Elnur Storage Heaters Review

Warming up your home or office space during cold periods of the year is very important. To achieve this, you need an appliance – like Elnur storage heaters – that are energy-efficient, stylish and do not lead to random hikes your electric bills.

Electric storage heaters are very handy as they require no maintenance. You also do not need to worry about boiler or pipe issues and there are no breakdowns due to limescale accumulation or any leaks.

Electric heaters convert electricity to heat by air convection via a resistor in the heater.

Electric heaters are one of the safest home appliances to use as there are little or no risks involved with the usage. This is because they always come fitted with safety features to keep homeowners at ease while the heater is in operation.

In this article, we shall be looking at two electric storage heaters manufactured by Elnur.

Elnur was established in the year 1968 and from then up till now they have been producing quality and efficient heating solutions for their users. It is currently one of the largest manufacturer and distributor of electrical heating products.

With their solid construction and structure, Elnur heaters provide users with durable, reliable yet environmentally friendly and energy-efficient appliances

Elnur Encombi Heater

The Encombi heater from Elnur provides a modern, highly energy-efficient and power-saving heating solution for your home, office or room space.

It utilises high-sensitivity thermostatic controls to optimise heat management thereby catering for your heating needs and requirements no matter the weather.

Elnur 2.6kw / 1200w Ecombi Smart Night Storage...
  • Wifi controllable with G-control
  • Built in timer and programmer

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The Elnur Encombi heater is also known as the Elnur Smart Storage Heater.

The Elnur Encombi heater comes featuring the Encombi Smart Input Charge Control (ESICC). With this technology, the heater saves way more energy as compared to other manual storage heaters. In fact, with this technology, energy saving is up to 30%, thereby managing and keeping your electricity consumption at a minimal level.

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The Elnur Integral Energy Manager (IEM) includes a smart charge control and automatically adjusts charging level to suit the climate as well as the user’s preference and demand.

The Elnur Encombi heater is fully programmable, giving the user total control of the heater as he can program it to his desired settings and preference. It comes with a daily and weekly programmer with three temperature levels to select from – Comfort, Eco and Frost.

The Elnur Encombi heater has an ‘eco‘ function which sets back the temperature in the user’s absence. It also has a predictive emitter that automatically adapts to unexpected weather changes.

Before charging begins, the Encombi heater evaluates consumption level, analyses heating needs and sets up the required charge using the derived information.

With Elnur Encombi you have maximum comfort, low energy consumption and a simple yet smart heating solution option.

Elnur Ingenium RD14W Oil Filled Digital Controlled Electric Radiator

The Elnur Ingenium electric radiator is the latest addition to the Elnur line of electric storage heaters. It is one of the most suitable heaters for conservatories as well as home and office spaces.

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The Elnur Ingenium RD electric heater is a wall-mounted electric heater that weighs 24.5 kg with a dimension of 122 cm x 8 cm x 58 cm. It has a maximum power output of 2000 Watts.

It comes with a thermal fluid that retains the warmed-up air, keeping the room warmed up for longer periods.

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The Elnur Ingenium electric heater is very easy to set up and install as you do not need to carry out measurements and levelling to install it. As long as you have 7 minutes to set it up, then you can have your Elnur Ingenium set up and ready for use.

The Ingenium heater is programmable 24/7 and the user can set the features and functions of the heater to their desired preference and their daily usage. It comes fitted with a TRIAC optimiser that manages and optimises the flow of electricity to enhance energy saving as well as safety of the heater during usage.

It also comes with a wireless remote controlG Control Hub” that connects it to your mobile device via Wi-Fi. It can also be connected and programmed via Amazon Alexa. On your mobile phone, you can turn the heater on/off, set the temperature level, set your daily or weekly timer, set consumption levels and manage multiple heaters if you have more than one installed in your home.

The Ingenium, just like the Encombi, comes with three temperature levels for the user to select from – Comfort, Economy and Frost protection levels. It also comes with an adjustable digital thermostat and with an LCD screen to enable the user to set the room temperature to his desired level.

Types of Electric Heaters

Electric radiators can be categorised into four distinct types.

  • Convection radiators
  • Fan heaters
  • Infrared radiators and,
  • Oil-filled radiators.

Convection radiators work by sucking in cool air from the environment down to the lowest layer of the heater and making the air lighter as it rises out back into the atmosphere after it has been heated up.

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The process is repeated continuously, ensuring that conducive and clean air is circulated in the room. This process does not dry the air, neither does it create moisture thereby making the air in the room very cosy and comfortable.

Fan heaters, on the other hand, consist of the fan and the heater as its main elements. The fan ensures that warm air is circulated in the room after it must have passed through the heating element to get warmed up. With this type of radiator, the air in the space is maintained at a constant temperature in medium and large spaces and the air is warmed up rapidly.

Infrared radiators use electromagnetic waves set at a certain frequency to heat the room while the radiator itself stays cool. The electromagnetic waves do the heating of the room and not the radiator itself. It is usually equipped with safety sensors to turn the device off in the event of a rollover.

Oil-filled radiators are filled with thermal oil. This oil is warmed up by the heating element of the heater and subsequently, warm air is slowly let out through the fins of the radiator.

Wrapping Up

The beauty of the Elnur Encombi and Elnur Ingenium is the smart features and the high programmable ability of both heaters.

Also, both of them ensure that your energy consumption levels are kept at a very minimal level while offering you maximum comfort and peace of mind. Both of them are very great heaters. The only deal-breaker might be the price difference. But all the same, whichever one you end up picking is going to serve you to the fullest.