Warmlite Oil Filled Radiator Reviews

Winter is coming, and you know what it brings with it. Staying warm is a top priority and getting covered up in winter jackets, gloves and thick socks might not just be enough to chase away the extreme cold if your home is not properly and adequately warmed up.

Your energy and utility bills also tend to be on a rise during the winter season and you would want to keep that minimised to the barest minimum. You will need a quiet appliance with great energy-saving capabilities that will still do a great job at keeping your home properly and adequately warmed up.

Oil-filled radiators are forms of domestic convection heating. The oil heaters are filled with oil and heated electrically meaning you do not need to burn up gas or fuel as the oil it is filled with, acts a storehouse for the heat and not as fuel for generating heat.

In this article, we are going to review a few oil-filled radiators manufactured by Warmlite.

Warmlite WL43009 Portable Electric Oil-Free Mica Radiator

The Warmlite WL43009 heater is an oil-free electric heater suitable for keeping your home at a comfortable warm and cosy temperature. The distinct feature of the Warmlite WL43009 heater is the Mica-Thermic heating system.

This special heating system uses the Mica panels present on the heater to generate and distribute heat around the room at a faster rate than usual as it spreads warmth around the room through its insulated channels. This enables the room or office space where it is set up to be warmed up very rapidly and warm air distributed efficiently.

Warmlite WL43009 Portable Electric Oil Free Mica...
  • Mica-thermic Heating System - Intelligent mica panels ensure faster than normal heat distribution as it radiates the...
  • Rapid heat up time allows you to quickly and efficiently warm up any room

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The Warmlite WL43009 electric heater has a lightweight of 4.4 kg and a dimension of 24.5 cm x 45.5 cm x 66 cm. It has a maximum power output of 1500 Watts.

The Warmlite WL43009 oil-free electric heater comes featuring two different heat settings (low heat level and high heat level) for the user to be able to set it to his desired preference at any time. The Warmlite WL43009 also comes with an adjustable thermostat for toggling between temperature levels of the heater after it has heated up.

The Warmlite WL43009 electric heater has a flat, slim structured design which enables it to fit in smaller spaces in your home, bedroom or office easily. Also, just like the Warmlite 7 fin 1500W oil filled radiator, the WL43009 electric heater comes with built-in castor wheels to aid easy movement around your home, or office. Another feature the Warmlite WL43009 shares with the 7 fin 1500W oil heater is the integrated cable storage feature to tuck away the cable when the heater is not in use.

With regards to safety, the Warmlite WL43009 electric heater like its counterparts in the Warmlite line comes with an overheat protection feature and a tip-over switch which gives its user rest of mind when the heater is in use.

The Warmlite WL43009 electric oil-free heater has a warranty of one year, which can be extended to two years when the product is registered online after purchase.

Warmlite 1500w 7 Fin Tall Oil Filled Radiator

If you are searching for an efficient, powerful, versatile heater to serve you either at home or in your office, the Warmlite 1500W 7 Fin Oil filled radiator might just be the heater you need. This oil heater from Warmlite comes fitted with seven heating fins to adequately spread the heat around the room.

Warmlite 7 Fin Tall Oil Filled Radiator, 1500 W -...
  • Seven fin radiator with easy-to-use switch controls - ideal for quickly and efficiently heating up small and medium...
  • Three heat settings and an adjustable thermostat

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The Warmlite 1500W 7 fin oil radiator has a dimension of 25 cm x 30 cm x 63 cm and it weighs about 7.1kg. The diameter of this oil heater measures 24 cm. The Power output of the Warmlite 7 fin oil radiator is 1500 Watts.

There is a power indicator light that indicates when the heater is switched on and is in use. Also, there are three different heat settings which can be programmed using the two switches present on the heater. For low heat, only the first switch is turned on while for medium heat, only the second switch is turned on. For high heat levels, both switches are turned on.

The Warmlite 7 fin Oil radiator contains a diathermic oil which enables the oil heater to heat up quickly. Also, it keeps the radiator warm over a long period no matter the level of the temperature settings.

This means that the diathermic oil present in the Warmlite oil heater is energy-efficient, thereby making it highly environmentally friendly without health risks for prolonged usage over time. It also comes fitted with adjustable thermostat control for adjusting the temperature of the room to the desired level after the heater has warmed up.

For the safety of the user and the appliance during usage, the Warmlite 7 fin Oil filled heater comes fitted with an in-built overheat protection system to prevent incidents that might occur from the overheating of the Oil heater. This gives the user a high level of calmness and confidence while the oil radiator is in use as there is no fear of a mishap or accident during usage.

Speaking of portability, the Warmlite 7 fin oil filled radiator comes with in-built castor wheels which make it easy to move the appliance around your home, room or office.

It also has an integrated cable storage feature which enables you to tuck the cable away properly when not in use, preventing the cable from lying around carelessly and causing minor mishaps when it is unplugged and not in use.

Warmlite Wl44015 Digital Wall Mounted Heater

The Warmlite WL44015 digital wall mounted heater is a compact flow heater that is suitable for keeping your room warm and comfortable during those extremely cold winter nights.

The Warmlite WL44015 weighs 2.2kg and has a dimension of 28.5 cm x 26 cm x 16.2 cm. It also has a maximum power output of 2000 Watts.

Warmlite WL44015 Digital 2 KW Wall Mounted Down...
  • POWERFUL 2000W HEATER: This high quality convection heater will give you blasts of heat with its powerful 2000W output,...
  • 2 POWER SETTINGS: Offering a choice of 2 power settings of 1000W and 2000W, each providing a powerful output suitable...

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The Warmlite WL44015 comes featuring two different power settings of 1000 Watts and 2000 Watts enabling the user to be able to switch between temperatures that are suitable for them at different times.

The Warmlite WL44015 also comes fitted with 3 more settings to wit – The fan, the Low mode and High mode settings. The fan setting is suitable when you need a bit of air in the room, the low mode is for low heat temperature and the High mode is for high heat temperature setting for extremely cold days and nights.

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Also, the Warmlite WL44015 comes fitted with a convection heating system with a built-in turbofan for enhancing thermal conductivity. This enables the heater to be able to heat large areas of your home and office adequately and efficiently.

The Warmlite WL44015 comes with a remote control that houses all the various modes, controls and settings for the heater. This enables the user to switch between the various settings, and program the heater from the comfort of their sofa, or bed, or anywhere in the home with ease.

This is a very great feature and a major selling point of this heater especially for users that have problems with mobility. The heater also comes with a programmable weekly timer and a countdown timer to set the heater to go on or off after a specific period.

With regards to safety, the Warmlite WL44015 heater is a wall-mounted model so it is out of the reach of children and animals or pets that are present in the house. The fact that is wall mounted also ensures that the heat from it is adequately spread to every area of the room where it is set up.

The Warmlite WL44015 wall mounted heater also has a “thermal cut out” feature that cuts off power to the heater when it has heated up to certain temperature. An automatic reset function is also featured on the Warmlite WL44015. This feature prevents overheating and damage to the heater.

Another cool attribute of the Warmlite WL44015 heater is that apart from bedrooms, caravans or office spaces, it can be installed in bathrooms. It can also be hard-wired if the user wants it to be, however, such hard-wiring must only be carried out by a qualified electrician or technician.

The warranty on the Warmlite WL44015 is for 1 year which can be extended to two years upon registration of the product after purchase.

Warmlite Portable Upright Fan Heater

Are you in need of an appliance to keep you very warm during the extreme cold in the winter season, and can also come in handy to serve you with clean cool air during the heat of the summer season? The Warmlite portable upright fan heater is the perfect appliance for you.

Warmlite WL44001 Thermo Fan Heater with 2 Heat...
  • 2 POWER SETTINGS: Choose from 1000W and 2000W of power to get your home or office space heated effectively
  • ADAPTS TO THE CLIMATE: With three heat settings of cool, warm and hot, this fan heater is the ideal companion for all...

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The Warmlite portable upright fan heater has a slim portable and compact design with a beautiful yet simple outlook. The portability and simple outlook make it suitable for use in rooms, caravans, holiday camp tents and offices. Also, it comes with a carrying handle to make moving it around very easy. It also has a little display indicator light to show when the heater or fan is in use.

The Warmlite portable upright fan heater weighs 948g with a dimension of 14 cm x 23 cm x 26.7 cm. It also has a maximum power output of 2000 Watts.

The Warmlite portable upright fan heater comes with two settings to choose from. There is the option of either 1000 Watts or 2000 Watts heating options. The fan heater also comes fitted with an adjustable thermostat to help you select the temperature that is perfect for you during cold nights.

Asides the heating feature which is the primary function of the Warmlite Portable fan heater, it also has a fan feature which can be switched between cool, warm and hot air. This dual feature is a cool selling point of this heater as it serves the user not just during cold winter nights, but also when the hot season arrives.

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Regarding its safety credentials, the Warmlite portable fan heater has an overheat protection feature as well as an integrated safety cut-off feature to ensure safe usage of the fan heater thereby giving the users peace of mind while using the heater.

One thing most users observed from using this heater is that the fan is a tad noisy when in use. However, it is not like the noise emanating from the fan is a “nuisance creating” noise, so I guess it is not that much of a big deal.

The Warmlite Portable Fan Heater comes with a warranty of one year which can be extended to two years when you register the product online after purchase.


Warmlite WL43002yw 5 Fin Compact Oil Filled Radiator

Looking for a safe, easy and efficient way to heat your home and office during the cold season, the Warmlite WL43002YW 5 Fin oil filled radiator should come in handy to meet your needs. It is a compact, portable oil heater that can fit into any small or large space easily while efficiently warming your home or office up.

Warmlite WL43002YW 650 Watts 5 Fin Oil Filled...
  • OIL FILLED RADIATOR: High powered to deliver brilliant performance with each use, this 5 fin oil filled radiator rapidly...
  • ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT: With a maximum temperature of 105°C, finding the perfect setting for a comfortable home or...

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The Warmlite WL43002YW comes fitted with 5 heating fins to efficiently spread heat all around your room, home or office with ease. This oil filled heater is a lightweight heater of 2.8kg. It also has a dimension of 13 cm x 23 cm x 38 cm and a maximum power output of 650 Watts. The body of the Warmlite WL43002YW is made out of metal material. It is also very easy to set up – in 10 minutes or less it is up and ready for use.

Just like the Warmlite 7 fin oil filled radiator, the Warmlite WL43002YW comes with eco diathermic oil which enables the heater to warm up at a fast rate and remain warm for longer periods thereby keeping your home or office warmed up for longer. This oil used in the Warmlite WL43002YW heater makes it a very energy-efficient and environmentally friendly appliance to have in your home, holiday tent, caravan or office.

Unlike most of the Warmlite electric heaters, the Warmlite WL43002YW has only one heat setting, the default 650 Watts. It also comes fitted with an adjustable thermostat to set the temperature in the room to your most desirable degree.

One of the most attractive features of the Warmlite WL43002YW oil heater is the portability of the appliance. This oil filled heater comes fitted with a built-in carrying handle to enable the user of the appliance to move it around the home or office seamlessly.

In addition to this, the heater comes fitted with built-in castor wheels to make it easy to move the heater around. This coupled with the very light weight of the appliance enhances the portability of the Warmlite WL43002YW oil heater.

To ensure the safety of the Warmlite WL43002YW oil filled heater, it has been extremely pressure tested and fitted with an integrated overheat protection function to provide the user with peace of mind while using the appliance.

The Warmlite WL43002YW oil filled heater comes with a warranty of one year. This warranty can be extended to two years when the user registers the product online after purchase. Also, the Warmlite WL43002YW is very affordable and can be easily purchased from the comfort of your home on any online store or any electronic shop.

Final Thoughts on the Warmlite Oil Filled Radiators

In this article we have looked at a few brands of Warmlite electric heaters, considering all their features, selling points and unique capabilities. I am sure right now there is one that has caught your fancy already.

If you want a very small, portable heater that still efficiently warms your home up there are options of the Warmlite WL43009 oil-free mica radiator, the Warmlite portable upright fan heater and the Warmlite WL43002YW oil radiator. If you want a heater that can serve you during both the winter and warmer summer season and is also very affordable and lightweight, the Warmlite upright fan heater is perfect for you.

If you require a heater to heat larger spaces faster and for longer periods you can go with the Warmlite 7 fin oil filled radiator. If your preference is an oil heater that can be mounted on the wall of your home office or bathroom, as opposed to standing heaters, the Warmlite WL 44015 digital wall mounted heater is the perfect choice for you.

There is a Warmlite heater for everyone and every pocket size.

You also get great quality, an energy-efficient and very environmentally friendly electric heaters when you choose any of the Warmlite heaters.