5 Best Heat Lamps for Puppies

Taking proper care of your puppies at a young age is very important and will make him grow healthy and active. For female dogs with young puppies – that spend a lot of time outside – getting a heat lamp is essential to keep them warm. If you also live in a country with cold climates as I do, then you should definitely get one for your puppy.

Choosing the best heat lamp for your puppy could prove to be a tedious task as there is a wide number of heat lamps on the market. Generally, your choice may largely depend on how cold it gets where you live, as well as the type of dog house you own.


Best Heat Lamps for Puppies

We have picked our best heat lamps for puppies based on proper research and understanding of how they work, their power rating, safety features and other essential criteria.

Outsunny Garden Electric Halogen Patio Heater Hanging Lamp

  • 100% Environmentally Friendly
  • No assembly required
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
Outsunny Electric Halogen Hanging Lamp
This energy-saving halogen heating lamp comes with a protective structure that ensures its reliable safety when in use. It is made from steel with a grill protector and is ideal to use indoors or outdoors with its IP24 rating.

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The Outsunny garden electric heater halogen lamp is an excellent fit for keeping your puppies warm and heating your dog house. It comes with a 230V outlet and provides you with up to 1500W in heat. This will keep your puppies very warm even in harsh conditions.

The heat lamp also guarantees maximum safety with its aluminium cover, and it is also very versatile as it comes with a hook and chain to hang up in a gazebo or outdoor conservatory ceiling.

There is also an easy on/off pull switch for easier handling and operation.

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One of the better features of the Outsunny electric halogen heater hanging Lamp is that it is 100% environmentally friendly. It has no carbon monoxide emissions, so it is not in any way harmful to your puppy. The best option to choose if the health and safety of your puppy is an issue, then this heat lamp is the one for you.


Beurer IL 50 Infrared heat lamp

  • Reduces cold symptoms
  • Medically Certified
  • Also used by people with acne
Beurer IL50 Infrared Puppy Heat Lamp
This glass ceramic infrared plate is often used by humans for warming relief of colds, muscles aches and tension. It can also be used as a heat lamp for puppies as the glass lamp delivers infrared radiation that is both intense and 100% safe.

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The Beurer IL 50 Infrared heat lame is a certified grade II medical product. It comes with a powerful heavy duty infrared lamp that helps in stimulating blood flow to the radiated area. This is a perfect fit for your dog house as it will help keep your dog healthy.

The medically certified Beurer IL50 features a sturdy 300w ceramic infrared plate with a 30x 40 cm wide surface area and a 100% UV block. The heating angle can be adjusted continuously from 0 to 50 degrees.

A built-in automated timer offers a continuously variable processing time of 1-15 minutes with automatic disconnection after the set time has elapsed.

The Beurer IL 50 infrared heat lamp also has healing capabilities. The soothing warmth helps in reducing pain and helps relieve symptoms of common cold and muscles strains. With this heat lamp, you don’t have to restrict your dog during winter. He is free to play and would be adequately kept warm.


RentACoop Puppy Heating Plate

RentACoop Puppy Heating Plate
Puppies will stay warm using this heating plate stay warm by contact with the warm underside of the plate. The bottom-side surface of the heating plate is warm, but not hot.

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The Titan incubators heat lamp is originally made for growing pullets or cockerels – or as they are popularly referred to – chicks.

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They are, however, also a great way to keep your puppies warm outdoors and to keep them healthy. 

The first ideal feature of this heat lamp replacement is that it emits completely safe radiant heat so it would do an excellent job of keeping your puppy warm.

The titan incubators heat lamp replacement also runs on low power, so it saves you energy as it is rated at 45W power consumption. This is about 82% less than a typical 250W heat lamp. The heat lamp replacement is easy to set up. Experts, as well as beginners, would find it easy to operate.

Finally, the Anti-Microbial silver technology helps create a safe and clean environment for your puppies. It is also an added protection against bacteria, mould and mildew.


Zoo Med Ceramic Heat Emitter

  • Available in 2 wattages
  • Provides gentle heat flow
  • Aids digestion
Zoo Med Rock Heat Emitter
Zoo Med’s Deluxe Rock Heater features a rheostat control that allows you to adjust the surface temperature. They made of a hydrated rock material that is twice as strong as cement or pumice, resulting in excellent conductivity and increased product longevity. Hot spots are not a problem as heat is distributed evenly.

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Thanks to its long productive life span and low-wavelength infrared radiation, the Zoo Med Ceramic Heater is an outstanding heat lamp. It’s available in a 60W, 100W and 150W, so you’re sure to find one that’s best suited to your dog’s house and environment.

It doesn’t emit light, so it won’t affect your the sleep schedule of your puppy. The low-wavelength infrared rays provide the perfect amount of gentle heat to keep your pup warm throughout the night.

The Zoo Med ceramic heat emitter lamp emits low wave infrared rays giving stronger heat and more comfort. It is also water-resistant and can be used round the clock. Finally the Lamp is cost effective and would be a great addition to your puppy house.


Pauls Pet Care Infrared Radiant Heat Lamp

  • Available in 3 wattages
  • Provides gentle heat flow
  • Aids digestion
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We love the Ceramic Infrared Heater products from BYB because they are supplied by a reputable manufacturer and are cost-effective and energy-efficient. It is so popular that it is usually out of stock.

Thanks to its waterproof construction, it is suitable for dog houses situated outside. The bulb does require an external housing that can be found here.

It generates natural heat to keep your dog warm and comfortable throughout the night. Because of its Ni-Cr Alloy resistance tube, it is well priced and 99.9 per cent energy-efficient.

The BYB 100W ceramic Infrared heat emitter is cheap, emission-free, fast heating and has a waterproof design. It also has a Ni-Cr alloy wire that helps with constant warmth for up to 24 hours.

This heating bulb is very durable and would serve you and your puppy for a long time.


Final Thoughts

My dog -Viera – is my best friend and while she’s a loyal companion, when she was young she suffered from cold spells all the time. And nothin gis really too much to give to a pet we truly love.

Although some dogs are able to withstand being outside in cold weather, most dogs are not well suited to freezing, cold winter weather conditions. It is important that owners who let their dogs spend most of their time outdoors and sleep outside through the night to take extra steps to keep the dog shelters warm, weatherproof and heated.

Getting a heat lamp for your puppies and dog is very crucial to its wellbeing. During winter the cold, can have an adverse effect on your puppies considering its age.

When purchasing a heat lamp for your puppy, it is important to remember to crosscheck the safety features and the size of the heat lamp to ensure it’s a perfect fit for your puppy.

You can see additional user reviews before purchasing any of the above items – by clicking any of the links above – as it is a guide to helping you select the best heat lamp for your puppy.