Cold Weather Tennis Apparel – What To Wear To Tennis In Cold Weather

Adjusting to weather variations can sometimes be a daunting task for most people especially when their professions or passion requires them to perform under unfavourable cold weather conditions. In certain situations, the weather can suddenly change leading to changes in what sportsmen and women can wear. A requirement that allows them to perform optimally in the field of play.

For instance, for tennis players playing in the cold weather, there are a number of appropriate precautions which are important to ensure you perform well on the court.

Playing Tennis In The Cold Weather

There is no hiding away from the fact that cold weather makes most things slightly harder to do. Most people often wonder if playing tennis during cold weather is possible because of the assumed difficulties that come with it when compared with warm weather.

An important thing that must be mentioned is that playing tennis in cold weather is not impossible irrespective of the freezing weather conditions. Perhaps, at this juncture, it is important to remember that with the right tennis gear, it is possible to continue to play tennis even during the cold seasons.


Cold Weather Tennis Apparel


Here, the requirement for the being a tennis player stems from a number of activities which ranges from warm-up exercise, staying hydrated to the type of clothing worn as well as the style of play. There is no doubt that carefully thinking about these factors will help when playing tennis under cold weather conditions.

Cold Weather Tennis Clothing – Wearing Shorts & Skirts

It goes without saying that tennis is an extremely demanding sport that requires a free flow of movement at all times. To feel comfortable when playing, men wear shorts while most women go with feminine attire such as skirts, shorts and dresses to prevent being bulky or interference with rackets during play.

Today, most tennis players often wear shorts to accommodate this. However, while wearing shorts might be sufficient during warm seasons, one may wonder if cold weather accommodates wearing shorts too. Research has shown that tennis shorts can be worn during cold weather but they are better worn with compression pants (such as this 3-pack compression set).

If you have never heard of compression pants, then you’ll be forgiven for wondering what compression pants are used and why they are gradually becoming more popular among tennis players.

Several studies have also revealed that explosive sports such as tennis that require swift movement is more effective with compression pants (1, 2). This is because it can help to improve play, prevents strain, manage fatigue as well as tiredness. This allows athletes to continue playing tennis in cold weather with shorts, as long as it is accompanied with suitable compression pants.

Common Accessories During Cold Weather For Tennis

Sometimes wearing a compression short might not be enough to take part in tennis games during cold weather, especially in outdoor events. It is an irrefutable fact that during cold weather, there are accessories which are indispensable to one’s appearance.

Cold Weather Tennis Apparel


One of these is a hat which is important to help keep the head warm at all times. One notable thing that can be inferred from wearing a hat is that when engaged in a strenuous activity we tend to lose body heat such that the areas that are not covered are left exposed to cold. Thus, wearing a hat on the head can help to keep the head warm by preventing hypothermia and frostbite.

The former often leads to a dangerous drop in body temperature as a result of overexposure to cold weather while the latter connotes a condition in which certain parts of the body freezes.

In most cases, frostbite is often caused by exposed fingers or the toes which go numb. As such, tennis gloves (like this popular pair) are also essential for tennis players to use during cold weather. Gloves come in various shapes and sizes and give us warmth in cold weather.

Tennis gloves come in handy during tennis play because they can help protect the hands from exposing to cold weather. One of the biggest issues with gloves is that they often conflict with the grip of the tennis racket.

If this is an issue for you, then an easy solution to this problem is to use fingerless gloves which makes it much easier to hold balls and to grip racket throughout the game.

What To Wear To Tennis In Cold Weather


Now You Are Ready To Go!

Just like a child who runs to meet his or her parent; oftentimes, there is a rush of emotions in an athlete raring to enter a tennis court once proper attention has been given to the what to wear. Having the right clothes on will help to put the body in a good condition without potential exposure to cold weather which may lead to frostbite or hypothermia.

Wearing proper tennis gear also instils confidence in the athlete. It also keeps the body temperature warm during cold weather as the body temperature is regulated and this eliminates the possibilities of injuries occurring in the field of play

Health is a state of well-being and the relative importance is cannot be underestimated. Especially as being able to perform at a high level is important to most athletes as everyone wants to be a winner.

So irrespective of the type of tennis match being played – a practice match with a trainer or just friendly sets with family and friends – the goal is always to win in the tennis game.

It also goes without saying that regular exercise is also very important before the start of any sport, especially during cold winter seasons. Exercises such as stretching will help the muscles stay warm and injury-free and also prevent any part of the body from going numb.



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