Wall Mounted Oil-Filled Radiators, See the Best 5 Choices

Over the last 5 years in the UK, statistics on record show that temperatures in the autumn to winter months have averaged between 4.3 and 9.5 degrees Celsius.

Not bad if you’re a Nordic, used to living in cold climates but if you prefer a sunny beach to Icelandic slopes then some additional heating will not go amiss.

So what do you do when the weather is, not cold enough to switch on your central heating but not warm enough to completely go without?

As is often the case, sometimes you need an additional source of heating to either keep you warm where central heating is not available or to boost your standard central heating system if necessary.

While there are many ways to do this job, space heaters and oil filled electric radiators are often mentioned as two good options for heating up your home at a reduced cost.

I have organised the following list of the best wall mounted oil-filled radiator heaters for your convenience to help you decide on the right one for you.

Additionally, all the described brands and models possess safety features like tip-over protection, overheat protection and temperature drop detection sensors to give you full peace of mind.

Best Wall-Mounted Oil-Filled Radiators:

1. Warmehaus Oil-Filled Electric Wall Radiator Heater 2000W

This is a light flat heater filled with ecological oil and comes in snow-white colour.

WarmeHaus Oil Filled Electric Radiator...
  • Slimline contemporary design wall mounted electric radiator
  • Fast and efficient heat distribution

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This is the top model on this list due to its lightweight, ecological oil, and equipped with over-heat protection.

Additionally, there is an LCD of the thermostat to observe the parameters.

This wall-mounted heater is perfect to use in small apartment houses, smaller offices, hospitals, nurseries, schools and other small enclosed areas where maintenance of cleanliness and warmth is required.


  • This oil-filled heater is quiet and odour-free. It provides pleasant micro-climate without the air over-drying or dust burning.
  • The heater is a perfect choice to use in children’s rooms, classrooms, smaller offices, and hospital rooms.
  • Over-heating protection sensor is built-in to ensure the turning off the heater in any unwanted situation.
  • The oil-filled in the heater is ecological and does not produce any harmful gases while warming up space.
  • The heater has a slimline contemporary design to directly attach a wall.
  • LCD thermostat is easy to control with soft-touch buttons and the heater has 5 heat settings to acquire the temperature according to your needs.

2. Futura Oil Filled Panel Radiator

This oil-filled radiator ensures the space of your room remains cosy, comfortable and warm with a sleek and stylish look.

FUTURA 600W Oil Filled Electric Radiator Panel...
  • ADVANCED: Contains special mineral thermal fluid with high heat retention which heats up quickly but cools down slowly....
  • SAVE: Lower energy costs with a highly accurate digital 24/7 programmable daily and weekly thermostat and timer.3 Heat...

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The heater is extremely safe to sue with ecological oil, tip-over protection, overheating protection features.

The compact design of the Futura heater allows it to reduce the energy cost by increasing the surface area using compact fins.

The oil within this radiator is thermally-conductive that heats up quickly but cools down slowly giving you more heat for a longer time. This radiator is controlled by a built-in easy to use thermostat.

Once you set the temperature, the heater can provide you with warm air up to 24-hours with a programmable timer.

Main Features:

  • This stylish and sleek design radiator with 600W output is ideal for tight spaces to fit against the walls snugly. It will look great in your room or workplace with its stylish look.
  • The heater is equipped with all safety features like tip-over protection, over-heating protection to shut it down in case of a bad situation or when reaches the desired temperature. This is a safer product if you have children or pets around you.
  • The oil-filled is thermally-conductive to retain heat for a longer period as well as the compact fin design allows the heater to heat the room quickly and maintain the temperature for a long time.
  • The control panel is simple and easy to operate thermostat allows you to set your desired temperature.
  • The heater comes with castor wheels and is light weight if you want to move it from one place to another.

3. De’Longhi 0250065053 Fivy Oil-Filled Electric Heater 1000W

De’Longhi is the name of trust in the field of home appliances. They make fine and quality designer products.

De'Longhi 0250095051 Fivy Oil Filled Electric...
  • Quality designer electric radiators by De'Longhi. Curved design allows a better hot airflow. Child secure, low surface...
  • Touch remote control included with 5 different settings. Remote control unit stored magnetically to the front panel...

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This Fivy is a new electric oil-filled wall-mounted heater with a power output of 1000W.

The heater body has a curved design to ensure the hot air flow in all directions.

Fivy is the best choice to install in the children’s room as it is a child secure and low surface temperature to avoid burns. The heater is easy to control with remote control, panel, and d5 heat settings.

Main Features:

  • The heater is filled with fluid oil to preserve the heat for a longer time as well as the oil is ecological.
  • It has a child safety function which lowers the surface temperature along with low energy costs.
  • The heater can be operated by a wireless remote control that is stored magnetically at the front of the panel.
  • The heater is equipped with a curved aluminium panel that warms up the air quicker and efficiently.
  • The heater is fitted with a pilot wire to enable automation from an alternative room thermostat.
  • Its comfort 5 heat settings allow you to get your desired temperature with reduced energy costs.

4. Cozytek Panel Heater

The Cozytek panel heater is designed to be used as a wall-mounted or freestanding radiator, coming with a very flat and stylish look.

Cozytek Electric Heater for Home Low Energy 400W...
  • The electric wall heater is safe for any bathroom, rated IP24 splash proof (Check with your electrician if you have...
  • Energy efficient electric heater with 2 heat settings 200W & 400W & room temperature auto shut-off to help you save...

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There is a small LED screen on the right top corner of the heater. This is the single electric oil-filled radiator heater in our list that is safer to use in the bathroom.

It is important to remember that it is splash-proof not waterproof. The temperature range of the radiator is from 5c to 35c with an adjustable thermostat.

A built-in sensor is available to shut off the heater if it detects the temperature going less than 5 degrees.

Main Features:

  • The Cozytek panel heater is a safer option to use in bathrooms due to its splash-proof design but it must be installed by a qualified electrician.
  • The programmable built-in timer is available to fix the 24hr/7days heating schedule with three modes, comfort mode, economy mode, and frost-free mode according to your lifestyle.
  • The auto-open window detection sensor immediately shuts off the heater if it detects a sudden drop in temperature.
  • The thermostat is accurate up to half degrees calculation. This electric convector heater will automatically on or off to maintain your set temperature saving your money or heating bills.

5. Celsius Flat Panel Oil-Filled Wall-Mounted/Freestanding Radiator

The Celsius features classic styling. This electric oil-filled radiator ensures to blend right into the environment.

Celsius Oil Filled Panel Radiator, Wall Mounted,...
  • Top quality WiFi Oil-Filled Electric Radiator, Portable, With Wall Brackets. Style / Type: traditional panel heater....
  • Features: Timer, digital thermostat, on/off switch, open window recognition, overheat protection, IP20 (not suitable for...

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The radiator comes with wall brackets and portable feet benefiting you the versatility of the radiator. It has an adjustable thermostat, on/off switch, and an operating indicator.

You can enjoy fast, efficient heating from this silent oil-filled panel heater. There are no fans or turbulent air movement resulting in annoying noise.

Its new model has a built-in timer and thermostat to set the temperature level. a digital control panel is built into the side of the radiator and it is easy to use.

Main Features:

  • This is a top-quality oil-filled electric radiator wall-mounted heater with wall-brackets and portable. It can be used as a freestanding radiator in enclosed areas like office, bedroom, classroom, etc.
  • The heater use convection and radiant heat to provide you cosy, warmth and peaceful environment for a longer period. the oil filled in the heater is ecological and can retain the heat for a longer time.
  • The heater comes with a durable, stylish, long-lasting design and featured with a built-in timer for a 24/7 heating schedule.
  • This 1000W powerful heater is slimline to install directly against a wall with its wall bracket system.
  • Its electric thermostat, overheat protection and on/off switch allow you to use it with full peace of mind.

Oil-filled heaters are ideal secondary heat sources for lounges, bedrooms or other rooms needing efficient heating.

Electric radiators are the easiest way to warm up a cold room quickly. With their versatility, brought to you by having the option to use radiator wall-mounted or as a portable heat source.

From the above list, it is really difficult picking out the best model because each one is ideal to be used in different situations. As a result, all the best oil filled radiator models with the best user rating, availability and advanced options are listed.

It has just been a case of giving you a precise preview of some of the best models in wall mounted Oil-Filled radiators for your particular needs.

How do Wall Mounted Oil-Filled Radiators work?

Oil-filled radiators are a common form of convection heaters for domestic use – not to be confused with electric radiators, storage heaters or infrared heaters. They come with in-built thermal oil, which is heated up using a submerged electrical element inside it.

The electrical heating element is fully covered up with thermal oil. When the electrical element is heated up, it, in turn, heats up the thermal oil – which heats up the room.

From this perspective, using oil filled radiator is similar to using your central heating system. They both rely on a contained internal liquid heating up the external surface to heat a room.

The main difference is in the way the liquid is heated. While oil filled radiators use their internal electrical heating component to heat up the liquid, radiators on a central heating system rely on an external boiler to heat the liquid externally.

In effect, a central heating system cannot work in isolation and needs radiators, pipes and a boiler to heat water to warm up a house.

Oil-filled radiators, on the other hand, can work in isolation as long as there’s a power source to heat up the internal element.

Wall Mounted Oil-Filled Radiator

As the name suggests, wall mounted oil-filled radiators are often installed directly on walls. A common use of the wall heaters is in studio apartments, bedrooms, smaller offices or other small confined areas.

It’s a suitable thing to keep warm the smaller apartments, offices or bedrooms. So, wall mounted oil-filled heaters are the best choice to install in your small personal space to get a cosy, warm and comfortable environment.

You should naturally want to choose a heater that is powerful enough to heat the space in your home or office that you have in mind.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oil filled radiators

The great thing about oil filled radiators is that they now come in many different designs and serve many different purposes.

It can be a practical, accessible option to have when your central heating system needs a rest or suddenly breaks down. Then again, it can also be a good looking, stylish wall mounted vertical designer option with a timer and home automation built into it.

Oil-filled radiators are energy efficient when compared to their counterparts as the thermal oil retains the heat for a longer period.

The wall-mounted option in radiators is also a safer and more stylish design to send the warm air in all directions inside a single area. It is also a safer product if you have children or pets around you.

Despite the wide range of gel filled electric radiators in the marketplace, the common denominator among them is that they’re all popular, well-liked solutions for heating your home.

Below are some of the main advantages of owning oil filled heaters, as well as the known disadvantages that come with them.

Aesthetics is a matter of individual taste, but it is a factor that needs to be considered when purchasing the radiator for home, office or any other place.

Main Advantages

1. Decent Thermal Retention

Irrespective of the type of oil filled radiator you decide on, they are all manufactured using the same basic heating principle. The radiators heat up an engineered thermal liquid or oil within the external housing, transferring heat into the room and warming the surrounding air.

Heating up a mass of thermal liquid does take a bit longer than it would heat a wire element, but the oil in these radiators also comes with additional benefits that are often overlooked.

Oil-filled radiators are great at retaining heat so less electrical energy is required to you’re your room temperature at the right level. So, long after you switch them off on the wall, these radiators will continue to gently radiate heat and keep you warm because the fluid inside is designed to cool slowly.

With that said, their longer heat-up times do not sit well with everyone – if you are someone that needs heat quickly, then you should consider getting a dry thermal radiator like the Haverland RC Wave instead.

2. Lower Running Costs

The upside to having thermal oil and its heat retention abilities means that your electric radiators will be more energy-efficient and subsequently lead to a reduction in your bills.

If you decide on getting a fixed radiator that comes with a timer and advanced digital programming, then you can further reduce your bills by planning a heating schedule for each space in your home.

Timing controls are built into each unit so you have the option to come up with a specific heating routine for each room, subject to how often they are used on a daily basis.

There are many wall-mounted oil-filled radiators also come with precision digital thermostats – many of which are accurate to within 0.2 or 0.5 °C – which prevents your space from being overheated.

By having such accurate thermostats on each radiator, as opposed to a single thermostat for your whole central heating system, gives you more direct control over how much energy you use to heat your home.

The heat retention ability of thermal oil coupled with accurate digital thermostats help make oil-filled radiators very cost-effective as a home heating solution.

3. Wall Mounted and Portable Solutions

Many people are mistaken in believing their only heating options are portable heaters or larger fixed radiators that constitute a whole-home heating system. This is where oil-filled electric radiators shine bright.

As they are great heating solutions for everyone, whether you just want a backup heater for emergencies or an energy-efficient system you can rely on daily.

It is worth noting that the portable heating models have simple controls compared to their fixed counterparts, they can be moved from room to room if necessary and they’re still excellent for on-demand warmth.

By comparison, noisy fan heaters can be inefficient and can also give off an unpleasant smell as fluff burns against their exposed elements. Oil-filled radiators, on the other hand, create a lasting, comfortable warmth that can be enjoyed over longer periods.

It is often as easy as wheeling them out whenever the weather drops and plugging them in for effective secondary source of heat.

Freestanding oil-free radiators are superb solutions if you need a portable source of warmth and are available in a range of wattages, both with or without a basic 24-hour timer function.

For homes where central heating systems are erratic and always need a dependable back up option, then products like the Haverland Designer TT are great as they can be fully programmed on a weekly basis allowing you plan your heating around your lifestyle and not the other way around.

Main Disadvantages

  • Oil-filled radiators can sometimes a bit of time to heat up and are not a solution for getting instant heat. In some cases, they can take between 10 and 20 minutes to get to their optimal temperature.
  • Oil filled radiators can be heavy to move from room to room. The thermal oil and external steel housing can make it difficult to move around.
  • The heat circulation can take time to get around the room, as unlike fan heaters that blow out hot air, oil-filled radiators slowly spread out the heat from its location in the room.