Best Small Downstairs Toilet Radiators You Can Buy?

There is nothing worse than stepping out of a hot shower and into a freezing bathroom or waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom which is cold and icy.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Small downstairs towel radiators often come in many shapes or sizes. Heated towel rails, electric towel rails, chrome heated towel rails. Some of the key features you need to look out for when buying one is the space saving required in your downstairs toilet.

This often determines if a flat panel radiator or a double panel radiator will be required.

Below is a list of 5 small radiators that will fit your bathroom and keep them warm and toasty ready for use. Finding a radiator small enough to fit your bathroom can be tricky. Often in bathrooms, the wall space is limited due to showers, baths, cupboards, surfaces and sinks.

We have taken this into account when selecting these small bathroom radiators for you and found you 5 ideal options for you small downstairs bathrooms.


WarmeHaus Designer Bathroom Ladder Radiator

The chrome effect will be the first thing you notice about this bathroom radiator. It will make your bathroom gleam and shine, whilst adding an elegant finish to your room. The WarmeHaus Designer Bathroom Ladder Radiator will look amazing on a white wall, just as much as a black coloured wall – tiles or no tiles.

It should also be noted that the chrome finish is durable and lasting, maintaining the elegant and high-quality finish this product has on your bathroom.

WarmeHaus Designer Bathroom Flat Panel Heated...
  • Heat output 797 BTU
  • Number of bars: 7 (3+4) 350mm Pipe Centres

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This radiator is ideal for a small downstairs bathroom, measured at 650 mm by 400 mm. This is quite small and therefore perfect for you guest or small downstairs bathroom. It is pictured being close to the ground, as well as being attached halfway up the wall, showing its ability to be diverse and to fit any small room wherever there is space.

The WarmeHaus Designer Bathroom Ladder Radiator produces a heat output of 797 BTU which is more than capable to heat a small bathroom.

This radiator has 7 ladder bars in total, split into a group of 3 at the top and 4 at the bottom, providing ample space to also heat towels. The pipe centres are measured at 350 mm.

The WarmeHaus Designer Bathroom Ladder Radiator comes with a 10 year ‘fit and forget’ guarantee showing the manufacturer’s faith in the high quality of the product, as well as helping to create peace of mind for you.

The product comes with a fixing pack including plugs and verts. So, there is no need to buy any of those extra parts! However, it is recommended by the manufacturer that you ask a qualified plumber to install this item.


NRG White Column Designer Radiator

This radiator offers a different style than the WarmeHaus Designer Bathroom Ladder Radiator with the heated bars positioned vertically. Whilst this does eliminate the possibility of heating towels on this radiator, the product gives a sophisticated, clean and angular look to the room.

This contemporary design of the 6 vertical white bars will definitely look great with any interior.

NRG 600x408 mm White Column Designer Radiator...
  • All radiators come with manufacturer-leading 15 year guarantee.
  • Modern manufactured finish process makes radiators elegant looking.

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It is measured at 600 mm by 408 mm however there are many other measurements available including those that are single or double designs.

The product weight is 8 kg which shows that it is sturdy enough to be durable but not so heavy that it will cause damage to the wall it is fixed to. Please note that it may be better to get an expert plumber to fix this product to ensure its high quality can be maintained.

This radiator tops the WarmeHaus Designer Bathroom Ladder Radiator by also providing a 15-year guarantee on it, again helping you to feel secure in your purchase.

The brackets and fixings are included when purchasing the product however the values are no, which is worth noting. The NRG White Column Designer Radiator can be used on all UK heating systems (tank systems or combi systems).

The NRG White Column Designer Radiator has been tested under high hydraulic pressures to ensure lack of permeability and increased durability. Furthermore, the triple-layered finish will exceed 200 hours of neutral acid salt spray testing, enhancing its product life.


Anthracite Horizontal Column Designer Radiator

Much like the NRG White Column Designer Radiator, this radiator has vertical panels – this time in the colour of ‘sand grey’ – making another elegant option for your small downstairs bathroom. The high-quality powder coat finish will last for a very long time as well as allowing the radiator to transmit heat effectively.

The measurements, again, are 600 mm by 408 mm making this product easy to fit into any small space in your bathroom. The Anthracite Horizontal Column Designer Radiator has 6 vertical bars which are flat panels.

650 x 400 mm Anthracite Horizontal Column Designer...
  • -Contemporary style, fit any kinds of modern interior design
  • -650 x 400mm Low carbon steel, high quality anthracite finish,BTU Rating: 1211

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The Anthracite Horizontal Column Designer Radiator has a heat output of 1308, which is the highest so far of the explored small downstairs bathroom radiators – meaning it will be able to heat your bathroom faster.

This radiator is ideal for your bathroom! It is suitable for any heating system in the UK, as well as being suitable for any water quality. Made of corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistance and bold thick low carbon 1.5 mm thick premium steel, the Anthracite Horizontal Column Designer Radiator is very durable, making it have a long product life.

The Anthracite Horizontal Column Designer Radiator is lightweight as only 8 kg, which ensures an easy installation process. The radiator comes with ‘easy home’ assembly however the heating element in this product does not come pre-installed and therefore will require fitting and filling with water.

This product also comes with a 10-year guarantee due to the faith the designer has in its durability and to give you the security and peace of mind of a high-quality product.


Sunhouse SHTTH2 Low Energy Tubular Heater

This heater is of a different design to the radiators above. It comes as a tubular heater (comes with mounting brackets for fixing to the wall) rather than steel plates.

The Sunhouse SHTTH2 Low Energy Tubular Heater also comes with a thermostat allowing you to adjust the heat of the bathroom and power output accordingly – the heater will then switch on and off as necessary to help maintain your desired temperature.

Sunhouse (Dimplex Group) SHTTH2 Tubular Heater, 80...
  • 80W tubular heater including wall mounting brackets
  • Built in thermostat

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The adjustable thermostat is situated on the end of the tube-shaped header as a small dial. It is advised that the heater should be set to the maximum setting in order to reach the constant temperature of the room. At its lowest heat, the heater will provide protection against frosts.

The heater measures approximately 2 feet in length or 713 mm in total length. This heater is fed by corded electricity, therefore all you need to make it work is a socket for it to be plugged into!

The Sunhouse SHTTH2 Low Energy Tubular Heater is splashproof to IPX4 standard, making it ideal for bathroom use. Its weight of just 880g makes installation with the provided mounting brackets easy to do yourself, without the need for a specialist.

This heater’s ability to use less energy will help you to save energy and therefore save money on your bills. Its wattage is just 80 watts. However, as an energy-saving heater, it is designed for the continuous operation and production of low-level heat output. Despite this, the Sunhouse SHTTH2 Low Energy Tubular Heater will be able to reach your desired temperatures within a few minutes of turning on.


Hylite Slimline Eco Tubular Heater

Much like the Sunhouse SHTTH2 Low Energy Tubular Heater, the Hylite Slimline Eco Tubular Heater is a white tube-shaped heater that fits the wall with 2 brackets. Its white colouring makes it able to blend into many bathroom interiors with ease.

The heater is fed via corded electric so make sure you have a plug or some way of connecting this heater to the electricity in your home, wherever you may want to attach it.

Hylite Slimline Eco 750mm 90w Tubular Heater White...
  • With Built-In Thermostat to Maximise Efficiency and Reduce Bills
  • Helps Prevent Dampness, Mould, Mildew, Condensation and Freezing

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The cable is 1.5 metres long, so you have room for adjustment of the heater’s location. The plug is a standard 3 pin 13 amps CE approved plug.

The Hylite Slimline Eco Tubular Heater has a built-in thermostat to help control and regulate the temperature of your small downstairs bathroom. Furthermore, it will help reduce the amount of energy you are heating the room too up multiple times by keeping it at a constant temperature, therefore reducing your energy bills too.

This heater can help to prevent dampness, mould, mildew, condensation and freezing. It does this by maintaining a gentle and constant heat which keeps air pockets in your bathroom well aired. What more could you want??

The Hylite Slimline Eco Tubular Heater has a weatherproof rating of IP44 and therefore splashproof – so you can feel at ease with putting this tubular heater in your bathroom.

This heater comes with both floor standing parts, and wall brackets requiting only 1 screw, meaning you can decide where you want to put it based on the unique layout of your bathroom.

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Small Downstairs Toilet Radiator

One of the annoying things with the space you get with a downstairs toilet is how cold it can get so quickly. Underfloor heating is ideally the best option to get for the space you have. Stainless steel column radiators or vertical radiators are usually the next best option.

A small slimline radiator or narrow radiators are the best option for small toilets underneath a staircase. Any of the toilet radiators on the list above will work well for the space you have.

So take your pick!