Best Window Film for Conservatory

Homes with conservatories are popular because of the increased space and natural light.

I’ve had mine for just under ten years and I would be lost without a window film in it. Below is a quick look at the window film I have used for the last 4 years.

Best Window Film for Conservatory
Helps to reduce heat and sun glare by up to 80%.

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Window films for conservatories are great because they are easy to apply, do not require any maintenance, inexpensive to purchase and are great at insulating conservatories that get very hot in the summer.

Let’s look at why you should consider adding a window film for your conservatory.

What is it?

Also known as a solar film, a window film is essentially a lightweight plastic sheet with adhesive on one side. You can stick it to your window with the adhesive side outwards to stop light and heat from entering the room.

The film itself is translucent, like clingfilm, allowing some light through but preventing harmful rays of the sun from entering conservatories.

The film comes in an array of different design specifications; some prevent up to 99% of UV rays from entering the room while others will block some light and heat from entering the conservatory.

The latter may be perfect for you if you dislike too much sunlight, but still, want some natural light in your room.

Active Solar Control Silver Reflective Window Film

The Active Solar Control Silver Reflective Window Film is a solar control window film that can help reduce heat and glare by up to 80%. It will also give you great daytime privacy.

Active Solar Control Window Film
A reflective window film that provides solar control, excellent daytime privacy, and a mirror finish to the outside. Works well with all types of flat glass windows.

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This silver mirror window film even has the ability to reflect sunlight out on hot summer days. Install it on your windows and enjoy some peace of mind, knowing your cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard.

This normal-mirror finish provides daytime privacy while allowing unwanted light in during daytime hours, letting you enjoy your backyard even on a cloudy day.

Its easy installation with basic tools makes it simple for DIY’ers (those new to such installations), as comprehensive instructions come with your order.

A one metre roll of window film is enough to cover two average-sized windows and gives you many years of sun protection at an economical cost.

Silver Reflective Window Film (Solar Control & Privacy Tint)

The Solar Control and Privacy Window Film is perfect for blocking out the sun’s heat, glare, and UV rays.

Silver Reflective Window Film
This reflective film decreases glare, filtering UV rays as well as heating (up to 50%). It also provides privacy without compromising on any light.

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This window film has reflective properties that are 16 times greater than glass, which is how this product achieves 20% light privacy with its one-way vision effect.

The Silver Reflective Window Film is the ideal solar control film for reducing glare, decreasing heat in offices and homes. It reduces UV by over 80% & prevents damaging sunlight from entering your home.

Best Window Film for Conservatory

It comes with a scratch-resistant coating and 10-year warranty, allowing this solar film to blend in with any interior decor while providing you with peace of mind that it will last for years to come.

Installation is easy thanks to its self-adhesive backing that can adhere to glass or coated surfaces without messy glue needed.

ConCus-T Sunshade Cooling Window Film (With Heat Insulation Properties)

The ConCus-T Window Film is one of the most versatile window films out there. It’s specially designed to do the work of both a sunshade and heat insulator.

ConCus-T Sunshade Cooling Window Film
This sunshade blocks 99% UV rays, has a PE coating to keep it from being scratched and prevent yellowing, and comes in a double-sided black design.

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It also provides your windows with heightened UV protection and daytime privacy without attracting dust or debris. Not only that, but this double-sided film is perfect for everyday use.

This sunshade blocks 99% UV rays, has a PE coating to keep it from being scratched and prevent yellowing.

It also comes with a one-way reflective sticker instead of the typical silver designs for better shading, which helps save energy in both summer and winter.

Best Window Film for Conservatory

Each roll comes with a mesh carrying bag for easy installation on site.

Installation of the film is truly a one-person job, as it attaches easily without any special tools or preparations required. You can even reuse this window film if you remove it from the glass carefully.

How does solar window film work?

Window films are simple to install and do not require professional installation like other window coverings such as roller or Venetian blinds.

Solar window films can be applied directly to your glass by yourself or your spouse in a short period of time. It adheres much like an adhesive bandage and is much less harmful than other solutions such as paint or solvents.

The tinting provided by the window film will prevent up to 47% of heat transfer into your home and reduce fading of skin and furnishings.

The window film also provides 99% UV protection for your family’s health and keeps unwanted views out while still allowing you to enjoy the view from inside your home.

Does solar window film really work?

Solar window film is proven to work well and is one of the most cost-effective solutions to stop heat gain in your home.

During the summer months, you can enjoy the view with less worry about overheating, and during the winter months, you can reduce solar heating with a film that insulates just as well as your regular windows.

Solar window films are also easy to remove and change when you move to a new home.

You will also enjoy the many benefits that come with installing such a product on your windows such as

  • UV protection (up to 99%) for your skin and furnishings
  • Privacy due to one way view coating which looks like a mirror
  • Durability that can last up to ten years with proper care

If you are interested in free energy solutions, then this is a great way to start saving money today.

How do you apply solar film to windows?

Applying solar film to the windows in your conservatory is an easy task. The windows should be free of any dirt or grime, and if possible you should choose a day without too much wind or heat.

If you follow the steps below, you’ll have your solar film installed in no time.

  1. Clean the window surface thoroughly, removing any dirt or grime. This will ensure that the film adheres properly to the glass.
  2. If you do not have the time to clean the glass then you can use a squeegee, lint-free cloth or credit card to temporarily remove excess dirt before applying your film.
  3. Prepare your room by opening all windows and doors you can do without causing any additional drafts in.
  4. Unroll your film and place it on a table. Cut the film to the proper size using a sharp utility knife with a new blade. Keep in mind that you should cut your film 1 inch bigger than the window pane, as this will provide you with some room for error.
  5. Place the cut film in the window area to check the measurements are correct.
  6. Remove the film from the window and place a dry towel aththe bottom of the window.
  7. If required, spray some soapy water solution on both the window surface and the back of your film, making sure to avoid getting any liquid on windowsill or flooring surfaces. This soapy water mixture will allow you to remove air bubbles from beneath your film for a smoother installation process.
  8. Starting from one corner of the window, place the film onto the window
  9. Working your way towards each edge with one hand, use a squeegee with the other to remove any moisture and air bubbles under the film.
  10. Repeat these steps for all windows in your conservatory. Once completed, allow to dry completely before applying any further window treatments, or allowing the room to be used by people or pets.

Over time, you should notice that your conservatory is noticeably cooler and easier on your wallet.