Best Ultraheat Triple Radiators Review

Radiators are often described as heat exchangers. They are often used in vehicles and buildings in transferring thermal energy from one level to another or to heat up. At a very basic level, radiators can act as a source of heat to its environment

There are numerous designs of triple panel radiators available in the market today which makes it hard to choose the one that best suits your need. Therefore in this article, we shall go through aspects that you will need to consider when selecting the best triple radiator for your home.

I shall also be answering some of the frequently asked questions regarding how to change triple radiators, how you can bleed them as well as when you should flush them.

Let’s first have a look at the best triple radiators on the market

Here are some of the best triple radiators available in the market today;

Elegant Traditional Horizontal Column Cast Iron Style Radiator

The beautiful Elegant three column horizontal radiator comes in trendy anthracite grey. It helps to add warmth, luxury and a sleek traditional style to any room of your home.

Top Pick

ELEGANT Radiators 600 x 1177 mm Traditional Column...
  • Traditional triple column radiator
  • Pressure tested to 10 bar / maximum working pressure 6 bar

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This triple column radiator is designed to work effortlessly with every type of central heating system, this powerful period style model produces a terrific heat output and comes with a 20-year guarantee on account of its superb quality.

It has 26 horizontal triple columns and is built using 1.5mm thick steel for guaranteed quality. Tested and certified BS EN 442 standards it comes supplied with wall fixings, wall plugs and a bleed plug.


  • Durable
  • Efficient heat output
  • Dependable
  • Great BTU rating


  • If you plan on fitting it to the floor then additional floor mounting fixings will be required.

Utopia Traditional Mild Steel Triple Panel Column Vertical Radiator

If you are looking for a high quality radiator with an anthracite powder coat finish, then this vertical triple column radiator is the one for you. You can create a stand-out traditional look and save space with the Utopia vertical triple column radiator.

Budget Pick

The Bath People 82073 Utopia Traditional Mild...
  • 🔥 Stylish Triple Panel Vertical Radiator
  • 🔥 Includes Fittings & Brackets

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This beautifully designed column radiator comes in a variety of sizes making it suitable for any space. If your plan is to floor mount it, then there’s also the option to add the floor-mounting feet.


  • Available in many sizes
  • Easy to fit
  • Long-lasting and durable


  • It is a heavy piece of kit, so additional help is often required to get it into the allocated space

300 x 830 mm Traditional Column Radiators Horizontal Triple Panel Cast Iron Central Heating Rads

300 x 830 mm Traditional Column Radiators...
  • BTU Rating: 2000-2500
  • Traditional triple panel column radiator

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As with most traditional triple radiators, this come featuring a high BTU rating of 2000 to 2500 giving it a great heat output capability.

If you are looking for a radiator with a great sleek finish, then this is one of the best. The traditional column radiator features a high-quality white powder coating which gives it its distinctive look.

This triple radiator is super durable; it was designed to surpass 48 hours of neutral acid salt spraying test. It is also certified as being leak proof since it passed the entire essential leak test.

The maximum working pressure of this triple radiator in six bar with a pressure tested to 10 bar.

This traditional column triple radiator has received plenty of positive reviews due to its great performance and high heat output. The radiator has a trendy design and a high quality build.


  • Ideal for all central heating systems
  • Durable
  • Sleek finish makes it highly versatile
  • Leakproof


  • The coating of this radiator is not highly durable despite giving it a great look.

ELEGAN 1500 x 376 mm Traditional Radiator Vertical Triple Cast Iron Column Radiators

ELEGAN 1500 x 376 mm Traditional Radiator Vertical...
  • Traditional triple column radiator
  • Pressure tested to 10 bar / maximum working pressure 6 bar

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The Elegant traditional triple radiator is equipped with a BTU rating of between 5000 and 5500, making it great for big rooms due to its high heat output efficiency.

For the perfect stunning look, this traditional triple radiator is coated with white powder.

This traditional radiator is pressure tested to 10 bars, and its maximum working pressure is 6 bars. For enhanced durability, this traditional triple radiator is constructed from low carbon steel.

The price of this radiator indicates its quality. This triple radiator offers great performance, and it has received plenty of positive reviews from customers.


  • Leakproof
  • Highly durable
  • Perfect for big rooms
  • Ample heat output.


  • This radiator is at the top end of the market so checking for good deals is always in your interest.

How to Choose the Best Triple Radiators for You

When it comes to purchasing a triple radiator, there are some few aspects you need to consider.

Here are some key aspects you will need to consider;

1. BTU rating and heat output

When looking for a wall-mounted radiator, BTU rating and heat output become essential. Choosing the appropriate BTU rating for a radiator will end up creating a prestigious living condition and minimise energy wastage. If you want to save money, having the correct BTU rating is the way to go.

With the right BTU rating, you will be able to purchase the right size radiator without having to purchase an extra-large or smaller radiator for your home.

If you are looking for great heat output, then having a large radiator with great BTU rating is what you should be looking for. Your options might be to choose between a large horizontal radiator and large vertical radiator. This will however depend on your room layout as well as your preference.

Some of the typical radiator designs with great heat output are;

  • Aluminium radiators
  • Convector radiators
  • Designer radiators
  • Cast iron radiators
  • Column radiators

If heat output is essential and you are more concerned about substance over style, then you should check out the aluminium radiators available.

These radiators offer one of the greatest heat output, and the aluminium material allows an efficient heat transfer from the radiator to the room.

2. Best radiator size

As previously mentioned, the size of a radiator will often determine the heat output that it can deliver. So when looking at the best radiator size for great heat output, how large your room is will often play a huge factor.

In most cases, a large radiator is not often practical for small rooms such as bathrooms, small kitchens, cloakrooms and ensuites. In instances like this, having a much smaller radiator is recommended.

If what you are looking for is a slim radiator to fit within your budget, then 120mm to 300mm will be appropriate. The great thing about slim radiators is that you can opt for a tall one to vertically fit the space in the room. If you are able to do this, then getting a tall radiator is vital since it will produce more heat when compared to short, slim radiators.

If you are looking for a radiator between a small and medium-size then a 300mm to 400mm radiator will work best. In this category, you will be able to find a wider range of vertical radiators and having a tall one will also provide you with ample heat output. You should bear in mind that aluminium radiators are a more efficient choice, which comes in handy as the radiator sizes increase.

A medium-size radiator is often considered to be 500mm. If you are looking for exceptionally high heat output, then this size of a radiator will be perfect for you. 560mm radiator is considered to be one of the most effective and popular in this category.

3. Best radiator for a room

You should always ask yourself which room you would like to install the radiator in prior to making any purchase. Radiators differ in terms of rooms they are designed for therefore choosing the one that best suits your preferred room will be essential.

Here are things you should consider when choosing a radiator for a specific room;

  • Living room – It can be a bit tricky when choosing a radiator for your living room; this is because the living room is one of the most comfortable places at home. Living rooms are often also designed to be one of the most lavish rooms. So choosing a radiator that provides warmth while maintaining the lavish design of your home is critical. Since most living rooms are of a decent size, having a radiator with a BTU of 5000 or higher will be appropriate. If you want something that has a sleek design, then a flat panel radiator with horizontal or vertical alignment will be perfect.
  • Bedroom – You can heat your bedroom in a number of different ways. The key thing, if you have no central heating and you want to save money, will be to consider getting a convector radiator is worth considering. These radiators might not be stylish, but they have great performance, and they are perfect for rooms where radiators can be hidden from sight. Alternatively, if you would like to just own a trendier radiator for your bedroom, a vertical radiator with mirrors is great. These radiators offer exceptional designs, comfort and heat at the same time. 1000 to 3000 BTU rating radiators are perfect form small and medium-size bedrooms.
  • Bathroom – Heated towel rails are perfect for bathrooms if you are looking for a radiator that offers warmth and also has great style. Bathroom radiators come in various designs for you to choose from; these radiators will give your bathroom a sleek look. Furthermore, these radiators can stand in as towel dryers making each shower or bath perfect with a warm towel. They can also be used to store towels when not in use. These radiators look great when wall mounted.
  • Kitchen – If a kitchen has inadequate heating, like a bathroom, it can be quite cold. This obviously changes when cooking but all those times when you’re not cooking, your kitchen can be quite cold. Vertical and horizontal designer radiators are considered to be perfect for kitchens. These radiators have not only great heat output but also trendy designs for the kitchen area. If you have a small kitchen, then a triple panel slim radiator or a type 11 convertor radiators will be perfect.

4. Radiator material

When it comes to deciding on the best radiator material, this will often depend on what the radiator will be used for. For a traditional radiator, the best material will be cast iron. Radiators made from cast iron as highly durable and have great heat output making them versatile in your home.

For a modern radiator, aluminium is considered to be the best material this is due to their excellent ability to transfer heat from the radiator to the room. Furthermore, these radiators are stylish and look sleek in any room in your home. Its shiny surface makes it ideal for a small room since it creates an illusion of more space.

Bleeding your radiator

Bleeding is when air gets trapped in a radiator. It over builds up over time and prevents your radiator from operating as recommended. A small amount of air gets into the central heating system each time water flows through the heating system. This air will then collect at the radiator’s top, preventing it from filling with warm water and subsequently reducing the heating capability.

Bleeding your radiator regularly is essential.

Getting rid of the trapped air will improve how well your radiator functions. When bleeding your radiator, you should ensure that your heating is turned off to prevent getting scalded during the process.

You then need to use a radiator bleeding key when working on a modern radiator.

When unscrewing the radiator valve, it’ll be wise to have a cloth ready to help catch drips. Once opened, you will hear a hissing sound and the trapped air will escape. All you then have to do is to close the valve when all the air has been let out.

Flushing your radiators

Flushing a radiator is an activity that is often carried out by gas heating experts. The process involves cleaning all the radiators connected to the home heating system and getting rid of the sludge that might have built up over time. Flushing is essential, and it will help improve how your radiator functions. It will also save you the cost of a complete overhaul of your radiators.

Final verdict

By going through this article, you will clearly understand what you should consider when choosing a triple radiator, and you will maintain it. As we conclude this article, we hope that will help you choose a radiator that best suits your need.