What Is The Best Ceramic Electric Radiator Heater You Can Buy?

A ceramic heater is a space heater that generates heat using the heating element of PTC ceramic, also known as Positive Temperature Coefficient ceramic. This means that they work by heating ceramic heat, which consequently increases heat retention and heats the surrounding air.

They are one of the most efficient electric heating solutions available, and therefore help to save the environment and planet, as well as the money in your wallet.


Why use a ceramic electric heater?

A ceramic electrical radiator typically uses a lot less energy than other traditional heating solutions such as radiators and helps provide long-lasting warmth for a lower cost.

This means that these heaters are great at saving you money!

They do take a while to heat a room – as long as you don’t have an open window in the room. However, the surface temperature rises and provides a lot of heat quickly. The ceramic core is pretty much silent when in use, perfect for a bedroom or office environment.

These ceramic electrical heaters are energy efficient and portable. Making them easily transferable between rooms – you can take them with you wherever is coldest! They are also almost silent, meaning they are ideal for both bedroom and office environments where peace and quiet are needed.

So let’s have a look at some of the best ceramic electric radiators available to you today.


PureMate 1500W Oscillating Portable Ceramic Fan Heater

This heater helps when you want a room to heat up quickly. It utilises self-regulating ceramic-plate (PTC) as the heating element, meaning it heats up in seconds and creates more uniform heating of the room than traditional heating methods. This savvy technology also means that heat can travel to small places.

The heating method is via convection.

The PureMate heater is low cost and energy-efficient, meaning that it is good for both your pocket and the world! It uses full power at colder temperatures to help reach the required heat.

Once the room has reached this steady-state, it then switches to a setting of using less power than traditional heaters would. This saves more energy, and therefore money, over the total time that the heater is on and running.

This heater is portable, even equipped with a back handle for ease of movement. This unique characteristic is a handy part of this product. It also only weighs 1.45 kg, making the transportation of this product even easier for you.

The PureMate 1500W Oscillating Portable Ceramic Fan Heater has 3 modes of heating for easy control. It can run at 1500 Watts (the high heat setting), 1000 Watts (the medium heat setting) and a normal cool blow fan. This means that this heat can be easily adapted for any room temperature desired. It also has 3 quiet settings of high heat, low heat and fans only settings to help you maintain a comfortable environment in terms of both sound and temperature.

You can set this heater with an adjustable thermostat, to your required temperature and the heater will heat your room quickly to this temperature, and then maintain it. All you need is a socket to plug the heater into!

The controls on the PureMate 1500W Oscillating Portable Ceramic Fan Heater are easy to use, equipped with a simple ‘off’, ‘high heat’, ‘low heat’, ‘high heat and oscillation’ or ‘fan only’ dial options. The second dial is labelled with a ‘+’ and ‘-‘ sign clearly showing the increasing or decreasing heat options.

The oscillation features do help to ensure even heating of the room as the heater rotates in various directions to spread the heat.

The sleek black and grey design makes the PureMate 1500W Oscillating Portable Ceramic Fan Heater an elegant addition to any room, whether that be a sitting room, bedroom, office or otherwise.

In terms of safety, the heater has tip over protection, meaning that when you knock it, it will not fall over to potentially cause heat damage to carpets etc. It is made of ABS fire-resistant materials, helping to prevent fires. The power cut off protection function also aids this prevention of fires, as does the overheating automatic shutdown safety mechanism.

The product measurements are 4.9 inches x 4.9 inches x 8 inches or 17 cm x 13 cm x 24.5 cm. This shows that this product is small, but evidence has shown that it is powerful enough for your heating your required rooms.

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Pro Breeze Mini Heater

This Pro Breeze Mini Heater is a great mini heater for personal use and therefore great for home or work use. The ceramic heating elements provide faster and more efficient heating than traditional fan heaters.

The adjustable thermostat control helps to monitor the temperature around you and therefore provide optimal heating. This means that you can save money!

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The Pro Breeze Mini Heater will save energy due to running at a lower power once the room is heated to the required temperature. It heats the room to a very high power until the air reaches the optimal required temperature, then lowers its energy production and heat distribution to maintain that.

The Pro Breeze Mini Heater has advanced safety features built into it to help prevent burning and fires. These safety features include overheating protection and an automatic turn-off tip over switch, which helps to prevent causing any heat damage to carpets etc if the heater was to fall over.

This heater produces heat at 500 Watts, 220-240 Volts and 50 Hz, making it slightly less powerful than the other 2 options we explore, but still able to heat you from your desk or bedside table.

The dimensions for the Pro Breeze Mini Heater is 19 cm x 10.5 cm x 16.5 cm and weighs 0.71 kg. This is a very light heater, making it really easy to move from room to room. It also makes this heater ideal for putting on your desk, coffee tables and bedside tables, rather than on the floor.

The Pro Breeze Mini Heater works by reusing air that it sucks in from the back and uses the ceramic heating elements to heat the air up and then distribute it.

The only downside to this ceramic electric heater is that it does not have an oscillating fan, meaning that the hot hair is only distributed in one direction. However, if for desk use, rather than full room-heating use, this is not an issue.

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The icy white colour is eye-catching and makes an elegant yet professional addition to any room.


De’Longhi Capsule HFX30C18.IW Ceramic Fan Heater

This De’Longhi Capsule HFX30C18.IW Ceramic Fan Heater heats the room via convection heating and the ceramic heating elements. This is a safe and efficient way of heating a room, also providing fast and powerful heat. The ceramic element also gives this heater a self-regulating heat output, helping you keep safe as well as set your heating to the most ideal setting.

The De’Longhi Capsule HFX30C18.IW Ceramic Fan Heater does this without the glowing red-hot element, making it free from producing odours as well as being more efficient – more power is used to create heat energy than light energy.

De'Longhi Capsule HFX30C18.IW Ceramic Fan Heater -...
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  • 2 power settings to optimize the energy consumption

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The extent to which this heater is efficient also helps save you money from your wallet – so what is not to love!

There are two energy saving power settings to help you optimise your energy consumption. The maximum power output is 1800 Watts, showing it has a high output of heat. Saying this, this heater is more suited to heating smaller rooms because of its ability to provide personal and instant. The power settings are easy to switch between and control, with a simple dial on the side of the heater.

In the summer, this heater also has a summer ventilation setting which blows cool air and helps cool you down rather than just heat you up. This fan setting, like the heater setting, can be adjusted to match your liking.

The De’Longhi Capsule HFX30C18.IW Ceramic Fan Heater also has an ergonomic handle, helping you carry the heater between rooms and take the heat where you need it most. The measurements for this product is 19.1 cm x 10.9 cm x 27.9 cm aiding its transportation, as well as weighing only 1.3 kg.

The design of the De’Longhi Capsule HFX30C18.IW Ceramic Fan Heater is stylish and comes in white coloured plastic, meaning it can be a great addition to any bedroom, sitting room or study.

Designed in Italy, the heater has a contemporary pod-like design with its white colour and brown leather-effect carry handle. The elegant design adds to this heater’s selling points, alongside its lightweight and practicality.

Again the only downside to this ceramic electric heater is that it doesn’t have an oscillating fan, meaning that the hot hair is only distributed in one direction.

Final Thoughts

So, there you are! Three of the best ceramic electric heaters that you can buy, each of them efficient in the way they heat your room, portable for your ease, and kind to the money in your wallet.

If you do not have wall mounted storage heaters with a load of features or an electric towel rail in your space, then you should definitely consider getting one of the above ceramic electric radiator heaters.