How To Stay Warm While Camping In A Tent

Staying warm seems to be a huge problem for many campers and this might threaten their camping trip. To enjoy every bit of your camping journey, you need the right information that will equip you with all you need to stay safe, comfortable, and warm throughout your stay in the camp.

This article is going to be ideal for you to help with the best experience while camping in a tent.

Staying Warm In Your Tent when Outdoor Camping

Let’s have a look at some of the different ways that you can stay warm and cosy in your tent even at night during the cold weather.

Be Smart With The Weather Condition

Before you set out on your camping trip, it’s highly advisable you check the weather conditions and hazards. This will prepare you mentally and physically for what is ahead of you.

Some of the key things you should keep an eye on include the following:

  • Extreme temperature.
  • Approaching weather system.
  • Weather trend for the season.
  • Any changes in terrain and similar hazards.

Having all these things at your disposal will give you the opportunity to plan ahead and plan big, so as to have the best camping experience.


Choose Your Campsite Wisely

Choose Your Campsite Wisely

In order for you to stay warm and cosy in your camp, you need to be mindful of where you pitch your tent. You have to pitch your tent in an area that is suitable and won’t expose you to cold.

In choosing your campsite, you have to consider the following:

  • Don’t camp in a plain valley as that area is exposed to cold and water.
  • Pitch your tent in a sheltered area such as trees, bushes, walls so as to help you to reduce wind.
  • Pitch your tent in a warmer area.

Choosing the right site to pitch your tent goes a long way to make you stay warm and comfortable.

Clean And Clear Your Campsite

Snow is another obstacle that can stop you from keeping warm if you don’t manage it well.

To stay warm, you need to clear any traces of snow away from your campsite. You want to avoid areas where snow is collected together because if you do, there’s a high chance that it will filter through your tent or just turn into ice beneath where you’re sleeping.

Coldproof Your Tent

The key to properly keeping warm is to know and understand how to coldproof your tent. You need to get an all-weather tent that will shield you against cold. You should not ideally sleep alone in a tent that is designed to occupy more than two people.

If you have no option than to sleep alone, you should look to take the following measures:

  • Fill all the empty space in your tent with your garments, property, or equipment. It goes without saying that any empty void in your tent is not just empty but occupied with cold.
  • Insulate your tent with tent rugs or carpets to shield you from the cold that comes out from the floor.

Dress Smartly To Beat Cold

Feed Your Body

Your body can regulate its own temperature if you feed it and nourish it properly.

Prior to your camping trip, you should feed your body with a large amount of healthy fat and protein so that it can perform efficiently. Take meals that are very rich in calories before going to bed as this will help your body to generate the needed heat to keep you warm.

Dress Smart To Beat Cold

What you wear also has its own vital role to play in keeping you warm if you put on the right clothing. You need warm clothes such as the following;

  • Flannel
  • Long johns
  • Heavy socks
  • Wool clothes
  • Long underwear

You should not be among one of those happy campers who go on a camping trip with inadequate clothes.


Making fire at your campground is another fantastic way to stay warm.

If the camp rules don’t go against igniting a fire, you can make one. The key thing is to keep an eye out for other tents and where they are located, so you can light your fire away from it. You should also make sure you keep an eye on the campfire to prevent a fire outbreak.

Before going to bed, you should also make sure that you put out the fire completely.

Leverage On Physical Exercise

Another thing you can do to stay warm while outdoor camping is to engage in exercise. It will make you mentally and physically active and also keep you warm.

You can engage in the following exercises that won’t cost you anything fortune:

  • Jumping up and down.
  • Skipping with a jump rope.
  • Taking a short walk.

And other forms of exercise you can think of can also be of help to you in keeping you warm and cosy.

Rocks Are Awesome

One of the more unorthodox ways to keep warm in your tent is by using some rocks.

Why rocks?

They retain heat for a very long period of time when heated over a fire. Get yourself some rocks or stones and heat them up, just make sure they are not too hot to handle.

Get some unsused towels and wrap the stones in it. Find a place in your tent and place it there. They will provide you with some heat to keep you warm while you sleep.


Choose Your Campsite Wisely

Pee When Necessary

Holding your urine in your bladder, just because you don’t want to go outside your tent to avoid exposing yourself to cold will not work. You will still end up feeling cold because your body system will be forced to burn calories to help you keep the urine warm.

When nature calls at midnight, it is in your best interest to go. You have the option to urinate without exiting your tent by getting yourself a urinal bottle that is designed for that purpose.

Before You Go To Bed

Before going to bed, you should change out of your day clothes.


Without a doubt, as night falls you would have spent the day involved in activities that would have made you sweat. This sweat on you can make you feel cold when you try to put your head down.

This is why you have to put on very dry and fresh clothing to bed to keep you warm.

Two’s Company

If you have a sleeping bag that will fit two people, then you should probably share it with your camping partner. Research shows (1) that the thermal contact when two bodies meet helps to generate heat. If you share your sleeping bag with your partner, it will help you both to stay warm for an extended period of time.

Hopefully, you are able to pick up some tips from here to help you along in your journey to a camping trip full of fun with no cold worries on your mind.