How To Stay Warm In A Football Game

Playing and watching a football game can be fun and a little bit of a difficult task due to the cold weather. So how do you stay warm in a football game? Because the cold should not prevent you from watching your favourite team or making your fans excited.

As the chillier months of the year advances, there is a need to be aware of some secrets to keep you warm all through the playoffs both as fans cheering your favourite team and as a player in the pitch, making your fans happy and proud.

You should ideally plan ahead, so that irrespective of how long you spend in the cold, you stay warm.


How To Stay Warm In A Football Game

Ways To Stay Warm In A Football Game

There is no doubt that choosing the proper outfit to wear is essential. So what you should be looking at is getting the correct gear for the entire body based on the temperature to keep you fit and warm.

Choosing The Proper Outfit

The gear should be well suited for the hands, head, feet, and body. This is why a knit cap is worn to keep the ears and head warm at the sidelines or during friendly warmup sessions.

The nature of the construction of most stadiums accounts for their extreme frigid conditions. Most stadium seats are metal. The chances are metal seats will make sure you don’t enjoy the game during freezing weather by making the places very cold and unbearable. At times like this, you will need to take a blanket to keep the seat warm and wrap up your feet.

Wearing multiple layers is no doubt very necessary to survive the cold. The first layer closest to the skin must comprise materials that have excellent wicking properties. It must be able to wick away moisture from the skin, to help you avoid drops in your body temperature.

The next layer should include elements such as fleece, wool, or any thick material to help create warmth. Other layers could be a sweatshirt or waterproof jackets, and then your favourite team jersey can go on top of that. A pair of jeans and leg warmers can also go a long way to keep you warm, fit, and happy as you cheer your favourite team to victory.


How To Stay Warm In A Football Game


It is also important to remember that you should not overdo things.

It is easier and cheaper to remove some layers and pull off your jacket when you are feeling warm because you will be standing up and jumping around to cheer your team than catching a cold and going to get a jacket from your team store to keep yourself warm.

The perfect way to keep warm in a football game is to wear a proper outfit. Some of these outfits should serve as the right gear to cover your extremities and keep the cold off you.


Keep Your Hands Warm

To keep your hands warm, you must wear special gloves to prevent the sides from getting numb and keep you fit to play safely in the cold. While choosing a glove, make sure it is not too tight. Tight gloves break off circulation, thereby making it difficult for your hands to stay warm.

Failure to bring comfortable gloves or hand warmers to hold your warm hand while on the sidelines or the fans zone may deny you the fun of the game as you are likely to spend the time trying to keep your hands warm. Surgical gloves can be an add on if standard gloves and handwarmer are not doing a great job. Meanwhile, doubling the gloves will be twice as effective.

To keep the body warm, you need to wear a compression shirt under your team jersey, which will help prevent cold from getting into your body and keep your temperature intact. The main reason for the compression shirt is to keep the body warm throughout the football game regardless of how extreme the cold is.

Pay Attention To Your Feet

Your feet is another area that you need to pay attention to because it they can be highly susceptible to cold. Doubling your socks can be a great way to keep warm. Also, you need to choose the right fabric. Thick socks do a better job of keeping your feet warm than other regular socks.

You can even get yourself these heated rechargeable socks, if you are looking for a pair that will keep your feet extra toasty.

To keep your head warm, just wearing a beanie or hat will work a treat. The beanie should be worn, especially during the warm-up or practice session.

If you are not one of those playing, then the chances are you will probably feel a lot colder, so the sensible thing to do will be to move your body regularly to keep increasing your body temperature.

Warm-up Exercises

Warm-up exercises are an excellent way of keeping the players fit. Warm muscles absorb shock, better cold muscles, which are prone to injuries. Body temperature and increased circulation can be achieved through warm-up exercises. If you are on the sidelines, you can consider joining in.


keeping Warm In A Football Game

Right Diet

Eating right and picking the right diet can be a great way to remain warm throughout the entire game. Where you can’t, then keep yourself warm with hot chocolate, coffee, hot dogs, and other calories to keep your temperature up.

Another option is to keep yourself hydrated with warm water.

Vaseline Can Do Wonders

A traditional and old trick to keep warm during a football game is to go with a jar of pure petroleum Vaseline jelly. Vaseline can help keep the wind off by providing a heating response to the skin. This is mainly used by some veterans who may want to opt for not wearing sleeves outdoors.

Using Vaseline might sound ridiculous, but it has proven to be a highly effective way to keep warm, especially for players or fans who want to look tough.

Vaseline will also do a great job if you suffer a lot from cold feet and hands. At best, it provides warmth to the hands and feet without lessening skin function.

You must plan ahead for the worst the weather has to offer.

When games are played in the early morning hours, the cold is more severe. So you must come along with extra cloth to cover up for any unforeseen circumstances like rain, snow, and harsh wind.

Sometimes the weather can be aggressive, or the weather forecast may be wrong as nature will decide to take another course, extra clothing can save you from catching a cold and falling sick.