What to Wear Under Wetsuit for Extra Warmth in Cold Water

Water sports activities like surfing and diving can be both relaxing and entertaining. Most people indulge in water sports as a means of relaxation. Wearing a wetsuit is essential to participate in such activities but what should you wear under a wetsuit in cold water?

Understanding what to wear under a wetsuit when you are in the water is very important. Though there are a lot of options to choose from, some factors can affect what you wear. Factors such as the age or skin type of the wearer as well as the location of the body of water.

Some of the undergarments that can be worn under a wetsuit include the following –

  • Surf Shorts
  • Bicycle style shorts
  • Neoprene vests and shorts

Different undergarments that can be worn under a wetsuit

Wear Under Wetsuit for Extra Warmth

Surf Shorts

This is called standard surf equipment. Surf shorts are made of stretchy and light fabrics and are easy to dry. They are also called tribes. However, there is one downside to surfing shorts. They tend to fold easily and under combinations. Sometimes you find it difficult to wear shorts under tight suits.

Sleeveless vest

Divers can also wear compression shirts, but some prefer sleeveless tops that offer more freedom on the shoulders and arms. Some brands call them vests, and they’re made from the same thing.

Sleeveless vests are also ideal for quick-drying, which makes it recommendable for water sports, swimming, and layers under wetsuits.

Bike style shorts

The bike style shorts are pretty tight. This type of undercover has shown to cover more areas of the skin than typical shorts

Men briefs

Men’s brief is also known as tight panties under a jumpsuit. It is also highly recommended by instructors as a great choice to go for.

Neoprene vest

This type of garment worn under wetsuits is ideal for divers who can’t withstand cold. You can wear a neoprene vest on your regular wetsuit.

Neoprene Shorts

This clothing is specially designed for divers to wear under their wetsuits. It adapts perfectly to the body contour. It’s easy to put a wetsuit over your neoprene pants. Additional heat protection is one of the benefits of Neoprene shorts. So you can wear them before you immerse them in cold water to feel warm. But note that neoprene shorts are more buoyant.


Though not all underwear is suitable for diving. Cotton underwear, on the other hand, shows a sign of comfort. Women can also wear athletic clothing such as a spandex sports bra under the wetsuits. Experienced divers also wear tights.

Wear Under Wetsuit for Extra Warmth

What happens if you don’t wear anything under a wetsuit?

Some divers prefer not to wear anything under their wet suit when surfing or even diving. The inner combinations in some wet suits do not need surfers to wear underwear. If you are taking a short weekend dive trip and don’t want to take too much luggage with you, this is ideal.

Why divers wear undergarments under wetsuits

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Additional insulation and protection

The main reason why divers wear underwear under their wetsuits is that the extra layers keep their bodies much warmer in colder temperatures above and below water. Instead of wearing a very thick suit that restricts movement and consumes energy faster, experienced divers wear thin layers underneath to additionally isolate the body.

In addition to the cold or the heat of the water, the temperature of the air and the wind above the water is an important factor that must be taken into account when deciding whether to wear underwear with your wet suit or not. Divers often have different temperatures during a single dive, so it is important to choose the right material and type of underwear to protect your body at a comfortable temperature during your dive.


Many divers prefer to undress under their wetsuits, but it can sometimes be uncomfortable to say nothing of the pain caused by the constant rubbing of the skin against the inside of the wetsuit. After wearing a wetsuit for a long time, some divers find that their skin begins to rub and feel sore, which is why divers prefer to wear underwear under the suit.


If you need to rent a wetsuit, you may not like the idea of ​​your skin rubbing in places where other areas of other people skin have rubbed, especially in the most sensitive areas. It’s not really hygienic, especially if the person who wore it before you does not care about skincare. You can also keep in mind that some people pee in their overalls, which is, even more, an incentive to put on underwear.

Final Thoughts on What to Wear Under a Wetsuit in Cold Water

Now that you know your options, it’s time to go into details and ask the question what type of underwear suits? Or do you have to wear anything under your jumpsuit at all?

In warmer waters, you can wear underwear with minimal coverage (swimwear, swimming trunks, and the like) or nothing at all. If you probably rent a wet suit you’ll probably want to wear something underneath.

In colder temperatures, wearing a garment under a wet suit is definitely the way to go and there are different varieties to choose from.

If you already have a thinner suit than you normally use in warmer environments, you can add a suit, rash guard, or any other type of clothing that gives you the extra insulation you need. That way, you don’t have to buy another suit. Or if you really prefer not to wear anything under your wet suit, you can just get a thicker wet suit.

The decision on what to wear under a wet suit ultimately depends on the environment and temperature you want to immerse yourself in, your body’s sensitivity to cold, and many other factors. Be sure to consider all factors before buying any garment to wear under a wet suit.