What Heaters Are Safe To Leave On Overnight?

Nothing really comes close to sleeping in a warm toasty room when it’s cold in the winter. In some instances however, some homes are not furnished with a central heating system that can be powered all night.

This might be because you are in a shared home and no other people like the heating on, or even live in a home where the landlord has access to the heating system and switches it off every night. To help get some individual warmth in rooms, inhabitants of these kind of houses might need to get space heaters.

The key thing is, are these heaters safe to leave on overnight?

Although engineers, over the years, have significantly improved the safety measures in space heaters, the consensus remains that it is advisable to switch off your space heater before you completely fall asleep.

This is because most heaters are still considered as potential fire hazards.

Alternatively, you can get one of these highly rated timer switch plugs. These can be set to automatically switch off any electrical devices connected to them.

Consequently, if it isn’t safe to use space heaters throughout the night, then the next thing you might ask is if there are some space heaters that can be used overnight or left unattended to for long periods. A host of new space heaters can actually be left without supervision for a long period of time as a result of the safety features that were designed to discover operating temperatures and conditions that are unsafe.

One of these features is overheat protection that will shut off the heater in the event that the temperature reaches levels that are unsafe. Another innovative feature of these heaters is the tip-over protection that will turn off the heater as soon as it has been accidentally knocked over.

Even though these features are really good, we highly recommend that you put the heater in a place that has limited foot traffic or where children will not be able to reach it.

In that light, let’s look at some of the heaters that you can use overnight.


  1. Delonghi EW7707CM Oil Filled Safe Heater

Standout features: Anti-freeze settings, thermal cut off, cool to touch, adjustable thermostat.

Delonghi Oil Filled Heater
  • LOWER ENERGY BILLS: By heating only the room you’re in, you can lower your household thermostat and lower your energy...
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Only De’Longhi has patented Smart Snap pre-assembled wheels that require no assembly and make it...

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This device is delivered already assembled and its size is relatively large. Its design is also quite lovely and it is mounted on a 4-wheel caster that has been specially patented. It will need no assembly and also helps users easily move the device around the house.

These heaters are generally larger than those mica panel types. It is also simpler to clean and even though they are capable of being used in areas with high humidity, they actually attain full temperature more slowly than these mice types. The DeLonghi heater has been created with a precise thermostat that ensures the room remains at a certain temperature that will be selected by the user.

Its thermostat is very quiet and it also comes with a mode referred to as ‘comfortemp’ which was specially designed. With this mode, the device will automatically determine the temperature of a room and accordingly adjust its output level so as to balance it, all in the hope of providing a proper comfort area.

This device was created to be efficient, tough, portable and silent. It doesn’t dampen, dry out or pollute the atmosphere, neither does it pose that much of a fire risk like a lot of other heater types. This ensures that it can safely operate close to furniture, curtains and walls – something that a lot of the other heaters aren’t really capable of doing. However, we’ll advice you not to try this. Better safe than sorry.

This heater does an amazing job in providing heat to a 300 square feet room and also in 12 × 12 rooms devoid of insulation. All you will have to do is press the comfortemp button while it completes the rest – which is warming up the entire room while saving the user a few bucks.



  • It has an adjustable thermostat.
  • It comes with anti-freeze feature.
  • Timer that helps to regulate the temperature.



  • It is mainly recommended to be used in small to medium-sized rooms.


  1. Pelonis Electric 1500W Portable Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater

Standout features: Caster wheels, remote control, digital thermostat, digital LCD screen, etc.

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When you consider its performance and quality, you’ll come to find that this portable space heater has been created to be a very competent machine to heat a room for long periods. It has a very slender design that will enable its placement in tight spaces anywhere in the home. This slender design and the fact that the space heater comes with caster wheels undoubtedly improves its portability and mobility.

It also comes with most of the modern features that are usually associated with heaters. It has a digital display that is placed at the top part, this display is also an LCD screen that shows the temperature levels. It also comes with a programmable thermostat that enables users to select the preferred levels of heat they want their respective spaces to be.

As a result of the heating element employed, a lot of heaters tend to use much electricity. However, this particular heater doesn’t belong to this category. It was designed with several considerations put in place that will ensure that this device will be able to save energy. It is also quite handy to use this device as it comes with a remote control that affords the user a lot of comfort and flexibility while the heater is being used.

Due to the dangers of overheating and fire outbreak that accompanies virtually any heating device, an overheating safety feature was designed for this heater. With this safety feature, the heater will immediately switch off when it starts to approach overheating temperatures. Also, the heater’s tip-over safety feature will ensure that it switches off in the event that the heater is mistakenly knocked over.

Another really great feature of this heater is its timer. With this, users will be able to set the machine to be functional for a period of one to ten hours. This particular feature comes handy – especially for the users that don’t have time to regularly monitor the unit.

One downside to this unit is that it can’t really serve large rooms, with it only being able to cover approximately 165sqft. This product also has a manufacturer’s warranty of one year, which is not bad for its quality and price.



  • It has a temperature indicator.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It is quite mobile.
  • It saves the user a lot of money.
  • Its overheat and tip-over protection gives the user security.



  • It isn’t suitable for very large rooms.


  1. Honeywell HCE323V Digital Ceramic Heater

Standout features: Dust filter, slim design, programmable thermostat, overheat protection, safeguard motion sensor, etc.

HoneyWell Ceramic Heater
  • 2 constant heat settings
  • Oscillates for wide area heating

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The Honeywell HCE323V, when compared to a lot of other modern heaters, is not far behind in quality. It comes with a slim design similar to that of the Pelonis. This ensures that it won’t take up that much space in the home/room.

It has digital control buttons which are situated close to the top of the unit for easy access. However, it doesn’t have caster wheels to aid in its mobility. Instead, it is firmly placed on top of a round and flat surface. This heater makes provisions for an oscillating system which ensures that any heat released would be equally spread across the entire room.

The programmable thermostat that comes with this unit provides the user with an opportunity to select particular heat levels in the home. This function will add more precision and flexibility to the user experience in its entirety.

For a lot of heaters, when they’re being used, the body of these heaters gets quite hot. However, this doesn’t happen with this particular heater as it is designed with a surface that is always cool to touch. This will drastically decrease the probability of a user suffering unexpected burns. Apart from this unit’s body surface that is cool to touch, it also has a tip-over feature that will immediately turn off the unit in the event that it is knocked over.

This device also has a special feature that has been built for further protection. This is referred to as the safeguard motion sensor. This feature works using proximity – turning off the unit whenever an object comes at least six inches close to the heater. With its timer, you will be able to set up the device to work for one hour to six hours before it automatically switches off. The heater’s 2× overheat protection also turns off the device when it starts to approach threatening temperature levels.



  • It has overheat protection.
  • It’s cool to touch body ensures burns are prevented.
  • It comes with a programmable thermostat.



  • It lacks a digital thermostat that displays the temperature level.


  1. Ceramic Space Oscillating Electric Heater

Standout features: Programmable thermostat, digital display, oscillating heater, remote control, ETL certified, etc.

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This heater is quite tall – just under 70 cm– with its rectangular shape resting on a round and balanced bottom. There are joints that link the top side and the bottom – that allows the unit to oscillate up to 60°.

. This in turn gives users more flexibility to select a direction for the heater to concentrate on.

With the presence of a digital display screen close to the top of the heater, users will not have any problems locating most of the proper indicators on the screen. Also, it comes with a programmable thermostat that allows the user to select from a range of temperature levels – depending on their actual preferences.

This space heater is actually quite easy to navigate, especially when you consider the fact that it comes with a remote control. With this, users will be able to tailor their heater’s performance to their discretion. Also, with the unit’s timer function that spans up to twenty four hours, users will be able to select the heater’s working duration from zero to twenty four hours.

In addition to these, a host of safety features are also present. These help to prevent a range of hazards which include overheating, fire outbreak, etc. With this, the unit will be able to effectively distribute heat around spaces. It is most ideal for small or medium-sized rooms. With its weight at only 2.8 kg, this heater is incredibly mobile – meaning it can be easily utilised across different areas in the house.


  • It comes with a programmable thermostat.
  • Its heat distribution is very effective.
  • It is simple to operate.
  • It has overheat protection and tip-over feature.



  • It is only ideal for small or medium-sized rooms.


  1. Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater

Special features: Digital thermostat, remote control, energy-saving mode, oscillating heater, ETL certified.

Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater
  • Oversized ceramic PTC heating element
  • Two heat settings and fan-only setting

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With this space heater being slender, it will be able to fit in almost any space in your home. The heater rests on a flat and wide surface that provides it with ample balance. This unit was designed to provide users with an option to rotate the heater to up to 70 degrees from left to right. This will in turn help to distribute and direct heat round the room, depending on your needs.

With the availability of a digital humidistat, this unit will allow users to choose functioning temperatures while it works hand-in-hand with the display to indicate the temperature level on its screen. The modern design of this heater ensures that even when in use, its body remains cool to touch. This will greatly reduce the problem of unexpected burns that users are quite accustomed to.

This unit’s design also factors in a host of safety measures like the overheat protection as well as the tip-over protection. The tip-over feature will abruptly switch off the heater once it recognizes that the heater has been tipped over or accidentally knocked down. On the other hand, the overheat protection will turn off the heater once it gets close to extreme temperatures. Both these features greatly reduce the probability of fire outbreaks.

An additional advantage of this space heater is its ability to serve rooms that are fairly large (up to 300 sqft). It will perform the task of increasing the temperature quite efficiently, but one major disadvantage is that it doesn’t come with a timer.


  • It has effective distribution of heat.
  • It has overheat protection and tip-over protection.
  • Its cool to touch feature ensures unexpected burns are prevented.
  • It is easy to operate.



  • The absence of a timer.