Are Dyson Heaters Economical to Run?

If you’ve ever gone shopping for heaters, you may have come across a Dyson heater and probably gone ‘what are those or I should get those’, but then the price tag hits you. Well, it’s quite understandable, since Dyson heaters are basically the coolest-looking heaters available today.

From their space heaters to fan heaters, they all look amazing.

However, they are also one of the most expensive heaters around, and although most people want to get them, they hardly do. Now, apart from the price tag alone, other people worry about how economical the running cost for one would actually be.

Most times, people infer from the set price tag and readily assume that the Dyson heater’s running cost would also be expensive. However, that assumption based on nothing but the price of the heater alone can not certainly be accurate or precise.

In light of that, this article is going to try to suitably answer the stated question above and show if it is or isn’t economical to run a Dyson heater. However, before we get fully into that, let’s highlight a few qualities of Dyson Heaters.

Dyson Heaters

The first thing most people think or say about Dyson fans and heaters is how cool they look or how expensive they are, but we forget to also state how incredibly good they are.

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Dyson heaters are actually worth their expensive price tags, especially since the really expensive ones are packed full of amazing features that allow you to comfortably enjoy the heating or cooling of your home.

Examples of these features include heating modes, Wi-Fi connectivity, air purifiers, and a host of other high-quality features. Furthermore, another thing you get in a Dyson heater is longevity, because you are assured whatever Dyson heater you go for will have an incredibly well-built body that will last for a long time.

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Additionally, as already mentioned the Dyson heaters are particularly really awesome and a reason for that is the unique design it has. The body design of a standard Dyson is far unique from any other competitor, as it spots amazing and futuristic designs for its heaters, which make them ever perfectly stylish for any home, as well as offices.

The Pros and Cons of a Dyson Heater

Having mentioned a few beneficial features above, it is proper to briefly highlight the amazing benefits one can get from making use of a Dyson heater, and also bring out the cons of a Dyson heater if any.


  • The first benefit of any type of Dyson heater is obviously how it uniquely stands out, by virtue of its futuristic design they have. In addition, as already stated, the amazing design of any Dyson heater makes it perfect for any office or home, in terms of being stylish or aesthetically pleasing.
  • Another benefit of Dyson heaters is the great job they do in providing heat for any room or home. Also, Dyson heaters achieve this by making use of various heating modes like a diffused mode and others, which are suitable for any home.
  • Since the blades a Dyson fan utilises are hidden and most of other Dyson heaters are designed bladeless, these heaters are essentially safer and pose no danger to kids. This advantage is further boosted by the fact that a Dyson heater’s surface hardly heats even when it’s emitting heat.
  • Another benefit is portability. The Dyson heaters are designed and made compact, therefore, you can easily move it around from room to room or to be stored when not in use.
  • A particular reason why Dyson heaters are very expensive is that they make use of the unique no blade design and brushless motor in most of their fan heaters. However, the brushless motor, as well as the no blade designs are definitely worth every penny and have various beneficial features that ensure you won’t want to go back to a simple pedestal fan.
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  • When it comes to Dyson heaters the only issue anyone can really find is in how expensive they cost. Although this is true, as Dyson heaters are remarkably costly, it can also be said that the features they give make the money expended for it worth it.


Are Dyson Heaters Economical To Run?

In order to answer this question once and for all, we have to first ask and answer another, which is, do Dyson heaters use a lot of electricity? Now, it is interesting to note that a particular advantage left out from the pros above is the amazing energy efficiency of Dyson heaters, in that, Dyson heaters are outstanding when it comes to providing energy-efficient heat.

The reason for that is also the answer to the question of electricity usage, which is that Dyson heaters do not make use of a lot of electricity. Rather, the majority of Dyson heaters actually expend power at a lower consumption rate than other standard heater types such as regular fans.

In that vein, if you were to leave your Dyson heater running at the same time you leave, let’s say, a regular fan to run for the same time period, your Dyson heater would utilize at least half the power consumed by the regular fan.

Now, it must seem off or odd that the futuristically designed heaters consume less power than regular heaters, but that might be a futuristic feature as well. Especially when you look deeper and you see it is intentionally designed to be so.

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In light of that, you should note that it is a feature in place that allows for low power consumption, as most Dyson heaters are designed to have power ratings of up to lesser watts than other heaters.

An example of this can be found in the Dyson TP01 pure cool tower fan which has a power rating of about 6 to 56 watts[1], and if you run it at a high setting for a year none stop, it would consume about 485 units(kWh) of electricity.

Now, while that is a lot, it is relatively small to your standard pedestal or ceiling fans that utilize 50 to 90 watts of electricity per hour. Therefore, it is clear to see that Dyson heaters consume less electricity than other heaters, even when it’s a standard heater that takes up to 1500 watts of electricity per hour, a Dyson heater will still consume less electricity.

Furthermore, with this, you can easily see that a Dyson heater is economical to run since at the end of the month, you would get a lesser energy bill than if you were making use of other heaters.

Bottom Line

With everything given above, you should know by now that oddly enough, even though buying a Dyson heater will cost you a lot of money, it will cost you fundamentally less to run it. Therefore, running a Dyson heater of any type is on the cheap side most times, especially when you compare it to other regular heaters.

However, it is also clear that you can as well get a regular heater for a cheaper price and still not surpass the money you expend on buying a Dyson heater after running your regular heater for a couple of months.

However, getting a heater shouldn’t be based on money alone, but also on the features of the heater that is sure to guarantee comfort and easy heating for the user. You should also put into consideration everything that affects your home when getting a heater.


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