What To Wear To A Rave When Its Cold

The fact that winter is coming and temperatures are dropping very fast is not a reason why you cannot have all the fun you want. Going to raves is a very great way of unwinding, bonding with old friends, and making new ones. While most fun activities take place during summer, the cold numbers to stretch out too long for people to stay without having fun.

The weather should be a determining factor when you decide on what to wear to a rave. Even though it is a good thing to look as hot as possible while attending raves, it will do you no good to catch a chill in the process. If you are invited to attend a rave during winter, you can do so as fashionably as possible and still be very warm despite the freezing temperature.

There are various clothing items that you can wear to a winter rave, look your best self, and have great fun.

Such clothing items include:

Faux fur coats

Everyone desires to look fashionable when attending events like raves so that they can blend in perfectly with other people. It is not enough for you to look fashionable alone, though. If you are attending a rave in winter, you have to be warm enough; if not, you are going to be miserable throughout the event.

Therefore, you would do well to purchase a clothing item that you can look very good in and would, at the same time, keep you very warm. A faux fur coat can do both remarkably well, and so, you should consider purchasing one, or wear one if you already have it to any winter rave you plan on attending, especially if the weather is bitterly cold. Faux fur coats are fashionable and cute, but more importantly, they will keep you well protected from the cold.

When purchasing a faux fur coat, you should try to get one that you can easily unzip. This way, if you begin to get too warm during the event, you can undo the coat to get some air, or you can take it off totally. Fur coats come in different colours and styles, so choosing one that is suitable for you is going to be an easy task.

While they can be somewhat expensive, if you shop around effectively, you will surely find one that will serve your purposes very well and for a long time too. If you decide to wear a faux fur coat to a rave, you should bear in mind that they can be quite bulky, and if you begin to get warm later on, you might need to take yours off.

You can check beforehand if the rave venue offers coat check services so that you are not stuck holding your jacket if you take it off. Alternatively, you can bring a backpack along with you so that you can store your coat in it if you choose to take it off.


If you do not want to wear a faux fur coat to a rave, but you are looking for a means of keeping warm, pashminas are a great alternative. They are just as fashionable as fur coats are, but more importantly, they also help to keep you very warm. You can wear pashminas in different ways and look good.

For instance, you could drape your pashmina over yourself in the same way that you will do with scarves. Alternatively, you could wear it on your head the same way you wear a scarf to provide you with extra warmth. Pashminas also have an added advantage of not being as bulky as faux fur coats, and so if you begin to feel too warm, you can take you off, fold it, and put it away in your bag.


Although shorts are more commonly worn to raves, it goes without saying that when the weather is bitterly cold, you will find it unbearable to rock them because your legs will not be protected from the cold. Leggings are a great and good looking alternative to shorts for attending rave events.

They allow you to look the part and are tight and snug enough to help lock in your body heat, providing your legs with enough warmth. There are numerous designs of leggings on the market, so you can look around to find one that is fashionable and would look good on you.

Long socks

Most people prefer to wear booty shorts to raves. If the cold is somewhat bearable and you decide to wear shorts to a rave, you might still need to protect your legs from the cold. You can wear thigh-high socks so that you can keep your legs warm.

These socks come in different colours and cute patterns and so finding one that matches what you are wearing perfectly should pose no problems whatsoever.


Keeping your head sufficiently warm while you are spending some time out in the cold is highly recommended. While it is not yet certain whether we lose the majority of our bodies heat through our heads as scientists suggest, it is still best to take the necessary precautions to prevent heat loss through the head when it is cold.

It is a good idea to invest in a stylish hat that would provide more warmth to you when you are at the rave, especially if it is an outdoor rave. Furry hats, especially, are a very good option for keeping warm at such events as they are classy, and they look cute too.

Platform boots

The major fun event at raves is the dancing. If you are going to rock the dance floor and have fun doing it, you will need to be very comfortable. You might want to consider boots that can greatly withstand wet conditions. If the cold weather is due to rain, there are surely going to be puddles or wet spots in the grass.

If your shoe absorbs the moisture, you will find that you would get miserable real quick as squishy shoes and wet socks can be marginally uncomfortable, especially in already cold weather.

Layer up effectively

A vital way of ensuring that you are very warm at whatever activity you attend during winter is to layer up effectively. It is no different for raving activities. There is no rule that prohibits you from wearing a winter coat to a rave. All that matters is that you are warm and that you wear it in style.

Final Thoughts on What To Wear To A Rave When It Is Cold.

While raving activities are more common during summer and the outfits you can wear for them are different from those you will wear during cold weather, you can add some details to your appearance to give you more style. For instance, you can add face gems or body glitter to your face to enhance your dressing and make it look more festive.

There are various clothing items that different people wear to a rave in cold weather. Some people wear onesies, while others wear a combination of summer rave outfits and jackets. It all depends on what you feel comfortable wearing, how good it looks on you most importantly, and if it will keep you warm enough to enjoy the event.