the environment because you’re not using up more energy than you need to just be warm.

8) Run a dehumidifier – if your basement is overly humid then it will feel colder than it should. The reason for this is that water in the air absorbs heat which makes the room colder. So by running a dehumidifier you can lower the humidity of the room and thus increase its warmth.

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Dehumidifiers are useful year-round but they’re especially helpful during colder months when you want a warm home. They’ll decrease how often you have to run a heater so it will save some money on energy bills as well as making your basement warm enough that you won’t need to run it so often.

9) Install Carpets and thick Underlay – Installing carpets is a good way to keep your feet warm as well as lock in some heat. Carpeting also helps insulate you from the cold floor so it will help you stay warmer longer.

If you have a bare floor then it’s going to be much colder than if you put carpet or rugs on top of it because it will serve as an insulating barrier from the ground.

Putting down carpets and rugs also help to keep heat in a room if you have a tile or hardwood floor.

This is because the carpet will lock in some of the warmth from your body and keep it inside

Another good way to insulate yourself from the cold floor is with a thick underlay. Thick underlays are great for locking in heat and keeping you warm during wintertime. It’s also possible to get underlays that have soundproofing qualities, which is a bonus for anyone that wants to keep their living rooms quiet.