What To Wear To The Horse Race When It Is Cold

Before you choose any clothes to wear to a horse race when it’s cold, make sure it’s something you feel comfortable in. Whenever you decide to attend or you are invited to a horse race, the first item of clothing that you should know you really need that day is a coat; that very long and thick winter coat of yours. If you don’t have this, you really need to get it before the D-day.

Dressing for a horse race can be tricky for some people especially when it is during the cold season. You want to be kept so warm while also exuding the traditional requirement in any of such race; elegance. Funny enough, you need some very easy-enough preparation to achieve this seemingly great feat.

It is important to note that your hands and feet will also need protection as well. You’ll be standing around on your feet a lot as well, while constantly clapping or waving.

By the time you get to the end of this article, you wouldn’t have to choose between fashion and etiquette or warmth anymore when you can have all, through simple styling techniques on offer. There will also be suggestions on the best rated options available to you.

Fabrics that will keep You Warm

Sometimes, it is not the number of clothes you wear but the material the clothing is made of that makes you warm. Having just one wool piece of clothing could be equivalent to having 5 items made out of cotton.

Below is are just a few of these fabrics that will keep you warm:

Wool or Wool Blends

Looking for the perfect choice for a horse race during cold weather? Then search no further because wool or wool-blend fabric is what you are looking for.

With wool, you really don’t need to bother about layering (that is, combining different fabrics) because it is heavier than most fabrics combined together.

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Jackets aren’t needed most times if the wool dress or top is long-sleeved. But one needs to be mindful of wearing wool during certain horse races especially if it is a fundraising horse race meant for animals. You really don’t want to create a negative impression at the event. Right?

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If you don’t want solid wool, you can go for the best next alternative; Tweed. Tweed is a rough, woollen fabric, of a soft, open, flexible texture, resembling cheviot or homespun, but more closely woven.

You don’t have to go for the traditional brown and equestrian-inspired hues. You can stand out in pink or cream with metallic threads running through the layers during winter races and have everyone concentrating on you instead of the race.

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Since Tweed is woollen in nature, it serves the purpose wool does which is to provide warmth for you.

Faux Fur

If wearing something made from animals is a no-no for you, faux fur is what you need to keep warm and be elegant. Whether it is an added accessory such as a shawl or muff, faux fur keeps the cold out.

Cashmere wool

Though expensive, Cashmere keeps you all warm and cosy while adding elegance to your overall look. It keeps you even eight times warmer than just wool does.

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Look beyond a dress

Ladies! You don’t always have to wear a dress to every horse race you go to. Try changing this ritual of yours by wearing a jumpsuit. The idea is chic and new. Jumpsuits tend to keep your lower body warm than a dress would.

Look beyond sweaters

Sweaters happen to be the most popular choice for men during the cold season. But you don’t have to go for the most popular choice, go for something elegant and warm. Like blazers, wool suits.

Weather and colour

For every weather, there is a colour. Bright colours are ideal for sunny seasons while dark colours are for days when the sun refuses to rise.

But the good thing about the days when the sun sets mostly is that you can wear clothes meant for when the sun rises too. Two options for a day. Wear clothes with colours like the deep ocean blue, romantically rich raspberry and succulent olive green.

Work with colours you are comfortable in and most importantly, make sure the shape and style complement whatever colour you choose.

Layering lessons

Surprisingly, no extra effort is needed while picking out what to layer what you wear with. The good thing is that, eventually, you would have achieved a warm and elegant look.

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The best jacket for the event

Blazers don’t only look good on men; they do on females too. Wool coat is a great choice for both sexes. But ladies should be mindful of jackets that don’t come with their dresses. It is very important to choose what complements the outfit, while not stealing attention from the dress itself.

While the ladies have to go for matching jackets, men would look great in jackets and trousers with different colours. Imagine wearing a royal blue on cream/white and stealing everyone’s breath away.


Because Pashmina is a type of cashmere wool, it can be very expensive. But if you want to do more than standing, I mean standing out, then money should be spent to get this for the horse race. Pashmina helps add more warmth. When tying your Pashmina, think outside the box and try as much as possible not to let all that Cashmere goes unnoticeable.

Let your Pashmina draw people’s attention by ditching the normal tie style or winter woof scarf style. Go for elegance!

Shirts and Ties

Men should go for shirts with timeless colors such as blue, grey and white. Timeless colours help keep everything neutral while making you stand out still.

If in doubt, go for bright clothes. You can never go wrong with a tie and pocket square. Play with colours to strike out the boring look.

More warmth? Get Gloves!

There is nothing weird about a man in gloves. Gloves add extra sexiness to your look. Most especially, leather gloves!

And for the ladies, leather or satin would look good on those soft hands. So, don’t avoid making a statement with some nice gloves.

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Do you really want to go for plain shoes?

Shoe choice for ladies

High heels are a no-no from this side during times like this. You would be standing for long hours and high heels aren’t the best choice for long period stands. You really want to go for flats that cover your ankles and sometimes, part of your legs.

If at all you want to buy new shoes for the occasion, make sure you try them on and walk in them before the occasion. You don’t want your fall to be the object of attraction that day. Your shoes should be elegant and promise you warmth.

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Strappy closed-toe shoes

Even your toes need to be protected from the cold so as to prevent frostbites that can make you feel so uncomfortable. Using pointed, closed-toe shoes make you look all elegant and chic while adding more cushion to your feet so you can stand for as long as you want.

Lace booties to the rescue!

As much as booties seem safe, avoid anything leather, weekend booties because they will steal the femininity from your dress. Go for lace booties with pointed toes and slender stilettos that will keep your legs beautiful and warm.


If you are going for a maxi dress, you can keep warm by using high knee socks that are sure to show off your legs. I would advise you to be safe and go for neutral colours like black and grey if you are white and white and grey if you are black.

High knee socks with flower patterns are not really advisable if you want to achieve the chic and elegant look. You want to stand out and not blend in, go for colours that don’t match that of your shoes. You can be extra by matching your gloves with your socks. You need smart shoes. Not trainers but shoes. Let your shoes match the rest of your outfit. I heard a pair of plain black or brown Oxford’s or Derbies would go well with a suit.

If you are going for different colours of jacket and trousers, a pair of Brogues or smart Suede shoes will do you good.

Don’t forget your socks

You can go for socks with the same pattern as your tie or just go for neutral colours like black, white, grey if you are scared of mixing colours. But you can be colour bold by going for bright colours too.


The choice of a headpiece is where you can get creative. Headpiece, hat, and fascinator can be used during any season. The right headpiece is just what you need to complete the whole look.

A driving cap will look good on men and women. Especially women in jumpsuits.

Fascinators add a fascinating look to your outfit. Hats will look good on both sexes.

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You can decide to add accessories such as bracelets, chains, wristwatches, brooches, cufflinks, tie links. With this I believe you can have the best experience at the event regardless of the weather.