Best Plug In Thermostats For Electric Heaters

When it comes to making use of an electric heater for your home, there’s an essential item that greatly affects and improves the performance, control and general enjoyment of any type of electric heater in your home. This essential item is a plug-in thermostat, which serves as a useful and handy tool that easily enhances any user’s use of any type of electric heater.

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With that in mind, you should know that the usefulness of a plug-in thermostat is the energy it lets you save, as well as the extra control it gives you when making use of your electric heater. However, it doesn’t end there, as there are a lot of useful and easy to access features a plug-in thermostat allows you.

For one, with a good plug-in thermostat, you would be able to control the temperature your electric heater is to emit, and also the duration of cooling or heating. Additionally, a good plug-in thermostat is designed to be easily used, especially since you don’t need to program then you get the benefits. However, some really good plug-in thermostats are designed to be programmable, therefore, you can set your electric heating differently and in any way you prefer for any day of the week. 

In light of all the beneficial functions you get when you pair your electric heaters with a plug-in thermostat, it is easy to see why they are in popular demand in today’s market. However, because they are in such high demand, there are a lot of options available when it comes to plug-in thermostats.

Although generally, the high availability of plug-in thermostats is a good thing, as it leads to competitive prices which ultimately translates to affordable prices, and also you get a host of top tier products available to you, but an issue still arises from so many options being available. This issue is the fact that the market will also be flooded with low grade or poorly made plug-in thermostats, in which, finding a good or rather the best plug-in thermostat becomes unnecessarily difficult.

To help with that issue is what this article is for, to showcase our research into the best plug-in thermostats currently available. Therefore, highlighted below in no particular order is the result of said research, five of the best plug-in thermostat you can get this year. 

Best Five Plug-in Thermostats

Elektrobock TS05 Plug-in Thermostat

To start off the list is the Elektrobock plug-in thermostat, which is a perfect temperature-dependent plug-in thermostat that suits any type of heater, from infrared heaters to convection heaters and most especially electric heaters.

Elektrobock Plug-in Thermostat
This thermostat socket comes is easy to use to regulate a variety of heating systems (Infrared Heaters, convector heaters and electric heaters)

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First of all, you should note that this plug-in thermostat is temperature-dependent or temperature-activated, therefore, it is designed for various types of heating as a response to drop-in temperature, by letting current pass.

The Elektrobock plug-in thermostat weighs 200 grams and is designed with dimensions of 3.99 x 5.79 x 14.5 inches. Now, the features that this thermostat has are perfectly suited to give you extra comfort with an electric heater. An example of its various features is the manual temperature adjustments it allows the user, as well as the anti-frost function it is equipped with.

Elektrobock, Plug Thermostat TS05, Thermostat Infrared Heating.


Apart from that, another great feature that sets this thermostat from the rest is the amazing level of control the user gets over the heating temperature, whereby, one gets to effortlessly maintain their ideal room temperature. Additionally, the preceding function allows you to save energy and ensures you maintain your ideal temperature with minimal power usage.

Also, when it comes to temperature measurement, the Elektrobock plug-in thermostat is very accurate and precise. Furthermore, this plug-in thermostat is made easy to use, especially since there’s no installation to be done and you simply need to plug it into a power outlet.

Now you should be aware of the thermostat’s temperature range is from 3°C (37°F) to 40°C (104°F), and also, that this thermostat makes use of no batteries. 


  • Really easy to use. 
  • Saves Energy.


  • Tends to mark or display a couple of degrees below the actual temperature. 

Inkbird ITC-308EU Digital Plug-in Thermostat

Another great plug-in thermostat that can suitably pair with any all-electric heating device is the Inkbird digital plug-in thermostat. Now as the name suggests, this thermostat is a digital thermostat which is equipped with an array of different functions for electric and other various types of heating devices.

One of which is the digital temperature monitor for heating mats, as well as other heating devices. However, apart from that, it is equipped with various other features that make it suitable for fans and other types of electric heaters. An example of such a feature is the amazing temperature control range it has, which goes from -50°C to 99°C and when coupled with this plug-in thermostat incredible level of temperature accuracy, the level heating control it grants the user is top tier.

Inkbird ITC-308 WiFi Thermostat Digital Temperature Controller Smart Thermostat with Wireless Alarm for Cooling Heating Control Homebrewing Greenhouse Hydroponics Reptile Vivarium Incubation

This plug-in thermostat also comes with a waterproof NTC sensor probe has its temperature sensor for better precision and accuracy. You should also know that the Inkbird thermostat weighs about 399 gram and comes in dimensions of 5.5 x 2.7 x 1.3 inches. This thermostat with its robust nature is still extremely easy to set up and install, and also very easy to utilise.

In all, with this thermostat, you are assured amazing temperature control, as well as consistent and accurate temperature reading and measurement. 


  • As precise as you can get when it comes to plugin thermostats
  • This thermostat is easy to install


  • WIFI temperature controller only works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. An update to 5GHz would be great.

Elixir Plug-in Thermostat

Another fantastic plug-in thermostat that makes it to this list is the Elixir plug-in thermostat which has amazing features for all heaters, as well as for humidifiers. Now, the Elixir plug-in thermostat also doubles as a digital humidistat. This gives it automatic control over humidifiers and dehumidifiers, so one can easily control and maintain the humidity of a room.

Elixir Plug-in Thermostat
This plug-in thermostat will stop and start your electric heater as the temperature rises and falls. It is ideal to be used with tube heaters, oil-filled heaters, convection heaters and electric radiator heaters.

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This doesn’t mean that the Elixir thermostat isn’t a suitable pair for your electric heaters, rather, it perfectly acts as a wonderful thermostat for any electric heaters ranging from fans to electric radiators. The reason for this is in the amazing features it has to ensure that fact, one of which is how it helps the user spend less money on energy bills by ensuring proper energy regulation and efficient energy use.

Now, this thermostat achieves such efficient energy use by powering the connected electric heater on or off in order to maintain the ideal temperature that has been set by the user. This leads to the fact that you will always have suitable and maintained control over your heating or cooling with this plug-in thermostat.


Elixir Gardens ® Plug in Analogue Thermostat Controller Heating Cooling

Another aspect you should know about this thermostat is that it is extremely easy to use, especially when all you need do is simply plug it into the socket, plug the electric heater into the thermostat, set your desired temperature and that’s it.

Apart from that, some specifics you should know about this thermostat is that its temperature range is from 15°C (59°F) to 40°C (104°F) and that it comes in dimensions 12 x 6 x 4.5 inches. Also, this thermostat is a bit on the expensive side compared to other plug-in thermostats available. 


  • It is a very energy-efficient solution to use with electric heaters
  • Will ultimately save you money on your monthly energy bills. 


  • Not to be used overnight if possible.

Lowenergie Wireless Digital Plug-in Thermostat

The next plug-in thermostat on this list is a wireless thermostat that emphasises saving energy and maintaining the user’s ideal heat. However, before we fully get into the features of this thermostat, you, first of all, need to know that this is a wireless thermostat, meaning it comprises two components.

Lowenergie Wireless Digital Plug-in Thermostat
  • Allows for weekday programme and separate Saturday & Sunday programmes
  • 4 periods to each daily programme

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These two components are the usual plug in the socket unit and a remote control unit, by which you get automatic control over your electric heating. The automatic control you get with this thermostat is obviously thanks to the remote control which uses radio frequency communication to allow you to control the temperature from anywhere within your house.

Also, as earlier stated, this thermostat emphasises maintaining your ideal heat, as well as saving you energy, and how it does it, is by automatically turning your electric heater off and turning it back on as the ambient temperature changes. By virtue of that feature, you are assured comfortable and maintained heat as well as a lesser energy bill at the end of the month.

It is worth noting that this plug-in thermostat doesn’t require any installation and it is also equipped with high/low temperate alarm. You should note that this thermostat comes with an obvious battery requirement the remote control, however, it doesn’t come with batteries.


  • It is very accurate
  • You can use it in so many different areas as it comes with incredible levels of temperature control.


  • The green display backlight can be too bright for certain people and it can sometimes be a bit temperamental.

Nashone Wireless Plug-in thermostat

To bring the list to an end is the Nashone wireless plug-in thermostat which by now you should have similar qualities to the Lowenergie wireless thermostat already talked about above. Now, from the similarity of both thermostats being wireless, it means they also share coming with dual components of a remote control unit, as well as a standard plug-in the socket unit.

Nashone Wireless Plug-in Thermostat
This plug-in thermostat comes with a built-in temperature sensor. Ambient temperature can automatically be detected by the remote controller.

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When it comes to quality or high-level features, the Nashone wireless thermostat seems somewhat to surpass the Lowenergie thermostat. In that regard, the first feature you should take note of concerns the remote control which also utilizes a radio frequency, but of higher quality, as it utilises a 2.4g wireless radiofrequency. Naturally, with the remote control, you can easily and comfortably control your heating, measuring and adjusting it as you like.

There are some extra tweaks to the Nashone remote control, one of which is the ability to detect the ambient temperature automatically and then the thermostat adjusts how necessary. The other tweak is the multi-channel ability, whereby, one remote control can control multi heaters in different rooms, by sending a signal to the plugin socket and pairing with it, ensuring it isn’t affected by other remote controls.


NASHONE Wireless Thermostat RF Plug Digital Temperature Controller with Heating and Cooling Mode. Remote Control-Built in Temperature Sensor. 3680W


Apart from the remote control features, there are other features that place the Nashone thermostat on this list. The first of which is its incredible way of saving energy, whereby, it is equipped with a powerful and amazing programming ability that is sure to help you save at least 30% on your energy consumption.

The programming feature of this thermostat lets you program time and temperature for days or weeks in whatever combinations that suit you. Another feature of this thermostat worthy of noting is the temperature measurement. Usually, the thermostat plug which measures temperature is often too close to the heater and because of this, the measured temperature may be affected by the heater or by its own heating when utilising it.

However, this problem is solved with this thermostat, as it is the remote control that measures temperature and it does so accurately. 


  • It provides amazing control over your heating.
  • Accurately measures and maintains your ideal or desired temperature. 


  • Poor battery life, hence, you may have to change the batteries regularly.
  • It has a rather poor user interface. 

Final Thoughts

From the details given on the plug-in thermostat chosen to be on the list, you would clearly see each of them possess amazing and incredible features that pair perfectly with an electric heater. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you try any one of them out in pairing and to improve your use of your fan, electric radiator or any other type of electric heater there is.

Also, you should be able to clearly glean from the details above that a deciding factor when it comes to plug-in thermostats is how well they can help the user save energy and money ordinarily expended on electricity bills, as well as how best the plug-in thermostat can help in maintaining the user’s ideal or desired temperature for their room or home. Therefore, if you opt to get a different plug-in thermostat, you should consider those two factors when buying the thermostat of your choice.