5 Of The Best Designer Oil Filled Radiators For Your Home

A designer oil filled radiator or oil-filled heater is a common form of heating in offices, homes and often retail or commercial use. Although the radiator is filled with oil, it is electrically heated and therefore does not directly involve any burning of oil fuel. Instead, the oil is used as a heat reservoir, or buffer, and not as a fuel.

One can argue that it is, all the more eco-friendly than the traditional oil-burning heaters.

Looking at how good a radiator is for the environment is not all you should be looking for when deciding on the best designer oil filled radiator for your needs. Key safety features like a tip over switch, three heat settings, open window detection, adjustable thermostat control and remote control – are just a few of the other features you should be checking for.

On average, an oil heater uses 1500 watts. They are an extremely safe option for heating your home and can be left on overnight, due to the internal pressure of the oil staying constant because of the high boiling point that the oil has in relation to other liquids such as water.


Mill 99407 Oil Filled Radiator

This radiator has a sleek design with high gloss white sides and a black control panel/main body. It would look elegant and contemporary in any interior, such as your lounge, hallway or bedroom. The heat is delivered extremely rapidly, and much faster than a traditional convection heater.

The Mill 99407 Oil Filled Radiator produces heat at 2000 watts and then forces the heat to rise through the hot fins of the product.

Mill 99407 2000W Portable Oil Filled Radiator |...
  • ✔ The Mill Heat 99407 Oil Filled Heater delivers extremely rapid heat, far faster than your conventional heater.
  • ✔ Mill Heat leads on the design front with their heating collection. In a high gloss white finish with black control...

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This oil-filled radiator is equipped with a mechanical thermostat which helps maintain the temperature of the room as well as reducing the amount of energy (and therefore money) spent heating it up. This product is claimed to reduce your power consumption by up to 25%.

The digital LED display enables easy reading of the settings and easy use to change such settings. The Mill 99407 Oil Filled Radiator comes with 3 heat settings to suit your preferences. The advanced day and night settings increase the ease at which this oil-filled radiator can be used.

The Mill 99407 Oil Filled Radiator has protection against overheating, to you can rest assured that this product is safe for use around flammable materials, pets and children.

The aluminium foot base gives the Mill 99407 Oil Filled Radiator excellent stability, as well as adding another stylish layer to the design.


De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator

If the name does not catch your attention, the design on this oil-filled radiator will! With its strong base and grey steel coloured body, the De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator looks as powerful as it is. This radiator has a 2.5-kilowatt heat output and 3 settings to choose from.

The medium setting produces a power output of 1.4 kilowatts, and the lowest setting produces a power output of 1.1 kilowatts.

De'Longhi Dragon 4 TRD41025T Oil Filled Radiator -...
  • The enhanced chimney effect accelerates hot air through vents for effective heating
  • 2.5 kW heat output and three heat settings

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The radiator measures as 52 cm (length) by 16 cm (width) by 65 cm (height) and only weighs 17.52 kg. This makes the De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator ideal for any space whether it is your bedroom, office, commercial shop or living room, due to its ability to fit into most spaces conveniently.

The enhanced chimney effect of the De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator accelerates the hot air through the vents and makes for very effective heating.

The radiator comes preassembled with easy wheels and a carry handle. These features make it really easy to transport the De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator from room to room either by pushing it or picking it up and carrying it.

The radiator is perfect for any room in your home or office or shop and can even heat large spaces of up to 75 cubic metres per hour, due to its large 2.5-kilowatt output.

The frost protection setting will automatically turn on if the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius. This way you will never have to worry about your radiator freezing over winter!

The De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator is powered via an electric cable, compatible with any standard 3 pins UK plug.


NETTA Oil Filled Radiator

This powerful radiator has a power output of 2000 watts. The NETTA Oil Filled Radiator has 9 fins filled with oil to help evenly and rapidly distribute the fast-produced heat. This means that this radiator can easily heat up to a medium to large-sized room with an area of 20 metres squared.

The NETTA Oil Filled Radiator has 3 power settings to help you choose the appropriate heat production for your room. It also comes equipped with a thermostat.

NETTA Oil Filled Radiator Electric Heater, 2000W -...
  • POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT: This highly effective 2000W radiator with 9 oil-filled fins will have no problem heating up a...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: 4 easy-glide castor wheels and an integral carry handle mean that this radiator can be moved...

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Safety is at the front of the minds of the manufacturers, with in-built protection against over-heating. Furthermore, should the product tip over, the NETTA Oil Filled Radiator has an auto-off function, giving you peace of mind. This product is safe to be used around children and pets.

The NETTA Oil Filled Radiator can be used easily with the changing function switches situated on the side of the black control panel. The 3 heat settings can be changed here, as well as the dial for adjusting the thermostat.

The easy-glide castor wheels and integral carry handle make transporting this radiator between rooms very easy and manageable. It can be moved around with no unwanted noise or vibrations. The radiator only weighs 9 kilograms showing that it will not be difficult to move with the included features. The NETTA Oil Filled Radiator also comes with a 1.5-metre power cable meaning you do not have to place it right beside the plug but have some leeway in the positioning of the radiator in whichever room you choose.

The black design of the NETTA Oil Filled Radiator adds to any elegant room, just as much as the white design option does.

The dimensions of the product are 60 cm in height, by 40 cm in width, by 11 cm in depth/thickness. This shows that the radiator can fit in most spaces required.

The NETTA Oil Filled Radiator also comes with a 10-year warranty.


De’Longhi TRNS0505M Oil Filled Radiator

This white will look smart in any home or work environment.

Measuring 17.5 cm in length, 38.5 cm in width and 34 cm in height, the De’Longhi TRNS0505M Oil Filled Radiator will even fit in small spaces. With a height of only 34 cm, the radiator can also be placed effectively on tables or surfaces.

De'Longhi TRNS0505M Oil Filled Radiator - White
  • 500w heat output
  • Adjustable room thermostat

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The De’Longhi TRNS0505M Oil Filled Radiator weighs just 6.1 kg making it easy to move between rooms. This is further aided by the large carry handles on the product, making it safe to carry, as well as easily done.

This radiator has a 500 watts heat output showing that it can heat small and medium-sized rooms, making it more suitable for your needs. The De’Longhi TRNS0505M Oil Filled Radiator operates at 230 volts.

The adjustable room thermostat on the De’Longhi TRNS0505M Oil Filled Radiator helps to maintain your desired temperature constantly, without any fluctuations, or without you feeling the impact of drafts. This will also help you to reduce your energy bills and therefore help you to save money. The fact this radiator is an oil-filled radiator means that it will heat up quickly.

The De’Longhi TRNS0505M Oil Filled Radiator has an anti-frost protection ability. This means that if the room drops to a temperature that could cause frost, it will kick in and head the room to prevent this. Therefore, this radiator is capable of preventing dampness.

Whilst this radiator will be ideal for office locations, it will also be extremely useful if conservatories, garages, or any room that you leave untouched for a prolonged period of time.


Duronic Heater HV101

Whilst this is not specifically an oil heating radiator, its performance is significant so we thought we would include this on our list. It has the capability of radiating heat more effectively whilst being safer to use, weighing less and being all-around more economic for your wallet and your planet.

The Duronic Heater HV101 has mica panels are which are naturally insulating and help prevent from electric shocks and electrical fires. The heating element is covered by a protective mesh meaning that you can touch it without burning yourself because it stays cooler.

This means that you can move the heater without waiting for it to have to cool down; the integrated handles also make the transportation of this product easier. It also has an over-heat function to prevent the heater from overheating. The Duronic Heater HV101 will also automatically turn off if it gets tipped over.

This radiator has 3 settings; 1 kW, 1.5 kW and 2.5 kW, depending on the heat you want it to expel.

The dimensions are 71 m by 23.2 cm by 64.8 cm. The Duronic Heater HV101 weighs 6.1 kg ensuring easy moving. It has a 1.8m power cable with an approved 3-pin plug so all you need is a socket!

Final Thoughts on Designer Oil Filled Radiators For Your Home

When looking for a designer oil filled radiator for your home there are a number of key features that you should be looking for. As mentioned earlier, some of the key safety features will include a tip-over switch, three heat settings, open window detection, adjustable thermostat control, timer, overheat protection system and remote control.

As you can guess this is not an exhaustive list.  So, what radiator you decide on for your home will depend on what features are most important to you and your loved ones.

If you have some ongoing structural work going on at home, then you might even want to consider getting a wall mounted one. The alternative option, if you do not want to do any damage to your walls, would be to get an energy efficient free standing radiator with decent heat output.

Whichever radiator design you opt for, setting it for the right temperature is one way to see how efficient electric oil radiators are compared to forced air central heating.